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Optical Biopsies and Microscopic Techniques II
Editor(s): Irving J. Bigio; Herbert Schneckenburger; Jan Slavik; Katarina Svanberg M.D.; Pierre M. Viallet

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Volume Number: 3197
Date Published: 29 December 1997

Table of Contents
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Colon cancer diagnosis using fluorescence spectroscopy and fluorescence imaging technique
Author(s): Dido M. Yova; Vassilis Atlamazoglou; P. Davaris; Nikolaos Kavantzas; Spyros Loukas
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Use of the polarization vector in modeling tissue fluorescence: theoretical and experimental comparison
Author(s): Ourania Panou-Diamanti; Nikolaos K. Uzunoglou; A. Vasiliou; Giannis Zacharakis; George Filippidis; Theodore G. Papazoglou; Dimitrios Koutsouris
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Effect of liquid nitrogen and formalin-based conservation in the in-vitro measurement of laser-induced fluorescence of peripheral vascular tissue
Author(s): George Filippidis; Giannis Zacharakis; A. Katsamouris; M. Kouktzela; Sune Montan; Stefan Andersson-Engels; Theodore G. Papazoglou
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Laser-induced fluorescence studies of premalignant and benign lesions in the female genital tract
Author(s): Claes af Klinteberg; Ingrid Wang; Charlotta Lindquist; Aurelija Vaitkuviene; Katarina Svanberg M.D.
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Autofluorescence spectroscopy of normal and pathological tissues of the bladder
Author(s): Ousama M. A'Amar; Francois H. Guillemin; Henri Begorre; Edouard Yvroud
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Fluorescence detection of flat transitional cell carcinoma after intravesical instillation of aminolevulinic acid
Author(s): Marie-Ange D'Hallewin M.D.; Herman A. Vanherzeele; Luc Baert M.D.
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UV-induced autofluorescence spectroscopy in Barrett's esophagus
Author(s): Juan Jose Padilla-Ybarra; Genevieve Bourg-Heckly; Ousama M. A'Amar; Jocelyne Blais; Jacques Etienne; Francois H. Guillemin
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Multispectral fluorescence imaging device for malignancy detection
Author(s): Thomas Bocher; Till Luhmann; S. Baier; Marc Dierolf; M. Naumann; Juergen Beuthan; Hans-Peter Berlien; Gerhard J. Mueller
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New developments in fluorescence detection of ALA-induced protoporphyrin IX for cancer localization
Author(s): Herbert G. Stepp; Reinhold Baumgartner; Christian Betz; Karl Bise; P. Brand; Fernando Gamarra; Karl Haeussinger; Peter Hillemanns; Rudolf M. Huber; Ruth Knuechel; M. Kriegmair; Andreas Leunig; J. Pichler; Kai Rick; H. Schulz; F. Stanzel; Susanne Stocker; Simon Wagner; H. Weigandt
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Developing optimized tissue phantom systems for optical biopsies
Author(s): Gerd C. Beck; Nermin Akguen; Angelika C. Rueck; Rudolf W. Steiner
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FTIR microspectroscopy of tissues for in-vivo and in-vitro cancer diagnostics
Author(s): Wolfgang Waesche; Uwe Bindig; Gerhard J. Mueller; P. Frege; Ulrich M. Gross
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Monte Carlo investigations of the wavelength dependence of light transport through turbid media
Author(s): Judith R. Mourant
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Automated classification of tissue by type using real-time spectroscopy
Author(s): David A. Benaron M.D.; Wai-Fung Cheong; Joshua L. Duckworth; Kenneth Noles; Camran Nezhat; Daniel Seidman; Susan R. Hintz; Carl J. Levinson; Aileen L. Murphy; John W. Price Jr.; Frank W.H. Liu; David K. Stevenson; Eben L. Kermit
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Spectral luminescence analysis of amniotic fluid
Author(s): Ekaterina I. Slobozhanina; Nataly M. Kozlova; Leonid P. Kasko; Marina V. Mamontova; Eugene A. Chernitsky
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Spectral fluorescent properties of tissues in vivo with excitation in the red wavelength range
Author(s): Alexander A. Stratonnikov; Victor B. Loschenov; D. V. Klimov; N. E. Edinac; V. A. Wolnukhin; I. A. Strashkevich
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Fluorescence microscopy image deconvolution: application to anthracycline distribution in breast cancer cells
Author(s): Marie-Pierre Gramain; Corinne Bour; Alain Chomik; Alain Dieterlen; Olivier Haeberle; Jean Jacques Meyer; Sophie Marchal; Jean-Louis Merlin; Francois H. Guillemin
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Enzyme kinetics on a molecular level with optical microscopy
Author(s): Volker Uhl; Goetz Pilarczyk; Karl-Otto Greulich
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Autofluorescence of seborrheic keratosis (warts) and of tissue surrounding malignant tumors
Author(s): Wolfgang Lohmann; Wolf-Bernhard Schill; Rainer M. Bohle; Thomas Dreyer
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Fluorescent probes in biology and medicine: measurement of intracellular pH values in individual cells
Author(s): Jan Slavik; Petr Cimprich; Martin Gregor; Karel Smetana Jr.
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Time-resolved energy transfer spectroscopy for measuring mitochondrial metabolism in living cells
Author(s): Herbert Schneckenburger; Michael H. Gschwend; Wolfgang S. L. Strauss; Reinhard Sailer; Manfred Bauer; Rudolf W. Steiner
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Combined use of UV-labile calcium chelators and calcium-sensitive dyes in a microscope with two light sources influencing different regions in a group of coordinated contracting cardiac myocytes
Author(s): Goetz Pilarczyk; Karl-Otto Greulich
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Quantitative videomicrofluorometry: empirical methods for an automatic determination of the threshold level for fluorescent objects and application to living lymphoblastoid cell lines
Author(s): Jean Vigo; Pierre M. Viallet; Jean-Marie Salmon
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Bioluminescence microscopy: application to ATP measurements in single living cells
Author(s): Frederic Brau; Pierre Helle; Jean Claude Bernengo
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Multiple fluorescence microscopy and optoelectronic imaging: possibilities and limits
Author(s): Heinz Gundlach
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High-precision distance microscopy of 3D nanostructures by a spatially modulated excitation fluorescence microscope
Author(s): Michael Hausmann; Bernhard Schneider; Joachim Bradl; Christoph G. Cremer
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Confocal microscanner technique for endoscopic vision
Author(s): Rijk Schuetz; Klaus Doerschel; Gerhard J. Mueller
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Cell viability after exposure to optical tweezers using high-power red laser diodes or near-infrared lasers
Author(s): Herbert Schneckenburger; Anita Hendinger; Reinhard Sailer; Michael H. Gschwend; Manfred Bauer; Wolfgang S. L. Strauss; Karin Schuetze
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Photosensitizer-induced fluorescence of the rat adrenal gland and rat pheochromocytoma cells (PC 12) by meso-tetra(hydroxyphenyl)chlorin (mTHPC)
Author(s): Mario Colombo-Benkmann; Markus Muhm; Johannes Gahlen; Christine Heym; Norbert Senninger
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Simultaneous measurement of dispersion, spectrum, and distance with a Fourier transform spectrometer
Author(s): Thomas Hellmuth; M. Welle
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FTIR microspectroscopic imaging of human carcinoma thin tissue sections
Author(s): Peter Lasch; Wolfgang Waesche; Uwe Bindig; Dieter Naumann; Gerhard J. Mueller
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Intracellular dynamics with the phase microscope Airyscan
Author(s): Vladimir P. Tychinsky; Elena V. Perevedentseva; Tatiana V. Vyshenskaia; Georgy E. Kufal
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Scanned probe microscope for biological applications
Author(s): Vil B. Baiburin; Nikolai P. Konnov; Anatolyi A. Shcherbakov; Alina N. Malakhaeva; Svetlana P. Zadnova; Yuri P. Volkov
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Near-field light microscopy with SEM light generation
Author(s): Vil B. Baiburin; Nikolai P. Konnov; Anatolyi A. Shcherbakov; Alina N. Malakhaeva; Yuri P. Volkov
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Near-field optical microscopy of bacteria thin sections
Author(s): Nikolai P. Konnov; Vil B. Baiburin; Anatolyi A. Shcherbakov; Alina N. Malakhaeva; Yuri P. Volkov
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Near-field optical microscopy for subwavelength investigation of biological structures
Author(s): Fabienne D. Marquis-Weible; Claude Philipona; Patrick Lambelet; Abdeljlail Sayah; Michael Pfeffer
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Evaluation of interacellular tamoxifen-induced fluorescence in tamoxifen-resistant human breast adenocarcinoma cells
Author(s): Nathalie Bachmann; Muriel Barberi-Heyob; Marie-Pierre Gramain; Corinne Bour; Sophie Marchal; Robert Michel Parache; Francois H. Guillemin; Jean-Louis Merlin
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Mapping the distribution of zinc phthalocyanine derivatives in EAhy 926 cells using Raman microscopy
Author(s): Tami L. Freeman; Sarah E. Cope; Mark R. Stringer; Janet E. Cruse-Sawyer; Stanley B. Brown; David N. Batchelder
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Analysis of human colon tissue using Raman spectroscopy
Author(s): Sarah E. Cope; Tami L. Freeman; B. J. Rembacken; Mark R. Stringer; David N. Batchelder; Stanley B. Brown
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Effects of bromodeoxyuridine on DNA and cytoskeleton of primitive blood cells differentiating after exposure in a chick embryo in vivo
Author(s): Bozena Novotna; Irena Linhartova; Vladimir Viklicky
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