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Interactive Paper
Editor(s): Graham G. Allan; Jean J. Robillard

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Volume Number: 3227
Date Published: 4 August 1997

Table of Contents
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Chemical control of water penetration in paper
Author(s): Jonathan C. Roberts
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Potential of the microporosity of cellulose fibers for interactive paper
Author(s): Graham G. Allan; J. P. Carroll; B. G. Lee; J. Pitchitlamken; A. Stoyanov; M. Ueda; A. Yahiaoui
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Fiber properties and their influence on paper structure
Author(s): Jose Turrado Saucedo; R. Ramirez P.; S. Perez R.
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Electrical and surface properties of clay-conducting polymer composites
Author(s): M. P. Eastman; M. E. Hagerman; T. L. Porter; R. A. Parnell; J. L. Attuso; M. Bradley; D. Thompson
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Chemical approaches to new coating and filler particles for paper technology
Author(s): Richard Partch
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Effects of PCC fillers on plain paper ink-jet print quality
Author(s): Alan J. Bauch; Douglas W. Donigian; Robert A. Gill
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Reactive clays for the fixation and stabilization of dye precursors in interactive papers
Author(s): Jose Manuel Dominguez
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New family of polymer electrolytes based on cellulosic precursors
Author(s): Alessandro Gandini; Jean-Francois Le Nest
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Polymer/dye composition as component for interactive paper used as photochemical or electrosensors
Author(s): Ivan Petkov
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Photopolymerizable heterogeneous systems for nonsilver light-sensitive color papers
Author(s): Valery A. Barachevsky; Michael V. Alfimov; Galina K. Chudinova; M. Kozlova; Alexey I. Tolmachev; N. Tvorogov
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Liquid crystalline cellulose derivatives for thermally stable or reversible anisotropic polymer film
Author(s): Marian Kryszewski; Piotr Wojciechowski; J. Ulanski; Lidia Okrasa
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New paper-based photonic azo polymers for recording and retrieval
Author(s): Sukant K. Tripathy; D. Y. Kim; Xinli Jiang; Lian Li; Taek-Seung Lee; Xianyan Wang; Jayant Kumar
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Effect of RC paper support on photographic stability
Author(s): Alberto M. Martinez
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Polymer used as holographic recording materials: a review
Author(s): Roger A. Lessard
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New photochromic pigments for interactive papers
Author(s): R. Guglielmetti
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Photoerasing paper and thermocoloring film
Author(s): Sebastian V. Kanakkanatt
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Polybutadiene films for optical and electrical addressing and retrieval
Author(s): Albert W.H. Mau
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Technology of direct thermal papers
Author(s): Dean G. Dalebroux
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Influence of microbial contamination on the quality of printing paper
Author(s): Linda R. Robertson
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Removal of volatile organic compounds from paper coatings
Author(s): Dirk Meier; Hans-Joachim Warnecke; Jan Pruess
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Integrated electronic circuits and devices based on interactive paper
Author(s): Francis Garnier
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Potential use of individual components in interactive paper
Author(s): Ezequiel Delgado; Jean J. Robillard
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Interactive paper as security substrate
Author(s): Jean J. Robillard
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Paper and the electronic age: evolution or revolution
Author(s): Joseph D. Wright
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