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Micromachining and Microfabrication Process Technology III

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Volume Number: 3223
Date Published: 5 September 1997

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Microfabrication technologies for microsystems
Author(s): Nico F. de Rooij
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SAMPLE (Sandia agile MEMS prototyping, layout tools, and education)
Author(s): Carole Craig Barron; Brady R. Davies; Jeffry J. Sniegowski; M. Steven Rodgers; John H. Comtois; M. Adrian Michalicek
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IC-compatible fabrication of through-wafer conductive vias
Author(s): Jean Gobet; Jean-Phillipe Thiebaud; Francois Crevoisier; Jean-Marc Moret
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Fabrication techniques and their application to produce novel micromachined structures and devices using excimer laser projection
Author(s): Erol C. Harvey; Phil T. Rumsby
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Micromachining of metals and ceramics by nano- and picosecond laser radiation
Author(s): Juergen Jandeleit; Alexander Horn; Ernst-Wolfgang Kreutz; Reinhart Poprawe
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Precise micronanomachining for advanced sensors
Author(s): Masayoshi Esashi; Takahito Ono; Kazuyuki Minami
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Wide-bandwidth silicon nitride membrane microphones
Author(s): Brian T. Cunningham; Jonathan J. Bernstein
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Development of a silicon microprobe for NO detection
Author(s): Marcelo B. A. Fontes; Jorge J. Santiago-Aviles; Rogerio Furlan
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Wet chemical isotropic etching procedures of silicon: a possibility for the production of deep-structured microcomponents
Author(s): Norbert Schwesinger; Arne Albrecht
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Microcomposite electroforming for MEMS technology
Author(s): Shinn-Horng Yeh; Chun-Ying Liue; Ji-Weng Wang; Min-Chieh Chou; Shu-Ling Hou
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New developments of process technologies for microfabrication
Author(s): Volker Piotter; Thomas Hanemann; Robert Ruprecht; Andreas Thies; Juergen H. Hausselt
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Growth and crystallinity of electroformed nickel structures
Author(s): Shih-Chia Chang; John Edens
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High-aspect-ratio etching in polymer for microactuator applications
Author(s): Wen Y. Lee; Junbo Gao; Toshiki Hirano; Susanna Chan; Long-Sheng Fan
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Optical applications of silicon micromachining technology
Author(s): Gary R. Trott; Long Yang; Kent W. Carey; Richard P. Ratowsky; Jeffrey S. Kallman
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Comprehensive study of processing parameters influencing the stress and stress gradient of thick polysilicon layers
Author(s): Matthias Fuertsch; Michael Offenberg; Horst Munzel; Juan Ramon Morante
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Optical interferometric characterization of membrane curvature in boron-doped Si microstructures
Author(s): Jason W. Weigold; Wen Han Juan; Stella W. Pang; Jeffrey T. Borenstein
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Strain effects in multilayers
Author(s): Colin M. A. Ashruf; Patrick J. French; Charles R. de Boer; Pasqualina M. Sarro
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Ion sputter deposition of shape memory alloy films for microactuators
Author(s): Sam T. Davies; Kazuyoshi Tsuchiya
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Microfabrication by through-mask electrochemical micromachining
Author(s): Madhav Datta
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Single-sided multilevel structure for silicon pressure transducers by masked-maskless etching technology
Author(s): Heng Yang; Jianjun Ren; Minhang Bao; Shaoqun Shen
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Macroporous silicon formation for micromachining
Author(s): Hiroshi Ohji; Sami Lahteenmaki; Patrick J. French
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Focused ion-beam system for automated MEMS prototyping and processing
Author(s): Gregory J. Athas; Kathryn E. Noll; Russell Mello; Raymond Hill; Don E. Yansen; Frank F. Wenners; James P. Nadeau; Tuan Ngo; Michael Siebers
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10-um thin GaAs membrane manufactured by nonselective etching
Author(s): Alexandru Mueller; Ioana Petrini; Viorel Avramescu; Sergiu A. Iordanescu; Romolo Marcelli; Vittorio Foglietti; M. Dragoman
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Automotive applications for micromachining
Author(s): Douglas R. Sparks; Shih-Chia Chang
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Assembly of hybrid microsystems in a large-chamber scanning electron microscope by use of mechanical grippers
Author(s): Manfred Weck; Joachim Huemmler; Bernd Petersen
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Material structure and processes required for the manufacture of micromechanical devices
Author(s): Kenneth J. Skrobis; J. Christenson; Steve E. Staller; J. Freeman; Prashant Gadgil
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Micromechanical structures and microelectronics for acceleration sensing
Author(s): Brady R. Davies; Stephen Montague; James H. Smith; Mark Lemkin
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Influence of processes and selective bonding technology
Author(s): Jiwei Jiao; Axel Berthold; Michael J. Vellekoop; Patrick J. French
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Design of bulk micromachined suspensions
Author(s): Weileun Fang
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Anneal treatment studies of heavily boron-doped silicon
Author(s): Denise M. Bruce
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Yield enhancement in micromechanical sensor fabrication using statistical process control
Author(s): Jeffrey T. Borenstein; Douglas M. Preble
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Structure design and fabrication of symmetric force-balance micromachining capacitive accelerometer
Author(s): Qiang Zou; Deren Lu; Baoqing Li; Xingguo Xiong; Bin Xiong; Weiyuan Wang
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Balance approach for mechanical properties test of microfabricated structures
Author(s): Xingguo Xiong; Qiang Zou; Deren Lu; Weiyuan Wang
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Ultraprecision microelectroforming of metals and metal alloys
Author(s): Holger Loewe; Wolfgang Ehrfeld; Joerg Diebel
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Laser-micromachined microchannel solvent separator
Author(s): Dean W. Matson; Peter M. Martin; Wendy D. Bennett; Donald C. Stewart; John W. Johnston
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Micromachining technology development in SIOFM
Author(s): Runwen Wang; Beijun Shen; Hao Ding
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