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Optical and Imaging Techniques for Biomonitoring III
Editor(s): Hans-Jochen Foth; Renato Marchesini; Halina Podbielska M.D.; Abraham Katzir

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Volume Number: 3196
Date Published: 13 January 1998

Table of Contents
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Video moire topography for in-vitro studies of the eardrum
Author(s): Joris J.J. Dirckx; Willem F. Decraemer
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New optical tissue phantom and its use for studying laser Doppler blood flowmetry
Author(s): Wiendelt Steenbergen; Frits F. M. de Mul
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Numerical holography with digital recording devices
Author(s): Etienne Cuche; Patrick Poscio; Christian D. Depeursinge
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Two-dimensional birefringence imaging in biological tissue using polarization-sensitive optical coherence tomography
Author(s): Johannes F. de Boer; Thomas E. Milner; Martin J. C. van Gemert; J. Stuart Nelson M.D.
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Optical coherence tomography by spectral radar for the analysis of human skin
Author(s): Michael A. Bail; Gerd Haeusler; Juergen M. Herrmann; F. Kiesewetter; Michael W. Lindner; A. Schultz
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Optical coherence profilometry (OCP) of human skin in vivo
Author(s): G. Ammon; Peter Andretzky; G. Bohn; Gerd Haeusler; Juergen M. Herrmann; Michael W. Lindner
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Optical medical tomography for the localization of oxygenation in the limb
Author(s): Pieter van der Zee; Reem Khalaf; Laurence C. W. Dixon; Alan Davies; R. Roy
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Evaluation of early rheumatic disorders in PIP joints using a cw-transillumination method: first clinical results
Author(s): Viravuth Prapavat; Till Luhmann; Andreas Krause; Marina Backhaus; Juergen Beuthan; Gerhard J. Mueller
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RA diagnostics applying optical tomography in frequency-domain
Author(s): Alexander D. Klose; Viravuth Prapavat; Olaf Minet; Juergen Beuthan; Gerhard J. Mueller
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Speckle noise reduction for optical coherence tomography
Author(s): S. H. Xiang; Liang Zhou; Joseph M. Schmitt
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Spatial frequency analysis of OCT images
Author(s): Liang Zhou; S. H. Xiang; Joseph M. Schmitt
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Synthesis and characterization of cyanine dye poly(ethylene glycol) conjugates as contrast agents for in vivo fluorescence imaging
Author(s): Kai Licha; Bjoern Riefke; Wolfhard Semmler
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Tumor detection with cyanine dye poly(ethylene glycol) conjugates as contrast agents for near-infrared imaging
Author(s): Bjoern Riefke; Kai Licha; Dirk Nolte; Bernd Ebert; Herbert H. Rinneberg; Wolfhard Semmler
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High-resolution whole field fluorescence lifetime imaging of fluorophore distribution and environment
Author(s): Mark J. Dayel; Keith Dowling; Sam C. W. Hyde; Christopher Dainty; Paul M. W. French; P. Vourdas; M. John Lever; Anthony K. L. Dymoke-Bradshaw; Jonathan D. Hares; Paul A. Kellett
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Optical properties of a photosensitizer entrapped in sol gel glass
Author(s): Agnieszka Ulatowska-Jarza; K. Maruszewski; Halina Podbielska M.D.; Wieslaw Strek
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Effects of nitric oxide and its synthesis inhibitor on neuron efficiency detected by a fiber-optic-based multisensor
Author(s): Zheng Shen; Jun Hua; Shuzhi Lin; Xiangfeng Liu
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Noninvasive monitoring device for continuous HbO2 measuring on the fetal scalp sub partu
Author(s): Franz Heller; Ch. Gruener; D. Schlembach; E. Mauch; E. Beinder; N. Lang
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Antigen recognition by T-lymphocyte studied with an optical trap
Author(s): Xunbin Wei; Tatiana B. Krasieva; Paul A. Negulescu; Zhanxiang Zhang; Chung-Ho Sun; Michael W. Berns; Gregory J. Sonek; Michael D. Cahalan; Bruce J. Tromberg
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Photoacoustic blood cell detection and imaging of blood vessels in phantom tissue
Author(s): Christoph G.A. Hoelen; Richard Pongers; G. Hamhuis; Frits F. M. de Mul; Jan Greve
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Image digitalization and processing of contact lens fitting to astigmatic eyes
Author(s): Manuel Filipe M. Costa
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Autofluorescence of normal and neoplastic human brain tissue: an aid for intraoperative delineation of tumor resection margins
Author(s): Giovanni F. Bottiroli; Anna Cleta Croce; Donata Locatelli; Rosanna Nano; Ermanno Giombelli; Alberto Messina; Eugenio Benericetti
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New method of fluorescence diagnostics, photodynamic preventive maintenance, and treatment of diseases of the periodontium and mucous membrane of mouth
Author(s): Alexandre Yu. Douplik; Victor B. Loschenov; D. V. Klimov; Kirill G. Linkov
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Determination of optical properties of biological tissue in its depth
Author(s): Kirill G. Linkov; Gennady L. Kisselev; Victor B. Loschenov
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Motility and ciliary beating frequency detection of cells and invertebrates for environmental biomonitoring
Author(s): Svetlana B. Norina; Vladimir G. Ageev; Stanislav F. Rastopov
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Fluorescent products in high-density lipoproteins (HDL) and their association with other lipid peroxide products (LPPs)
Author(s): Swiatoslav L. Plavinski; Alexandr S. Kuznetsov; Yurij I. Kopilevich; Alexander A. Svetlykh; Nikita O. Melnikov
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Real-time holographic interferometry to measure the displacement of the facial bone
Author(s): Toshiro Matsumoto; Kentaro Tamamura; Masahisa Tsuchida; Seiichi Hashimoto; Hisashi Yabuuchi; Kazuyoshi Uemura; Masahito Sugimura
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Time-gated holographic imaging using photorefractive media
Author(s): Mary Tziraki; Richard Jones; Nicholas P. Barry; Sam C. W. Hyde; Paul M. W. French; K. M. Kwolek; David D. Nolte; Michael R. Melloch
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Endoscopic OCT for in-vivo imaging of precancer and cancer states of human mucosa
Author(s): Alexander M. Sergeev; Valentin M. Gelikonov; Grigory V. Gelikonov; Felix I. Feldchtein; Roman V. Kuranov; Natalia D. Gladkova; Natalia M. Shakhova; Irina N. Kuznetzova; Ludmila Snopova; Arkady Denisenko; Valentin Almasov
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