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Videometrics V
Editor(s): Sabry F. El-Hakim

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Volume Number: 3174
Date Published: 7 July 1997

Table of Contents
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Automatic orientation and recognition in highly structured scenes
Author(s): Wolfgang Foerstner; Eberhard Guelch
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3D indoor modeling from videography
Author(s): Henrik G. A. Haggren; Saara Mattila
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System for indoor 3D mapping and virtual environments
Author(s): Sabry F. El-Hakim; Pierre Boulanger; Francois Blais; J. Angelo Beraldin
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Efficient 3D modeling of buildings using a priori geometric object information
Author(s): Frank A. Van den Heuvel; George Vosselman
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Object-oriented models for range image metamorphosis
Author(s): Xiaoyong Chen; Yoshito Miyatsuka; Yoshiaki Takahashi; Shunji Murai
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Large-scale 3D city modeling based on multiviewed laser range images and existing maps
Author(s): Xiaoyong Chen; Yoshito Miyatsuka; Yoshiaki Takahashi; Shunji Murai
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High-speed correspondence for object recognition and tracking
Author(s): Dambakumbure D.A.P. Ariyawansa; Timothy A. Clarke
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Towards autonomous high-precision calibration of digital cameras
Author(s): Steffen Abraham; Thomas Hau
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Calibration stability of the Kodak DCS420 and 460 cameras
Author(s): Mark R. Shortis; Horst A. Beyer
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Dynamic photogrammetric calibration of industrial robots
Author(s): Hans-Gerd Maas
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Calibration of an anamorphic laser-based 3D range sensor
Author(s): Francois Blais; J. Angelo Beraldin
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Robust camera calibration using 2D-to-3D feature correspondences
Author(s): Fadi Dornaika; Christophe Garcia
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Integration of low-resolution digital images
Author(s): John G. Fryer; Kerry McIntosh
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Accuracy potential of large-format still-video cameras
Author(s): Hans-Gerd Maas; Markus Niederoest
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High-resolution CCD area array sensors in digital close range photogrammetry
Author(s): Juergen Peipe
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Geometric and radiometric performance evaluation of the Leica/Helava DSW200 photogrammetric film scanner
Author(s): Emmanuel P. Baltsavias; Silvio Haering; Thomas P. Kersten
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Noise sensitivity analysis of depth-from-defocus by a spatial-domain approach
Author(s): Murali Subbarao; JennKwei Tyan
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Robotic video photogrammetry system
Author(s): Peter C. Gustafson
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Object recognition for a multisensor measuring system
Author(s): Claus Brenner; Dieter Fritsch
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General approach for the description of optical 3D measuring systems
Author(s): Peter Andrae; Werner P. O. Jueptner; Volker Kebbel; Wolfgang Osten
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Detection of moving objects from image sequences
Author(s): Tsukasa Hosomura
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3D-Net: the development of a new real-time photogrammetric system
Author(s): Timothy A. Clarke; R. M. Gooch; Dambakumbure D.A.P. Ariyawansa; Xinchi Wang
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Videometric applications in wind tunnels
Author(s): Alpheus W. Burner; Ron H. Radeztsky; Tianshu Liu
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Traffic flow measurement from video image taken by the use of balloon
Author(s): Hiroshi Takeda; Masaru Mori; Masahiro Setojima
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Sensor system for subpixel geometry and surface inspection of cuboid and ring-shaped objects
Author(s): Markus Becker; Juergen Weber; Erhard Schubert
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Relative height measurement for railway slope using HDTV system
Author(s): Takeshi Nakamura; Kosuke Tsuru; Tomoki Kawabata
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Line-scan system for all-round inspection of objects
Author(s): Anastasios N. Zographos; J. Paul Owain Evans; Simon X. Godber; Max Robinson
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3D measurement for archeological artifact using CCD camera and line laser beam
Author(s): Hiroshi Yokoyama; Katsuhiro Hatano; Hirofumi Chikatsu
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Multiple color-coded illumination for rapid active ranging
Author(s): Erhard Schubert
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Application of photogrammetry with CAD for Jomon Sugi (World Cultural Heritage)
Author(s): Haruki Yamada; Yoshito Miyatsuka
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Photo-decipher (interpretation) and electromagnetism research for ancient Chinese village sites
Author(s): Yoshito Miyatsuka
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Measuring coaxiality and perpendicularity of the axis-to-end plane using optical method
Author(s): Qun Hao; Yang Zhao; Dacheng Li; Mang Cao
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3D visualization of archeological artifacts using sequential ortho imagery
Author(s): Hirofumi Chikatsu; Katsuhiro Hatano; Tetsuji Anai; Hiroshi Yokoyama
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CCD probe: application of linear array CCD in large-dimension measurement
Author(s): Qun Hao; Mang Cao; Yang Zhao; Dacheng Li
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