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Multimedia Storage and Archiving Systems II
Editor(s): C.-C. Jay Kuo; Shih-Fu Chang; Venkat N. Gudivada

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Volume Number: 3229
Date Published: 6 October 1997

Table of Contents
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Image and video indexing in the compressed domain
Author(s): Mrinal K. Mandal; Fayez M. Idris; Sethuraman Panchanathan
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Improvement of shot detection methods based on dynamic threshold selection
Author(s): Mohsen Ardebilian Fard; Xiaowei Tu; Liming Chen
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Multiscale content extraction and representation for video indexing
Author(s): Ahmet Mufit Ferman; A. Murat Tekalp
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Video data hiding for video-in-video and other applications
Author(s): Mitchell D. Swanson; Bin Zhu; Ahmed H. Tewfik
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Hierarchical temporal video segmentation and content characterization
Author(s): Bilge Gunsel; Yue Fu; A. Murat Tekalp
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Video indexing based on image and sound
Author(s): Pascal Faudemay; Claude Montacie; Marie-Jose Caraty
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Shot-level description and matching of video content
Author(s): Remi Ronfard
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Video segmentation and camera motion characterization using compressed data
Author(s): Ruggero Milanese; Frederic Deguillaume; Alain Jacot-Descombes
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Fast data placement scheme for video server with zoned-disks
Author(s): Yu-Chung Wang; Shiao-Li Tsao; Ray-I Chang; Meng-Chang Chen; Jan-Ming Ho; Ming-Tat Ko
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Dynamic load adjustment on distributed video server system
Author(s): Shiao-Li Tsao; Meng-Chang Chen; Jan-Ming Ho; Ming-Tat Ko
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Intelligent user interface for intelligent multimedia repository
Author(s): Phill-Kyu Rhee; Yong-Hwan Kim; B. S. Sim; Z. C. Zhoo; D-I Park
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Object-relational database infrastructure for interactive multimedia service
Author(s): Michael Junke Hu; Miao Chunyan
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Content-based retrieval of music and audio
Author(s): Jonathan T. Foote
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Automated document content characterization for a multimedia document retrieval system
Author(s): Maija Koivusaari; Jaakko J. Sauvola; Matti Pietikaeinen
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Peano key rediscovery for content-based retrieval of images
Author(s): Youssef Chahir; Liming Chen
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Pruned octree feature for interactive retrieval
Author(s): Xia Wan; C.-C. Jay Kuo
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Content-based image indexing and retrieval system in ImageRoadMap
Author(s): Forouzan Golshani; Youngchoon Park
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Wavelet-compressed image retrieval using successive approximation quantization (SAQ) features
Author(s): Kai-Chieh Liang; C.-C. Jay Kuo
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Feature-based approach for image retrieval by sketch
Author(s): Yin Chans; Zhibin Lei; Daniel P. Lopresti; Sun-Yuan Kung
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Object signature curve and invariant shape patches for geometric indexing into pictorial databases
Author(s): Zhibin Lei; Tolga Tasdizen; David B. Cooper
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MALCBR: content-based retrieval of image databases at multiple abstraction levels
Author(s): Vittorio Castelli; Chung-Sheng Li; Lawrence D. Bergman
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Inverted image indexing and compression
Author(s): Simon Wing-Wah So; Clement H. C. Leung
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ASIMM: a framework for automatic synthesis of query interfaces for multimedia databases
Author(s): Lawrence D. Bergman; Jerald Schoudt; Vittorio Castelli; Loey Knapp; Chung-Sheng Li
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Fixed attribute-length linear quadtree representations for storing similar images
Author(s): Tsong-Wuu Lin
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Shock-based approach for indexing of image databases using shape
Author(s): Benjamin B. Kimia; Jackie Chan; Dale Bertrand; Seth Coe; Zachary Roadhouse; Hueseyin Tek
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Outstanding-objects-oriented color image segmentation using fuzzy logic
Author(s): Rina Hayasaka; Jiying Zhao; Yutaka Matsushita
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Novel wavelet coder for color image compression
Author(s): Houng-Jyh Mike Wang; C.-C. Jay Kuo
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Fast software-only H.263 video codec
Author(s): Wei-Lien Hsu
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Predictive modeling: least squares method for compression of time-series data
Author(s): Saraswathi Mukherjee; Justin Zobel
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Effective wavelet-based compression method with adaptive quantization threshold and zerotree coding
Author(s): Artur Przelaskowski; Marian Kazubek; Tomasz Jamrogiewicz
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Standard (H.324M) compatible video decoding for mobile multimedia systems over error-prone channel
Author(s): Dong-Seek Park; Jong Dae Kim; Yoon-Soo Kim
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Keyword spotting for multimedia document indexing
Author(s): Philippe Gelin; Christian J. Wellekens
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Multiresolution image retrieval using B-splines
Author(s): Mitchell D. Swanson; Ahmed H. Tewfik
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Image compression based on motion segmentation
Author(s): Man-Bae Kim; Do-Kyoon Kim
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Texture features for image classification and retrieval
Author(s): Mohamed Borchani; Georges Stamon
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Image morphing with snake model and thin-plate spline interpolation
Author(s): Aboul Ella Hassanien; Masayuki Nakajima
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Architecture for biomedical multimedia information delivery on the World Wide Web
Author(s): L. Rodney Long; Gin-Hua Goh; Leif Neve; George R. Thoma
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