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Surgical Applications of Energy
Editor(s): Thomas P. Ryan

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Volume Number: 3249
Date Published: 2 April 1998

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Prostate thermal therapy with interstitial and transurethral ultrasound applicators: a feasibility study
Author(s): Chris J. Diederich; William H. Nau; Dana L. Deardorff; Ismail S. Khalil-Bustany; Everette C. Burdette; Paul R. Stauffer; Max C. Wu
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Directional interstitial ultrasound applicators for thermal coagulation of tissue
Author(s): William H. Nau; Chris J. Diederich; Paul R. Stauffer; Dana L. Deardorff
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Feasibility of interstitial thermotherapy with ultrasound waveguide applicator arrays
Author(s): Boguslaw J. Jarosz
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Catheter application of cryogenic temperatures inside the heart
Author(s): James W. Lewis; Marc Dubuc
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Implantable microwave antennas for thermal therapy
Author(s): Paul R. Stauffer
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Microwave occlusion of the rabbit uterine horn
Author(s): B. Stuart Trembly; Paul D. Manganiello M.D.; P. Jack Hoopes D.V.M.
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Microwave catheter ablation for the treatment of atrial flutter
Author(s): Dany Berube; L. Bing Liem
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Tissue effects of argon gas flow during electrosurgery
Author(s): Christiaan F. P. van Swol; Remco J. van Vliet; Matthijs C. M. Grimbergen; Rudolf M. Verdaasdonck
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High-speed and thermal imaging of the mechanism of action of the cavitron ultrasonic surgical aspirator (CUSA)
Author(s): Rudolf M. Verdaasdonck; Christiaan F. P. van Swol; Matthijs C. M. Grimbergen; Gert Priem
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Advances in radio frequency tumor ablation therapy: technical considerations, strategies for increasing coagulation necrosis volume, and preliminary clinical results
Author(s): S. Nahum Goldberg M.D.; G. Scott Gazelle M.D.
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Quantitative and qualitative histopathological comparisons of multielectrode balloon and thermal balloon endometrial ablation
Author(s): Sharon L. Thomsen M.D.; Thomas P. Ryan; Karen Kuk-Nagle; Cindi Soto; Thierry G. Vancaillie M.D.; Jose Garza-Leal
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Controlled radio frequency vessel sealing system for surgical applications
Author(s): Jenifer S. Kennedy; Steve Buysse; James Chandler; Jeff Eggleston; Kenneth D. Taylor; Sharon L. Thomsen M.D.
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Heating stents with radio frequency energy to prevent tumor ingrowth: modeling and experimental results
Author(s): Thomas P. Ryan; Kate Lawes; S. Nahum Goldberg M.D.
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New electrosurgical ball electrode with nonstick properties
Author(s): Joseph Rondinone; James Brassell; Scott A. Miller III; Jonathan O. Thorne; David M. Rondinone; Jason Safabash; Felix Vega D.V.M.
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MR imaging guidance for minimally invasive procedures
Author(s): Terence Z. Wong M.D.; Joachim Kettenbach; Stuart G. Silverman; Richard B. Schwartz; Paul R. Morrison; Daniel F. Kacher; Ferenc A. Jolesz
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Clinical implementation of a noninvasive microwave imaging system for temperature monitoring
Author(s): Paul M. Meaney; Keith D. Paulsen; John C. Chang; Margaret W. Fanning
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Motion compensation algorithm for noninvasive two-dimensional temperature estimation using diagnostic pulse-echo ultrasound
Author(s): Claudio Simon; Philip D. VanBaren; Emad S. Ebbini
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Electrical impedance imaging for tissue monitoring and assessment during thermal therapy
Author(s): Keith D. Paulsen; Alex Hartov; Kendra Sunshine Osterman; Rob Mazzarese; Todd E. Kerner
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Finite-element model for endometrial ablation systems
Author(s): Thomas P. Ryan; Robert C. Platt; Stanley Humphries Jr.
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Effect of vessel architecture on fusion by radio frequency current
Author(s): John Anthony Pearce; Sharon L. Thomsen M.D.
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Image-guided noninvasive surgery with ultrasound phased arrays
Author(s): Emad S. Ebbini; Philip D. VanBaren; Claudio Simon
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Influence of acoustic power on parietal thermometry during extracorporeal high-intensity focused ultrasound treatments
Author(s): Francois Lacoste; Benoit Feuillu; Jacques Schlosser; Guy Vallancien
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Intensity dependence of focused ultrasound lesion position
Author(s): Paul M. Meaney; Mark D. Cahill; Gail R. ter Haar
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Treatment of in-vivo bladder tissue with electronically scanned high-intensity focused ultrasound
Author(s): Benoit Feuillu; Francois Lacoste; Jacques Schlosser; Guy Vallancien
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Focused ultrasound surgery-induced vascular occlusion in fetal medicine
Author(s): Ian H. Rivens; Ian Rowland; Mark Denbow; Nicholas M. Fisk; Martin O. Leach; Gail R. ter Haar
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Focused ultrasound surgery on the kidney
Author(s): Jacques Schlosser; Benoit Feuillu; Francois Lacoste; Joelle Andre-Bougaran; Guy Vallancien
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Phase one clinical trial of the use of focused ultrasound surgery for the treatment of soft-tissue tumors
Author(s): Gail R. ter Haar; Ian H. Rivens; Eleanor Moskovic; Robert Huddart; Andrew G. Visioli
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Experimental study and first clinical results with a cooled applicator system for interstitial laser coagulation (LITT)
Author(s): Andre Roggan; Verena Knappe; Martin G. Mack; Thomas J. Vogl; Dirk Albrecht; Christoph-Thomas Germer; Joerg-Peter Ritz; F. Kniep; Gerhard J. Mueller
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Interstitial bipolar rf-thermotherapy (RFITT): therapy planning by computer simulation and MRI monitoring--a new concept for minimally invasive procedures
Author(s): Kai Desinger; Thomas Stein; Gerhard J. Mueller; Martin G. Mack; Thomas J. Vogl
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New application system for simultaneous laser and ultrasonic transmission in endoscopic surgery (LUST)
Author(s): Kai Desinger; Juergen Helfmann; Thomas Stein; K. Liebold; Gerhard J. Mueller
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