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Advanced Signal Processing: Algorithms, Architectures, and Implementations VII
Editor(s): Franklin T. Luk

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Volume Number: 3162
Date Published: 24 October 1997

Table of Contents
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Pattern recognition under translation and scale changes
Author(s): Eugene J. Zalubas; William J. Williams
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Quartic functions for time-frequency analysis with applications to signal-adaptive kernel design
Author(s): Jeffrey C. O Neill
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Estimating the frequency interval of a regularly spaced multicomponent harmonic line signal in colored noise
Author(s): Gordon J. Frazer; Stuart J. Anderson
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Wavelet-domain hidden Markov models for signal detection and classification
Author(s): Matthew S. Crouse; Robert D. Nowak; K. Mhirsi; Richard G. Baraniuk
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Time-frequency methods for enhancing speech
Author(s): Owen Patrick Kenny; Douglas J. Nelson
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Instantaneous frequency of a propogating pulse
Author(s): Leon Cohen
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Data-driven time-frequency and time-scale detectors
Author(s): Akbar M. Sayeed
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Instantaneous scale of fluctuation using Kalman-TFD and applications in machine-tool monitoring
Author(s): P. G. Madhavan
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Algorithm for weighted least squares positive time-frequency distributions
Author(s): James W. Pitton
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Blind source separation using joint signal representations for arbitrary variables
Author(s): Adel Belouchrani; Moeness G. Amin
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Time-varying frequencies of a signal
Author(s): Patrick J. Loughlin
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Time-frequency characterization of acoustic transients
Author(s): Robert Rohrbaugh
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Quadratic time-scale detection of microemboli in flowing blood with Doppler ultrasound
Author(s): Brian S. Krongold; Akbar M. Sayeed; Mark Moehring; James A. Ritcey; M. Spencer; Douglas L. Jones
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Wavelet windowed time-frequency distribution decompositions
Author(s): William J. Williams; Tzuhsien Sang; Jeffrey C. O Neill; Eugene J. Zalubas
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Optimizing time-frequency distributions for automatic classification
Author(s): Les E. Atlas; J. Droppo; Jack McLaughlin
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Iterative estimation of instantaneous frequency and adaptive spectrogram
Author(s): Mustafa K. Emresoy; Amro El-Jaroudi
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Time-frequency representations of astronomical signals
Author(s): Ashwin Rao; Leon Cohen; Jeffrey D. Scargle
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Adaptive radar CFAR using signal-based suppression
Author(s): Oleg Brovko; Trung T. Nguyen; Yong E. Whang
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Joint cold clutter and terrain scattered interference mitigation using four-channel monopulse beams flight test data
Author(s): Oleg Brovko; Trung T. Nguyen; Peter Paul; Yong E. Whang
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Comparison of microphone-array configurations for three- and four-microphone arrays
Author(s): Michael W. Hoffman; X. F. Lu; C. Pinkelman; Z. Li
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Optimum microphone placement for array sound capture
Author(s): Daniel V. Rabinkin; Richard J. Renomeron; Joseph C. French; James L. Flanagan
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New method for designing smart antenna downlink weighting vectors based on the filter bank concept
Author(s): Weidong Yang; Guanghan Xu
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Blind identification and equalization for wireless communications using antenna arrays
Author(s): Ye Li; Kuo Juey Ray Liu
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Random array processing for micromachined sensor network
Author(s): Kung Yao; C. W. Reed; Ralph E. Hudson; Flavio Lorenzelli
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Systolic array implementation of updating and downdating ULLVD algorithm
Author(s): Tung Chiang Yang; Kung Yao
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Extension of d-MUSIC to a planar array for resolving two correlated and/or very closely spaced sources
Author(s): Richard B. Scholes; Dennis C. Braunreiter
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Progressive image decoding based on the inverse discrete cosine transform
Author(s): Joseph M. Winograd; S. Hamid Nawab
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Regularized image restoration using sequential and parallel architectures
Author(s): Ramakrishnan Sundaram
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VLSI architecture for variable-block-size motion estimation with luminance correction
Author(s): Peter M. Kuhn; Walter Stechele
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Parameter-estimation techniques of statistical models and their application to SAR images
Author(s): George A. Lampropoulos; Rita Hui; Anastasios Drosopoulos
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Circulant preconditioners from B-splines
Author(s): Raymond Hon-fu Chan; Tat-Ming Tso; Hai-wai Sun
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Multichannel image deconvolution by total variation regularization
Author(s): Tony F. Chan; Chiu-Kwong T. Wong
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Extensions to total variation denoising
Author(s): Peter Blomgren; Tony F. Chan; Pep Mulet
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Computational frameworks for discrete Gabor analysis
Author(s): Thomas Strohmer
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Computing the signal subspaces of a sparse and/or structured matrix
Author(s): Ricardo D. Fierro
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Jacobi method for signal subspace computation
Author(s): Steffen Paul; Juergen Goetze
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Recursive one-sided algorithm for subspace projection beamforming
Author(s): Mark A.G. Smith; Ian K. Proudler
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Fast subspace methods for radar applications
Author(s): Ulrich R. O. Nickel
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Estimator banks: a new tool for direction-of-arrival estimation
Author(s): Alex B. Gershman; Johann F. Boehme
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Approach for the determination of a Jacobi specific dataflow processor
Author(s): Ed F. A. Deprettere; Gerben J. Hekstra; Edwin Rypkema
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Compressed bit stream classification using VQ and GMM
Author(s): Wenhua Chen; C.-C. Jay Kuo
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Fast blind-signal separation for multiuser interference rejection in smart antenna arrays
Author(s): Amir Sarajedini; Paul M. Chau
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Neural model-based motion estimation
Author(s): Jaroslaw Szostakowski; Slawomir Skoneczny; Marcin Iwanowski
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Hardware/software codesign for multimedia
Author(s): Wayne H. Wolf
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Flexible-software-based solutions for next-generation multimedia using programmable processors
Author(s): Sati Banerjee
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Reconfigurable-hardware-based digital signal processing for wireless communications
Author(s): Kevin J. Page; Jeanette F. Arrigo; Paul M. Chau
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VLSI design challenges in wireless communications
Author(s): Jae W. Jung
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Survey of speech-coding techniques for digital cellular communication systems
Author(s): William R. Gardner; Bhaskar D. Rao
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Implementation of a Japanese Personal Handyphone System handset
Author(s): Steve Watkins; Brian Eidson
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Fast multiuser detector for a time-varying CDMA system
Author(s): Suman Das; Joseph R. Cavallaro; Behnaam Aazhang
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Fast iterative image restoration with a spatially varying PSF
Author(s): James G. Nagy; Dianne P. O'Leary
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Using complex-orthogonal transformations to diagonalize a complex symmetric matrix
Author(s): Franklin T. Luk; Sanzheng Qiao
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Uniqueness, stability, and some numerical results for the inverse diffusion problem
Author(s): Victor Isakov
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