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Micro- and Nanofabricated Structures and Devices for Biomedical Environmental Applications
Editor(s): Paul Lee Gourley

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Volume Number: 3258
Date Published: 26 March 1998

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Array biosensor for multi-analyte sensing
Author(s): Frances S. Ligler; David W. Conrad; Joel P. Golden; Mark J. Feldstein; Brian D. MacCraith; Stephanie D. Balderson; Joseph Czarnaski; Chris A. Rowe-Taitt
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Compact LED-based phase fluorimeter detection system for chemical and biosensor arrays
Author(s): Emmanuil M. Rabinovich; Michael J. O'Brien II; Balaji Srinivasan; Steve Elliott; Xiang-Cun Long; Ravinder K. Jain; Victor H. Perez-Luna; Yuqing Zhou; Leonard M. Tender; Gabriel P. Lopez
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Miniaturization of multifunctional biosensors with enzyme-immobilized beads
Author(s): Yuji Murakami; Kenji Yokoyama; Eiichi Tamiya
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Enhanced blood compatibility of silicon coated with a self-assembled poly(ethylene glycol) and monomethoxypoly(ethylene glycol)
Author(s): Miqin Zhang; Mauro Ferrari
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Vapor phase deposition of uniform and ultrathin silanes
Author(s): Yuchun Wang; Mauro Ferrari
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Surface-plasmon-resonance-based array biosensors for multianalyte detection
Author(s): Michael J. O'Brien II; Victor H. Perez-Luna; Leonard M. Tender; Mark Edmunds; Ben Lascelles; Steven R. J. Brueck; Gabriel P. Lopez
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Implantation of microfabricated immunoisolating biocapsules
Author(s): Tejal A. Desai; Wen Hwa Chu; Mauro Ferrari; Guido Rasi; Paola Sinibaldi-Vallebona; Patrizia Borboni; G. Beattie; A. Hayek
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New spectroelectrochemical sensor
Author(s): Yining Shi; Andrew F. Slaterbeck; Saroj Aryal; Carl J. Seliskar; William R. Heineman; Thomas H. Ridgway; Joseph H. Nevin
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New chemically selective optical materials for waveguide sensors
Author(s): Letian Gao; Yining Shi; Andrew F. Slaterbeck; Carl J. Seliskar; William R. Heineman
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Ultrasensitive detection system for fiber optic-based ultraviolet spectroscopy
Author(s): Karl-Friedrich Klein; Mathias Belz; Peter Dress; B. Schelle; William J. O. Boyle; Kenneth T. V. Grattan; Hilmar Franke
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Microfabricated electric impedance chamber for the electrical characterization of single cells
Author(s): H. Edward Ayliffe; Richard D. Rabbitt; A. Bruno Frazier
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Fluorescent porous sol-gel coatings for near-IR single-mode fiber chemical sensors
Author(s): Alexander J. Fielding; Christopher C. Davis
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Polymer dynamics and fluid flow in microfabricated devices
Author(s): Olgica B. Bakajin; James P. Brody; Jeff Chou; Shirley S. Chan; Thomas A. J. Duke; James Knight; Lydia L. Sohn; Ashvin Vishwanath; Robert H. Austin; E. C. Cox
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Monolithic fabrication of nanofluidic artificial gel media for DNA electrophoresis
Author(s): Stephen W. Turner; Harold G. Craighead
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Microresolution particle image velocimetry
Author(s): Steve T. Wereley; Juan G. Santiago; Richard Chiu; Carl D. Meinhart; Ronald J. Adrian
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Using poly(ethylene glycol) silane to prevent protein adsorption in microfabricated silicon channels
Author(s): Darrel J. Bell; James P. Brody; Paul Yager
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Fabrication of microcapillaries and waveguides for single molecule detection
Author(s): Mathieu E. Foquet; Jongyoon Han; Alfred R. Lopez; Warren Wright; Harold G. Craighead
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Characterization of bulk-micromachined direct-bonded silicon nanofilters
Author(s): Jay K. Tu; Tony Huen; Robert Szema; Mauro Ferrari
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Pneumatically actuated micropipetting device
Author(s): Nicolas Szita; Rudolf A. Buser
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Biocompatible silicon wafer bonding for biomedical microdevices
Author(s): Derek Hansford; Tejal A. Desai; Jay K. Tu; Mauro Ferrari
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High-performance microfabricated capillary array electrophoresis systems for DNA analysis
Author(s): Peter C. Simpson; Richard A. Mathies
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Microfabricated devices for sizing DNA and sorting cells
Author(s): Hou-Pu Chou; Charles Spence; Axel Scherer; Stephen R. Quake
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Changes in stiffness of yeast cells during cell cycle by passability through micromachined channel arrays
Author(s): Hiroko E. Kikuchi; Yukio Magariyama; Yuji Kikuchi
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Ultrasensitive detection of red blood cell lysing in a microfabricated semiconductor laser cavity
Author(s): Paul Lee Gourley; T. French; Anthony E. McDonald; E. A. Shields; Mark F. Gourley M.D.
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Modular assembly and interconnects for fluidic microsystems
Author(s): Carlos Gonzalez; Scott D. Collins; Rosemary L. Smith
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Microtechnology for instrumentation
Author(s): Raymond P. Mariella Jr.
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