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Solid State Lasers VII
Editor(s): Richard Scheps

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Volume Number: 3265
Date Published: 27 May 1998

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Comparison of the laser performance of solid state dye media under long- and short-pulse excitation
Author(s): Dennis P. Pacheco; Henry R. Aldag
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Photostability of dye-doped modified polymers at extremely high intensities: Medlite laser systems
Author(s): Robert S. Anderson; Robert E. Hermes; Gennady A. Matyushin; Vladimir S. Nechitailo; Stephen C. Picarello
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Factors affecting the life of dye laser flash lamps
Author(s): Alan W. Miller; Peter R. Horsted; Robert J. Chad
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Local irregular intensity fluctuations in high-Fresnel-number dye lasers
Author(s): Jose Manuel Guerra; I. Leyva; Oscar G. Calderon
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Flash-lamp-pumped thin slab solid state plastic dye zig-zag laser studies
Author(s): Alexander E. Mandl; Anton Zavriyev; Daniel E. Klimek
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Enhancements achieved in the performance of liquid and solid state dye laser technology
Author(s): Paul A. Winstanley; David H. Titterton; Gary Cook
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Fluorescence and lasing properties of pyrromethene dyes in epoxy solid host media
Author(s): Guilford Jones II; Oksana Klueva; Sandra Linares-Samaniego; Dennis P. Pacheco
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Synchronously pumped mid-infrared OPOs using silver gallium sulphide
Author(s): Kenneth J. McEwan; Jonathan A. C. Terry; John Payne
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1-KHz BBO E-O Q-switched diode-pumped Er:glass laser experiment
Author(s): Ruikun Wu; John D. Myers; Scott J. Hamlin
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3-um erbium laser with an SBS phase conjugating mirror
Author(s): Hans Joachim Eichler; Baining Liu; O. Sperlich
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Small-signal gain and a saturation parameter of a LD-pumped Tm:YAG laser in a single-mode operation
Author(s): Fumio Matsuzaka; Hiroshi Hara
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Optical gain in Y2+:CaF2 crystal: potential medium for near-infrared tunable lasers
Author(s): Valerii V. Ter-Mikirtychev
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High-power Yb:YAG rod oscillators and amplifiers
Author(s): David S. Sumida; Hans W. Bruesselbach; Robert W. Byren; Metin S. Mangir; Robin Reeder
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Combined actively and passively Q-switched microchip laser
Author(s): Magnus Arvidsson; Bjorn Hansson; Martin Holmgren; Carsten Lindstrom
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Design modeling of the 100-J diode-pumped solid state laser for Project Mercury
Author(s): Charles D. Orth; Raymond J. Beach; Camille M. Bibeau; Eric C. Honea; Kenneth S. Jancaitis; Janice K. Lawson; Christopher D. Marshall; Richard A. Sacks; Kathleen I. Schaffers; Jay A. Skidmore; Steven B. Sutton
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Generation of tunable ultrashort THz radiation up to 5.5 THz
Author(s): Christina Messner; Martin Sailer; Hannes Kostner; Ralph A. Hoepfel
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Ruby laser repetitively pulsed at rates up to 500 kHz containing etalons and amplification
Author(s): Charles L. Goldey; Jeffrey M. Grace; Peter E. Nebolsine; Jonathan Mark Huntley
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High-power blue laser source based on frequency-converted 1.3-um Nd-lasers
Author(s): Andre Schirrmacher; Stefan Seidel; Guido Mann; Horst Weber
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Compact pulsed frequency-doubled Nd:YAG laser with repetition rate up to 500 Hz
Author(s): Vladimir L. Pavlovitch; Eugene V. Raevsky
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Sensitive absorption-line characterization and Fabry-Perot fringing reduction in modulation spectroscopy
Author(s): Amin N. Dharamsi; Audra Michelle Bullock; Patrick C. Shea
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Laser cutting of titanium with pulsed and modulated pulsed Nd:YAG lasers
Author(s): Warren Maher; Kwok-On Tong
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High-power single-mode Nd-doped fiber laser
Author(s): Volker Reichel; Sonja Unger; Hans-Rainer Mueller; Holger Zellmer
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High-repetition-rate continuously pumped solid state lasers with phase conjugation
Author(s): Hans Joachim Eichler; A. Dehn; Andreas Haase; Baining Liu; Oliver Mehl; S. Ruecknagel
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LD-pumped 0.62-J 105-W Nd:YAG green laser
Author(s): Kazuyoku Tei; Masaaki Kato; Yoshito Niwa; Sayaka Harayama; Yoichiro Maruyama; Tohru Matoba; Takashi Arisawa
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Closed-loop wavefront correction of Ti:sapphire chirped pulse amplification laser beam
Author(s): Katsuaki Akaoka; Sayaka Harayama; Kazuyoku Tei; Yoichiro Maruyama; Takashi Arisawa
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Characteristics of a flash-lamp-pumped Ti:sapphire laser by injection seeding with an external-cavity laser diode
Author(s): Tatsuya Kyomitsu; Chikao Nagasawa; Makoto Abo; Yasukuni Shibata
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High-energy flash-lamp-pumped Ti-sapphire laser for Yb:glass CPA
Author(s): Akihiko Nishimura; Akira Ohzu; Akira Sugiyama; Yoichiro Maruyama; Takashi Arisawa; Hiroshi Takuma; John A. Nees; Subrat Biswal; Gerard A. Mourou; Edward Erickson; Susumu Owada; Sousuke Satou
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Spectroscopic investigation of rare-earth-doped chloride single crystals for telecommunications amplifiers
Author(s): Ludmila I. Isaenko; Alexander P. Yelisseyev; Vladimir A. Nadolinny; Victor I. Pashkov; Mike C. Nostrand; Ralph H. Page; Stephen A. Payne; Richard W. Solarz
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Pulse-shape control in phase conjugate lasers
Author(s): Efim A. Khazanov; Nikolay Andreev; Alexandr Makarov; Anatoly Mal'shakov; Anotoly K. Poteomkin; Oleg V. Palashov
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Frequency sweeping of narrowline diode-pumped microlaser radiation in multipass pulsed slab amplifier
Author(s): Georgy D. Laptev; Ilya V. Golovnin; Nikolay V. Kravtsov
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Spatial coherence and depolarization of radiation of diode-pumped single-frequency monolithic ring Nd:YAG laser
Author(s): Georgy D. Laptev; Eugeniy Yu. Morozov; Nikolay V. Kravtsov; Vladimir V. Firsov
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Airborne laser fish finder
Author(s): Xiao Zhu; Zaiguang Li; Houzheng Huang
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Bichromatic operation of a pulsed solid state dye laser
Author(s): Rosa Weigand; Jose Manuel Guerra; Roberto Sastre
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Novel optically pumped narrowband-emitting polymeric materials
Author(s): Joseph F. Pinto; Leon Esterowitz; Barry J. Feldman
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Efficient single-frequency injection-seeded colinear and noncolinear BBO OPOs
Author(s): Philip Schlup; Noah A. Russell; Iain T. McKinnie; Stuart D. Butterworth; AnnMarie L. Oien; Donald M. Warrington
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Dynamics of gain-switched Cr:YAG lasers
Author(s): Iain T. McKinnie; Jan C. Diettrich; Richard T. White; Donald M. Warrington
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Ultrashort-pulse generation in solid state dye lasers
Author(s): Serge V. Garnov; Sergei M. Klimentov; Ya. V. Kravchenko; Alexander A. Manenkov; Dennis P. Pacheco; Henry R. Aldag
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