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Technology and Applications of Light Guides
Editor(s): Jan Wojcik; Waldemar Wojcik

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Volume Number: 3189
Date Published: 5 August 1997

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Halide-chalcogenide glasses for optics and optical fibers
Author(s): Jan Wasylak; Maria Laczka; Jan Kucharski
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New method of synthesis of SiO2 spheres used as raw material for colloidal sol-gel synthesis
Author(s): Barbara Janoszczyk; Jan Wojcik; Lidia Czyzewska; Yu. A. Pazdersky
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Experimental determination of effect of selected parameters of MCVD process on the properties of formed SiO2 particles
Author(s): Mariusz Makara; Barbara Janoszczyk; Jan Wojcik
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Substrate glasses used for the elements of integrated optics produced using ion exchange methods
Author(s): Roman Rogozinski; Pawel Karasinski; Kazimierz Gut; Zbigniew Opilski; Aleksander Opilski
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Technological aspects of fiber optic integrated structures manufacturing
Author(s): Longin Kociszewski; Dariusz Pysz; Ryszard Stepien
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Adhesion of polymer protective coatings of optical fibers
Author(s): Jan Rayss; Wieslaw M. Podkoscielny; J. Widomski; Andrzej Gorgol
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Application of inverse gas chromatography (IGC) to investigate the surface properties of protective coatings of optical fibers
Author(s): Jan Rayss; Wieslaw M. Podkoscielny
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Experimental investigation of the effect of protective coatings on temperature sensitivity of side-hole optical fibers
Author(s): Jan Wojcik; Barbara Janoszczyk; Mariusz Makara; Krzysztof Poturaj; Witold Spytek; Aleksander Walewski; Waclaw Urbanczyk; Wojtek J. Bock
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Mechanical property investigations of optical fibers for predicting durability
Author(s): Antoni Malicki; Kazimierz Szabelski
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Measurement of the optical fiber elongation during cable tensioning: influence of the photoelastic effect on measurement results--correction factor
Author(s): Zenon Drabik; Zbigniew Koper; Stanislaw Cakala
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System for automatic measurement of optical fiber attenuation within the wavelength function
Author(s): Roman Nowak
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Attenuation of planar waveguides in selected types of glass
Author(s): Zbigniew Opilski; Pawel Karasinski; Kazimierz Gut; Roman Rogozinski; Aleksander Opilski
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Automation of setups for the measurement of refractive index distribution and attenuation in planar waveguides
Author(s): Zbigniew Opilski; Kazimierz Gut; Pawel Karasinski; Roman Rogozinski
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Fiber optic sensors for application in engineering mechanics
Author(s): Wojtek J. Bock
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Optical fiber system for flame monitoring in energetic boilers
Author(s): Waldemar Wojcik
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Polarimetric optical fiber sensor with compensated birefringence for dynamic strain measurement
Author(s): Andrzej W. Domanski; Miroslaw A. Karpierz; Marek Wojciech Sierakowski; Marcin Swillo; Tomasz R. Wolinski
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Liquid crystal optical fibers in hydrostatic pressure monitoring
Author(s): Tomasz R. Wolinski; Wojtek J. Bock; Andrzej W. Domanski; Roman S. Dabrowski; Miroslaw A. Karpierz; Witold Konopka; Tomasz Nasilowski; Janusz Parka; Marek Wojciech Sierakowski; Jan Wojcik
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Experimental stand for optical fiber combustion sensing in a spark ignition automotive engine
Author(s): Dariusz Piernikarski; Miroslaw Wendeker
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Application of forcasting algorithms in the optical fiber coal dust burner monitoring system
Author(s): Waldemar Wojcik; T. Bieganski; Andrzej Kotyra; Andrzej Smolarz
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Analysis of the operation of an electro-optical Pockels effect sensor
Author(s): Waldemar Wojcik; Stanislaw Cakala; Andrzej Kotyra; Andrzej Smolarz
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LabWindows: tool and environment for sensor design
Author(s): Artur Dybko; Krzysztof T. Pozniak; Wojciech Wroblewski; Janusz Maciejewski; Ryszard S. Romaniuk; Zbigniew Brzozka
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Wide-band tapered directional coupler
Author(s): Kazimierz P. Jedrzejewski; Arkadiusz Kosinski
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Fiber- to integrated-optics structure coupling
Author(s): Anna Sankowska; Boguslaw Boratynski; Robert A. Lowkis; Sergiusz Z. Patela; Marek J. Tlaczala; Iwona Zborowska-Lindert
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Elaboration of a manufacturing method of light guide applicators for photon coagulators
Author(s): Ryszard Stepien; Longin Kociszewski; Dariusz Pysz
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Ball-ended medical fiber light guides
Author(s): Wlodzimierz Nowakowski; Jan Wojcik; Marek K. Mindak; Jacek Szymanczyk; Jerzy Szydlak
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Exchangeable disposable fiber shields used for surgical lasers
Author(s): Wlodzimierz Nowakowski; Jacek Szymanczyk; Jan Wojcik; Marek K. Mindak; Jerzy Szydlak
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Students education on optical fiber theory and practice in Poland
Author(s): Andrzej W. Domanski
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Student laboratory setup for optical fiber testing
Author(s): Jerzy K. Gajda; Andrzej Niesterowicz
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