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Accelerator-Based Infrared Sources and Applications
Editor(s): Gwyn P. Williams; Paul Dumas

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Volume Number: 3153
Date Published: 16 October 1997

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Free-electron laser infrared facilities
Author(s): Jean-Michel Ortega
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Multiuser operation at the Stanford Free Electron Laser Center
Author(s): Eric R. Crosson; Gregory E. James; H. Alan Schwettman; Todd I. Smith; Richard L. Swent
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SINBAD: the new powerful infrared source from the DAFNE storage ring
Author(s): Augusto Marcelli; E. Burattini; C. Mencuccini; Alessandro Nucara; Paolo Calvani; S. Lupi; Manuel Sanchez del Rio
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Tunable source of high-power synchrotron radiation in infrared range
Author(s): Sergei I. Tiutiunnikov; Valerii N. Shaliapin; N. Scintee
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New infrared beamline at the NIST SURF II storage ring
Author(s): Angela R. Hight Walker; Uwe Arp; Gerald T. Fraser; Thomas B. Lucatorto; Jesse Wen
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Infrared microspectroscopy with synchrotron radiation
Author(s): G. Lawrence Carr; Gwyn P. Williams
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Comparison of three different ray trace programs for x-ray and infrared synchrotron beamline designs
Author(s): Steven C. Irick; Christian Jung
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Atomic and polyatomic molecules at metal surfaces studied by synchrotron far-IR RAIRS
Author(s): Rasmita Raval; Adam J. Roberts; Jamie Williams; Timothy S. Nunney; Mark Surman
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Time-resolved spectroscopy using synchrotron infrared pulses
Author(s): G. Lawrence Carr; Ricardo P. S. M. Lobo; Carol J. Hirschmugl; J. D. LaVeigne; David H. Reitze; David B. Tanner
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Picosecond processes studied using time-resolved spectroscopic techniques and a pulsed free electron laser
Author(s): James R. Engholm; Chris W. Rella; H. Alan Schwettman
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Near-infrared spectroscopy of terahertz-driven semiconductor nanostructures
Author(s): Junichiro Kono; Mark Y. Su; Kent B. Nordstrom; J. Cerne; Mark S. Sherwin; S. James Allen Jr.; Tohru Noda; T. Inoshita; Hiroyuki Sakaki
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Analysis of biological tissues using scanning near-field infrared microspectroscopy
Author(s): Andrew Gee Jeung; Shyamsunder Erramilli; Mi Kyung Hong; Philip Huie; Todd I. Smith
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Industrial applications of accelerator-based infrared sources: analysis using infrared microspectroscopy
Author(s): Jean Louis Bantignies; Gilbert Fuchs; G. Lawrence Carr; Paul Dumas; Catherine Wilhelm
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Chemical imaging of living cells by synchrotron infrared microspectrometry
Author(s): Nadege Jamin; Paul Dumas; Janine Moncuit; W. H. Fridman; Jean-Luc Teillaud; G. Lawrence Carr; Gwyn P. Williams
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Synchrotron infrared microspectroscopy as a means of studying the chemical composition of bone: applications to osteoarthritis
Author(s): Lisa M. Miller; Cathy S. Carlson; G. Lawrence Carr; Gwyn P. Williams; Mark R. Chance
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Picosecond infrared studies of protein vibrational modes: the amide I mode of myoglobin
Author(s): Kristen A. Peterson; James R. Engholm; Chris W. Rella; H. Alan Schwettman
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First infrared beamline at the ALS: design, construction, and initial commissioning
Author(s): Wayne R. McKinney; Carol J. Hirschmugl; Howard A. Padmore; Ted Lauritzen; Nord Andresen; Greg Andronaco; Rob Patton; Martin Y. Fong
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