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Systems and Technologies for Clinical Diagnostics and Drug Discovery
Editor(s): Gerald E. Cohn; John C. Owicki

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Volume Number: 3259
Date Published: 10 April 1998

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Automated spectral imaging for clinical diagnostics
Author(s): John Breneman; David M. Heffelfinger; Ken Pettipiece; Chris Tsai; Peter Eden; Richard A. Greene; Karen J. Sorensen; Will Stubblebine; Frank Witney
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High-speed spectral imager for imaging transient fluorescence phenomena
Author(s): Michael R. Descour; Bridget K. Ford; Daniel W. Wilson; Paul D. Maker; Gregory H. Bearman
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Real-time in-vivo endoscopic imaging of fluorescence from human colonic adenomas
Author(s): Thomas D. Wang; Jacques Van Dam; James M. Crawford; Yang Wang; Irving Itzkan; Michael S. Feld
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Fluorescent capillary fill device: a quantitative whole-blood assay system suited to point-of-care use
Author(s): Phelim B. Daniels; J. Philip Vessey; Janys E. Fletcher; Paul M. O'Neill; Christopher G. Stafford; Anthony Cope; Timothy Bacarese-Hamilton; Alan D. Cookson
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High-sensitivity determination of Zn(II) and Cu(II) in vitro by fluorescence polarization
Author(s): Richard B. Thompson; Badri P. Maliwal; Vincent Feliccia; Carol A. Fierke
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Spectral-selective fluorescence imaging for diagnostics of surface cancer
Author(s): Alexander V. Vinogradov; Alexey I. Trushin; Pavel G. Leonov; Michael L. Stahanov
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Noninvasive spatially resolved kinetic study of hydrolyzable camptothecin antitumor drugs in vitro and in vivo by confocal scanning microspectrofluorometry
Author(s): Igor Chourpa; Serguei Charonov; Alexandre Kokota; Jean-Francois Riou; Michel Manfait
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Comparison between time-correlated single-photon counting and fluorescence correlation spectroscopy in single-molecule identification
Author(s): Joerg Enderlein; Malte Koellner
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LabCD: a centrifuge-based microfluidic platform for diagnostics
Author(s): Marc J. Madou; Gregory J. Kellogg
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Quantitation of HIV-1 by real-time amplification and detection
Author(s): Paul M. Jung; Naiquan Yang; Paul E. Kroeger
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Single-molecule DNA detection in microfabricated capillary electrophoresis chips
Author(s): Brian B. Haab; Richard A. Mathies
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New high-speed cell sorting methods for stem cell sorting and breast cancer cell purging
Author(s): James F. Leary; Scott R. McLaughlin; James A. Hokanson; Judah I. Rosenblatt
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Optical measurement of tissue pH for surgical and critical care monitoring
Author(s): Babs R. Soller; Songbiao Zhang
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Development of a new near-IR laser system for clinical monitoring of cerebral oxygenation in the newborn infant
Author(s): Mostafa Hamza; Mohammad Hamza; Ahmad Mohammad Hamza
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Application of a laser radar photogoniometer in the diagnosis of osteoporosis
Author(s): Hans-Georg Eberle; Juergen Beuthan; Marc Dierolf; Dieter Felsenberg; Wolfgang Gowin; Gerhard J. Mueller
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Rapid clinical diagnostics assays using injection-molded planar waveguides
Author(s): James N. Herron; Hsu-Kun Wang; Allen H. Terry; Jacob D. Durtschi; Lyndon Tan; Mark E. Astill; Richard S. Smith; Douglas A. Christensen
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Multicolor instrumentation for direct fluorescent detection of nucleic acids in a microchip format
Author(s): Valery L. Bogdanov; Yu-Hui Rogers; Guang Lan; Michael Boyce-Jacino
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Fabrication of multiple-antibody arrays using a hydrogel microstamp
Author(s): Brett D. Martin; Bruce Paul Gaber; Charles H. Patterson; David Turner
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Hardware solution for continuous time-resolved burst detection of single molecules in flow
Author(s): Michael Wahl; Rainer Erdmann; Kristian Lauritsen; Hans-Juergen Rahn
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Parallelism in integrated fluidic circuits
Author(s): Luc J. Bousse; Anne R. Kopf-Sill; J. Wallace Parce
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Development of fluorescence-based high-throughput screening assays: choice of appropriate instrumentation
Author(s): David J. Burns; Elisabeth Alder; Yi-Hong Fan; Evelyn McKeegan; Usha Warrior; Bruce Beutel
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Development of an ultrahigh-throughput screening system: plate design, liquid handling, and image analysis
Author(s): Kevin R. Oldenburg
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Fluorescence-lifetime technologies for high-throughput screening
Author(s): Todd E. French; John C. Owicki; Douglas N. Modlin; Sudhir S. Deshpande; I. Mineyev; Kimberly Crawford; Will Burton
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Quantitative imaging of assays in miniaturized plate formats
Author(s): Gang Sun; Peter Ramm
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Imaging proximity assays
Author(s): Robert A. Jessop
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Light scattering from metal sol labels on high-density DNA probe arrays
Author(s): Mark O. Trulson; Ian D. Walton; Audrey D. Suseno; Hajime Matsuzaki; David Stern
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Fluorescence detection of camptothecin anticancer drugs by two-photon excitation
Author(s): Thomas G. Burke; Magda Malak; David Bom; Dennis P. Curran; Henryk M. Malak; Ignacy Gryczynski; Joseph R. Lakowicz
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