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Optics in Atmospheric Propagation and Adaptive Systems II

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Volume Number: 3219
Date Published: 15 January 1998

Table of Contents
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Comparison of atmospheric transmittance measurements in the 3- to 5-um and 8- to 12-um spectral regions with MODTRAN: considerations for long near-horizontal path geometries
Author(s): Anthony J. Ratkowski; Gail P. Anderson; James H. Chetwynd Jr.; Richard M. Nadile; Adam D. Devir; T. D. Conley
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Performance characterization and ground testing of an airborne CO2 differential absorption lidar system
Author(s): Daniel C. Senft; Marsha J. Fox; Ronald R. Bousek; James A. Dowling; Dale A. Richter; Brian T. Kelly
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Multifunctional laser system for measuring regular and random optical refraction in the atmosphere
Author(s): Yurii D. Kopytin; Victor V. Nosov; Evgenii V. Nosov
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Use of nondispersion correlation spectroscopy for remote sensing of CO in combustion gases
Author(s): Vitaliy P. Kabashnikov; Natalya V. Kuzmina; Natalya S. Metelskaya
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Optical characteristics of aerosol in the coastal area
Author(s): Toni S. Skakalova; Ivan V. Grigorov; Orlin Parvanov; Ivan N. Kolev
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Aerosol light scatter vs turbulence effects in image blur
Author(s): Norman S. Kopeika; Dan Sadot; Itai Dror
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Characteristics of shipborne targets in warm coastal environments in mid- and longwave IR
Author(s): Karin Stein
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Satellite feature reconstruction using reflective tomography: field results
Author(s): Charles L. Matson; Donald E. Holland; Diego F. Pierrottet; Donald Ruffatto; Stanley R. Czyzak; Debora E. Mosley
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Low cost seeing monitor to measure the isokinetic patch on the edge of the moon
Author(s): Adriano Ghedina; Roberto Ragazzoni; Andrea Baruffolo; Jacopo Farinato
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Carrier-to-noise ratio for an equal-gain coherent laser radar receiver array system: theory and experiment
Author(s): Larry C. Andrews; Deborah E. Kelly; Ronald L. Phillips; Arthur Robert Weeks; James E. Harvey; Jing Xu; Chie L. Gagge; Ali Notash; Giovanni Luvera; R. Glenn Sellar
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Some aspects of the beam-pointing instability problem in laser beacon generation
Author(s): Vadim A. Parfenov
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Effective outer scale of turbulence for imaging through the atmosphere
Author(s): Vladimir P. Lukin; Boris V. Fortes; Evgenii V. Nosov
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Method for fast computation of infrared radiation from heated turbulent jets viewed through thick atmospheric layers
Author(s): Andrey I. Bril; Vitaliy P. Kabashnikov; Yuri V. Khodyko; Natalya V. Kuzmina
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Probability distribution of laser-beam wandering on near-land atmospheric range
Author(s): Vitaly L. Okoulov; Georgy Yu Snezhkov; Alexander P. Shestakov; Valery I. Venglyuk
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Linear phase conjugation for atmospheric aberration compensation
Author(s): Robert J. Grasso; Eddy A. Stappaerts
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Negative optical feedback correction for the extended range of distortions
Author(s): Vladimir Yu. Venediktov
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Adaptive optics using a liquid crystal phase modulator in conjunction with a Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor and zonal control algorithm
Author(s): David Charles Dayton; Steven C. Sandven; John D. Gonglewski; Stephen L. Browne; Samuel C. Rogers; Scot W. McDermott
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Polychrome correction for telescope lens distortions using a liquid crystal optically addressed spatial light modulator
Author(s): Vladimir A. Berenberg; Alexey Leshchev; Michael V. Vasil'ev; Vladimir Yu. Venediktov
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System electronic design for a telescope-mounted deformable mirror system
Author(s): Samuel C. Rogers; Scot W. McDermott; Steven C. Sandven
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