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Dielectric and Related Phenomena: Materials Physico-Chemistry, Spectrometric Investigations, and Applications
Editor(s): Andrzej Wlochowicz

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Volume Number: 3181
Date Published: 13 June 1997

Table of Contents
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Low-frequency dielectric properties of some organic compounds
Author(s): Grzegorz W. Bak; Marian Kryszewski
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Probabilistic approach to the dielectric response of biological materials
Author(s): Malgorzata Kotulska; Karina Weron
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Dispersion dependencies of dielectric properties: renormgroup approach
Author(s): Vitaly V. Novikov; Oleg P. Poznansky
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Density of water in high electric field
Author(s): Irena Danielewicz-Ferchmin; A. R. Ferchmin
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Influence of molecule length on the dielectric-loss peak shape for a series of 1-bromo-n-alkanes
Author(s): Zbigniew Dendzik; J. J. Makosz; Zygmunt Gburski
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Dynamic dielectric properties of some carboxylic acid esters in benzene solution
Author(s): Ahmed M. Ghoneim; Martina Stockhause; U. Becker; R. Biedenkap; R. Elsebrock
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Dielectric relaxation phenomena in polymers: recent findings by chemical vitrification experiments
Author(s): Pierangelo A. Rolla; A. Livi; Simone Capaccioli; Daniele Fioretto
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Dielectric relaxation under constant-charge conditions
Author(s): Ranko Richert; Hermann Wagner
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Physical significance of the compensation behavior associated with glass transition relaxation as observed by thermally stimulated currents
Author(s): Joaquim J. Moura Ramos; Joao F. Mano
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Dielectric spectroscopy of electrolyte solutions: a comparison of the lower-frequency (ionic) relaxation contribution in various polar solvents
Author(s): Martina Stockhausen
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Piezoelectricity and dielectric properties of PVDF/BaTiO3 composites
Author(s): Marian Olszowy
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Analysis of the dielectric relaxation during crystallization of glassy polymer PEKK
Author(s): Zbigniew Dendzik; Zygmunt Gburski
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Dielectric relaxation in charge-carrier-dominated systems
Author(s): Grzegorz W. Bak
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Regularities of electret voltage in Zn0.7Cd0.3S layers
Author(s): Feliksas Kuliesius; S. Tamosiunas; A. Pindulis
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Study of metal/TFREMO/metal structures by means of thermally stimulated currents
Author(s): Tadeusz Wiktorczyk
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Influence of modified hopping center distribution in the near-contact regions on time-of-flight transient currents
Author(s): Jaroslaw Rybicki
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Relaxation and transport phenomena in corn seeds
Author(s): J. Laudat; Polycarpos Pissis; A. A. Konsta
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Ion transport in order-disorder ferroelectrics via high-frequency dielectric dispersion and NMR spectroscopy
Author(s): Galina Ovtchinnikova; Alla Sapronova
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Simple model of the dielectric properties of cholesteric liquid crystals
Author(s): Jerzy Hoffmann; Barbara Stryla
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Study of alpha-parallel and alpha-perpendicular of cholesteryl nonanoate molecule
Author(s): Przemyslaw Adamski
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Temperature increment induced by magnetic field in some nematics
Author(s): Marek Wojciechowski; Przemyslaw Adamski; Mariusz Panak
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Determination of the order parameter in nematic liquid crystal confined to anopore membranes
Author(s): Stanislaw A. Rozanski; Friedrich Kremer; Ralf Stannarius; Herbert Groothues
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Dielectric relaxation in mixtures of liquid crystals of different molecular length
Author(s): E. I. Rjumtsev; A. P. Kovshik; Bahadur S. Saburov; R. M. Umursokov
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Comparison of Kohlrausch-Williams-Watt and power-law analyses in iron phosphate glasses
Author(s): L. Murawski; R. J. Barczynski
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V2O5-P2O5 glass and its polaron transport properties derived from molecular dynamic simulations of structure
Author(s): L. Murawski; R. J. Barczynski; A. Rybicka
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Influence of water on thermally stimulated current in porous glasses
Author(s): Ewa Rysiakiewicz-Pasek
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Dielectric response of viscous and glassy liquid in time domain
Author(s): Aleksander B. Szymanski; Wiktor L. Szymanski
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Dynamics of an epoxy system near the glass transition studied by Brillouin and dielectric spectroscopies
Author(s): L. Comez; Daniele Fioretto; L. Verdini; A. Livi; Pierangelo A. Rolla
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