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All-Optical Communication Systems: Architecture, Control, and Network Issues III
Editor(s): John M. Senior; Robert A. Cryan; Chunming Qiao

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Volume Number: 3230
Date Published: 10 October 1997

Table of Contents
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Free-space dynamically reconfigurable bacteriorhodopsin holographic crossbar
Author(s): Serey Thai; John Edward Malowicki
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Switch-setting algorithms for the optical N-gon prism switch
Author(s): Josef Giglmayr
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Enhancement of laser phase noise to intensity noise conversion by fiber nonlinearity and its impact on intensity modulation system performance
Author(s): Jose A. P. Morgado; Adolfo V. T. Cartaxo
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Impact of fiber nonlinearity on the fiber transfer function of intensity modulation transmission systems
Author(s): Adolfo V. T. Cartaxo; Jose A. P. Morgado
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Sensitivity assessment of coherent optically preamplified PPM systems
Author(s): Pavlos Theodorou; Jaafar M. H. Elmirghani
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Indoor optical wireless systems using PPM signaling
Author(s): Hsun-Hung Chan; Jaafar M. H. Elmirghani; Robert A. Cryan
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High-speed protocol for bursty traffic in optical networks
Author(s): Myungsik Yoo; Myoungki Jeong; Chunming Qiao
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Duobinary coding for 20-Gbit/s intensity-modulated direct-detection optical fiber transmission
Author(s): Joao M. B. Correia; Adolfo V. T. Cartaxo
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Concept and architecture of indoor optical wireless multimedia systems
Author(s): Pavlos Theodorou; Jaafar M. H. Elmirghani; Robert A. Cryan
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Supervisory system and data communication channel for WDM-based transmission systems
Author(s): Jae-Il Yoon; Chang-Soo Park
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Management in the WDM all-optical network
Author(s): Slobodanka Tomic
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Automatic test station for network synchronization performance characterization
Author(s): Ricardo Mediavilla
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CATO: a CAD tool for intelligent design of optical networks and interconnects
Author(s): Imrich Chlamtac; Maciej Ciesielski; Andrea F. Fumagalli; Chester Ruszczyk; Gosse Wedzinga
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Minimal-disturbance topology reconfiguration in all-optical networks
Author(s): Vitaly Kuleshov; Subrata Banerjee
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Throughput of optical broadcast star networks with delay constraints
Author(s): Sundararaman Balakrishnan; Galen H. Sasaki
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Full service access networks: experimental realization and performance
Author(s): David W. Faulkner; Alan Quayle; Phillip A. Smith; Don Clarke; Simon Fisher; Richard Adams; James Kelly; Dave Smee; John G. Cook
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Optimization of broadband optical access networks for residential and small-business users
Author(s): Niels Engell Andersen
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Embedded real-time control of optically amplified repeaters in broadband access networks
Author(s): Brecht Stubbe; Peter Vaes; Lieven Gouwy; Chris Coene; Xing-Zhi Qiu; Bart Staelens; Jan Vandewege; B. Hans Slabbinck; Claire M. Martin; Ingrid Van de Voorde
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Physical layer dimensioning of superPON architectures
Author(s): John M. Senior; Andrew J. Phillips; M. Oskar van Deventer
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Scheduling in unidirectional WDM rings and its extensions
Author(s): Xijun Zhang; Chunming Qiao
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Performance of packet-switched WDM broadcast networks with multicast traffic
Author(s): Ahmed Mokhtar; Murat Azizoglu
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Performance analysis for a large-scale all-optical WDM network
Author(s): Imrich Chlamtac; Yuguang Fang; Andrea F. Fumagalli
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Dimensioning and design of the WDM optical layer in transport networks
Author(s): Mathieu Garnot; Francesco B. Masetti
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Analysis of light-path setup procedure in wavelength-routed all-optical networks
Author(s): Jay Y. Yoo; Subrata Banerjee
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Converter placement on wavelength-routed network paths
Author(s): Murat Azizoglu; Suresh Subramaniam; Arun K. Somani
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Allocation of wavelength-convertible nodes and routing in all-optical networks
Author(s): Hiroaki Harai; Masayuki Murata; Hideo Miyahara
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Adaptive algorithm for routing in all-optical networks
Author(s): Abhijit Sengupta; Subir Bandyopadhyay; A. R. Balla; Arunita Jaekel
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Evaluation of a superPON demonstrator
Author(s): B. Hans Slabbinck; Claire M. Martin; Ingrid Van de Voorde; Brecht Stubbe; Peter Vaes; Xing-Zhi Qiu; Jan Vandewege; Paolo Solina; Pietro Obino
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Scalable and reconfigurable wide-area lightwave network architecture (hypercluster): performance results
Author(s): Duanyang Guo; Anthony S. Acampora; Zhensheng Zhang
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Spectrum partition technique for frequency control in large-scale all-optical networks
Author(s): Abdelhafid Amrani; Jesus Roldan; Yizhou Zhang; Josep Prat-Goma; Albert Rafel; Alberto Aventin; Gabriel Junyent
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Layered structure and network management for multiwavelength photonic transport networks
Author(s): Yunfeng Shen; Wanyi Gu
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