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Smart Electronics and MEMS

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Volume Number: 3242
Date Published: 14 November 1997

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Design and fabrication of wireless remotely readable MEMS accelerometers
Author(s): Vijay K. Varadan; Hareesh Subramanian; Vasundara V. Varadan
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New method to fabricate diffractive blazed gratings by anisotropic etching on (110) silicon wafers
Author(s): Lung Jieh Yang; Peizen Chang; Chih-Kung Lee; J.-T. Teng
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Novel method for electroplating on silicon without the need of a continuous-plating base film
Author(s): Muralihar K. Ghantasala; Dinesh K. Sood
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Microfabrication of capillary columns on silicon
Author(s): Goib Wiranto; Noel D. Samaan; Dennis E. Mulcahy; David E. Davey
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Stand-alone remotely interrogated device for the real-time health monitoring of bonded structural repairs
Author(s): Stephen C. Galea; Ian G. Powlesland; Alan A. Baker
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Laterally self-oscillated and force-balanced microvibratory gyroscope packaged in a vacuum package with a conditioning ASIC
Author(s): Kyu-Yeon Park; Chong-Won Lee; Yong-Soo Oh; Byeungleul Lee
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Dynamically tuned vibratory micromechanical gyroscope accelerometer
Author(s): Byeungleul Lee; Yong-Soo Oh; Kyu-Yeon Park; Byeoungju Ha; Younil Ko; Jeong-gon Kim; Seokjin Kang; Sangon Choi; Ci Moo Song
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Surface-micromachined accelerometer using a movable polysilicon gate FET
Author(s): Jae-Hoon Chung; James Jungho Pak
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Design methodology for micromagnetic bearing systems
Author(s): Ronald B. Zmood; LiJiang Qin
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Functionally tailored nanoparticle-based self-assembled thin films
Author(s): Yanjing Liu; Richard O. Claus
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Design and analysis of surface-micromachined two-axis silicon yaw-rate sensor
Author(s): Seungoh Han; James Jungho Pak
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Optimization of optical fiber characteristic using Taguchi's method of design of experiment (DOE)
Author(s): P. K. Shukla; Vijai K. Tripathi; A. V. Tripathi; V. N. Trivedi; Sant Prasad Ojha
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Electromagnetically driven silicon microvalve for large-flow pneumatic controls
Author(s): Tsuyoshi Ikehara; Hideaki Yamagishi; Kyoichi Ikeda
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Microelectrode array: a new method for the design of electrostatic microactuators and capacitive microsensors
Author(s): Chienliu Chang; Peizen Chang; Ruey-Shing Star Huang; Chin Piao Chang; MingCheng Cheng
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3D micro-EDM machining technique
Author(s): Chia-Lung Kuo; Shung-Tong Chen; Ying-Jeng Engin Wu; Albert Tieng-Tsung Yen
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Development of an electronic nose
Author(s): Joseph Norman Barisci; Mike K. Andrews; Paul Harris; Ashton C. Partridge; Gordon G. Wallace
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Application of jet-printed PZT layers for actuation of small beams, membranes and a 2D scanning actuator
Author(s): Andreas Schroth; Masaaki Ichiki; Ryutaro Maeda; Jun Akedo; Sohei Matsumoto
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Microelectronic strategies and advantages in developing dual-block assembled tactile sensors
Author(s): Alessandro Gandelli; A. Brandolini; Roberto Ottoboni
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Area-variable capacitive microaccelerometer with force-balancing electrodes
Author(s): Byeoungju Ha; Byeungleul Lee; Sangkyung Sung; Sangon Choi; Meenam Shinn; Yong-Soo Oh; Ci Moo Song
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Simulation of dynamic characteristics of micropumps using PSPICE
Author(s): In-Byeong Kang; Alex Hariz
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New type of thermal analyzer with a micro-air-bridge heater
Author(s): Mitsuteru Kimura; Junichi Hayasaka
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Eddy current microsensor for use in micromachine applications
Author(s): Pei Lin Yu; Ronald B. Zmood
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Operational characteristics of a same-phase drive-type ultrasonic motor
Author(s): Takehiro Takano; Yoshiro Tomikawa; Masato Yamanoi; Seiji Hirose; Chiharu Kusakabe
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Silicon-based interferometric sensor with phase modulation driven by surface acoustic waves
Author(s): Eric Bonnotte; Christophe Gorecki; Hiroshi Toshiyoshi; Hideki Kawakatsu
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Force-balanced dual-axis microgyroscope
Author(s): Seungdo An; Yong-Soo Oh; Byeungleul Lee; Kyu-Yeon Park; Youn-il Go; Jeong-gon Kim; Ci Moo Song; Seungseob Lee
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Fiber optic Fabry-Perot pressure sensor with the Si3N4/SiO2/Si3N4 diaphragm fabricated using micromachining technology
Author(s): Myung Gyoo Kim; Jaehee Park; Shin-Won Kang; Byung-Ki Sohn
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Design and fabrication of high-torque electrostatic micromotors using micromachining of thin polysilicon sheets
Author(s): Patrice Minotti; Philippe Langlet; Gilles Bourbon; Hiroyuki Fujita; Takahisa Masuzawa
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Micropump based on temperature dependence of liquid viscosity
Author(s): Sohei Matsumoto; Andreas Klein; Andreas Schroth; Ryutaro Maeda
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Deposition of PZT thin films by pulsed laser ablation for MEMS application
Author(s): Ryutaro Maeda; Kaoru M. Kikuchi; Andreas Schroth; Akihiko Umezawa; Sohei Matsumoto
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Characterization and application of jet-printed thin PZT layers for actuation of MEMS
Author(s): Andreas Schroth; Masaaki Ichiki; Ryutaro Maeda; Jun Akedo
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Real-time and multichannel signal abstraction for piezoelectric resonant sensor array
Author(s): Ping Li; Yumei Wen
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Measurement of thermal expansion coefficient of poly-Si using microgauge sensors
Author(s): Jung Hun Chae; Jae-Youl Lee; Sang Won Kang
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Micromachined field emitter arrays for application to FED
Author(s): Myung-Hwan Oh
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Oxide phosphors as thin-film electroluminescent materials
Author(s): Tadatsugu Minami; Hiroyuki Yamada; Yoshihiro Kubota; Toshihiro Miyata
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High-resolution digital readout for uncooled smart IR focal plane arrays
Author(s): Ulf Ringh; Christer Jansson; Kevin Charles Liddiard; Olaf Reinhold
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New vacuum packaging method of field emission display
Author(s): Byeong-Kwon Ju; Woo-Beom Choi; S. J. Jeong; Nam Young Lee; Jeong-In Han; K. I. Cho; Myung-Hwan Oh
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Development of uncooled focal plane detector arrays for smart IR sensors
Author(s): Kevin Charles Liddiard; Olaf Reinhold; Ulf Ringh; Christer Jansson
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Development of a novel type of electromembrane sensing system
Author(s): Wen Lu; Gordon G. Wallace; Dezhi Zhou
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Monitoring of crack growth beneath a bonded repair using Bragg gratings
Author(s): Iain A. McKenzie; Rhys Jones; W. K. Chiu; D. Booth; S. Galea
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Optical fiber bundle multiplex sensor for image processing and temperature measurement
Author(s): Wenku Yang; Yujing Yang; Tao Yang; Wenrong Deng
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Biomimetics and smart materials
Author(s): Wilbur C. Simmons
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Responsive systems based on conducting polymers
Author(s): Joseph Norman Barisci; Trevor W. Lewis; Geoffrey M. Spinks; Chee O. Too; Gordon G. Wallace
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Optical fiber instrumentation and applications
Author(s): Richard O. Claus
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Discussion of integrated circuit (IC), multichip module (MCM), and MEMS applications fabricated through MOSIS
Author(s): Jennifer Peltier; Wes Hansford
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Monolithic iMEMS design with CMOS/SOI microcontroller and intelligent pressure sensor
Author(s): Mike Myung-Ok Lee; Yang-Ho Moon
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Improved operation of micromechanical comb-drive actuators through the use of a new angled comb-finger design
Author(s): Michel A. Rosa; Sima Dimitrijev; H. Barry Harrison
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