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Microelectronic Packaging and Laser Processing
Editor(s): Yong Khim Swee; HongYu Zheng; Ray T. Chen

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Volume Number: 3184
Date Published: 18 August 1997

Table of Contents
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Developments of optimum flip-chip bonding process
Author(s): Dong Hyeon Jang; Sa Yoon Kang; Y. M. Lee; S. Y. Oh
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Low-cost flexible ball-grid-array multichip module technology
Author(s): Simon S. Ang; D. A. Arnn; D. J. Meyer; L. W. Schaper; William D. Brown
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Processing mechanics for flip-chip assembly
Author(s): Jianjun Wang; Zhengfang Qian; Sheng Liu
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Reliability study of microelectronic packaging assemblies by a multiaxial submicron fatigue tester
Author(s): Sheng Liu; Minfu Lu; Zhengfang Qian; Wei Ren
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Optimizing thermal performance-cost trade-off
Author(s): Sambu Dakuginow; Roland Apides; Efren Lacap; Mark J. Berg
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Controlled thickness and dielectric constant titanium-doped SiO2 thin films on silicon by sol gel process
Author(s): H. L. Liu; S. S. Wang; Yan Zhou; Yee Loy Lam; Yuen Chuen Chan; Chan Hin Kam
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Preparation, structure, and properties of aluminium nitride (AIN) reinforced polymer composites: alternative substrate materials for microelectronic packaging
Author(s): Xiao Hu; Juay Sim Koh; Peter Hing
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Development of the IBIC (ion-beam-induced charge) technique for IC failure analysis
Author(s): Thomas Osipowicz; J. L. Sanchez; Frank Watt; S. Kolachina; V. K. S. Ong; Daniel S. H. Chan; J. C. H. Phang
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Electrical performance analysis of IC package for the high-end memory device
Author(s): Dong Ho Lee; Chan Min Han
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Compression-molded three-dimensional tapered polymeric waveguides for low-loss optoelectronic packaging
Author(s): Linghui Wu; Feiming Li; Suning Tang; Bipin Bihari; Ray T. Chen
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Hybrid bidirectional optical backplane with multiple bus lines
Author(s): Chunhe Zhao; Ray T. Chen
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Electroluminescent and photosensitive films prepared by DTC-CVD method
Author(s): Ludmila V. Zavyalova; George S. Svechnikov
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Reversible low-temperature direct bonds for fabrication of three-dimensional microelectronic structures
Author(s): Robert W. Bower; Albert Li
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Low-temperature direct bonding using pressure and temperature
Author(s): Albert Li; Robert W. Bower
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Comparison of experimental and theoretical curvature considerations for direct wafer bonding
Author(s): Linh Hong; Robert W. Bower
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Optimization of 200-W excimer laser for TFT annealing
Author(s): Klaus D. Pippert; Wilhelm F. Staudt; V. Pfeufer
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Audible acoustic wave real-time monitoring in laser processing of microelectronic materials
Author(s): Minghui Hong; Yongfeng Lu; Wen Dong Song; Daming Liu; Tohsiew Low
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Cleaning force in laser cleaning of silicon substrates
Author(s): Wen Dong Song; Yongfeng Lu; Kaidong D. Ye; C. K. Tee; Minghui Hong; Daming Liu; Tohsiew Low
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Excimer laser irradiation on NiP surface
Author(s): Daming Liu; Yongfeng Lu; K. Y. Yiang; Wen Dong Song; Minghui Hong; Tohsiew Low
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Excimer laser patterning of thick and thin films for high-density packaging
Author(s): Phil T. Rumsby; Erol C. Harvey; Dafydd T. Thomas; Nadeem Hasan Rizvi
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Scribing of ITO coatings using a Q-switched Nd:YAG laser
Author(s): Siu Chung Tam; Yihong Chen; HongYu Zheng; W. L. Chen
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Excimer laser in industrial material processing
Author(s): Wilhelm F. Staudt; Heinrich Endert; V. Pfeufer
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Excimer laser drilling of polymers
Author(s): Yihong Chen; HongYu Zheng; Terence Kin Shun Wong; Siu Chung Tam
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Numerical prediction of etched profile in pyrolytic laser etching
Author(s): Teng Soon Wee; Yongfeng Lu; Wai Kin Chim
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Influence of laser deposition conditions on optical properties of silicon composite films
Author(s): Ivan Z. Indutnyi; E. B. Kaganovich; A. A. Kudryavtsev; E. G. Manoilov; George S. Svechnikov
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Field electron emission from highly graphitic diamond films
Author(s): Binglin Zhang; Ning Yao; Yunjun Li; Jintian He; Xiaoping Wang
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Nonpost mold cure compound
Author(s): Akihiro Hirata
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Hydrogen ion cut technology combined with low-temperature direct bonding
Author(s): Robert W. Bower; Albert Li; Yong-Jian Chin
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