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Materials, Manufacturing, and Measurement for Synchrotron Radiation Mirrors

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Volume Number: 3152
Date Published: 1 November 1997

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Mirror materials for synchrotron radiation optics
Author(s): Roger A. Paquin; Malcolm R. Howells
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Construction and performance of a 1-m-long elliptically bent steel mirror
Author(s): Timothy R. Renner; Keith D. Franck; Malcolm R. Howells; Steven C. Irick; Howard A. Padmore; Seung Yu Rah
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Surface-figuring CVD-SiC mirrors with a five-axis-control ultraprecision grinding machine
Author(s): Yoshiharu Namba; Hiroshi Suzuki
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Achievement of a superpolish on bare stainless steel
Author(s): Malcolm R. Howells; John M. Casstevens
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Manufacturability of compact synchrotron mirrors
Author(s): Gary M. Douglas
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Fabrication and metrology of high-quality synchrotron mirrors in the sub-arcsec regime
Author(s): Gerhard Derst; Haiko Handschuh; Michael Schmidt; K. Werner
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Development of technology for vacuum ultraviolet plane grating monochromator to be used with XUV synchrotron source of INDUS I
Author(s): Ajay Kumar Saxena; Ramnath Cowsik
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X-ray-induced damage observations on ZERODUR mirrors
Author(s): Peter Z. Takacs; Karen Furenlid; Lars Furenlid
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Elastic bending and water cooling strategies for producing high-quality synchrotron radiation mirrors in silicon
Author(s): James H. Underwood; Phillip J. Batson; H. Raul Beguiristain; Eric M. Gullikson
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Fabrication of a 1-m internally cooled silicon conical mirror for the APS
Author(s): Jonathan W. Bender; Mati Meron; Wilfried Schildkamp
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New improvements in bendable mirrors
Author(s): Jean-Jacques Ferme
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New schemes in the adjustment of bendable elliptical mirrors using a long trace profiler
Author(s): Seung Yu Rah; Scott C. Locklin; Steven C. Irick; Malcolm R. Howells
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Structured slope errors on real x-ray mirrors: ray tracing versus experiment
Author(s): Riccardo Signorato; Manuel Sanchez del Rio
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XOP: a multiplatform graphical user interface for synchrotron radiation spectral and optics calculations
Author(s): Manuel Sanchez del Rio; Roger J. Dejus
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Metrology laboratory requirements for third-generation synchrotron radiation sources
Author(s): Peter Z. Takacs; Shinan Qian
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Improvement of synchrotron radiation mirrors below the 0.1-arcsec rms slope error limit with the help of a long trace profiler
Author(s): Heiner Lammert; Friedmar Senf; Marion Berger
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Vertical scanning long trace profiler: a tool for metrology of x-ray mirrors
Author(s): Haizhang Li; Peter Z. Takacs; Tom Oversluizen
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Incoherent x-ray mirror surface metrology
Author(s): Olivier Hignette; Andreas K. Freund; Elia Chinchio
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Interferometric testing of EUV lithography cameras
Author(s): Alastair A. MacDowell; Obert R. Wood II; John E. Bjorkholm
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Design of imaging system for EUVL
Author(s): Hiroo Kinoshita; Takeo Watanabe; Masato Koike; Takeshi Namioka
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Experimental multilayer survey in the VUV
Author(s): Franz Schaefers; Hans-Christoph Mertins; M. Mertin; Ingo Packe; F. Schmolla; Silvia Di Fonzo; G. Soullie; Werner H. Jark; Hans Grimmer; Peter Boeni; Daniel Clemens; Michael Horisberger; Nikolai N. Salashchenko; E. A. Shamov
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Deposition of x-ray multilayers on long-size substrates for synchrotron applications
Author(s): Yuriy Ya. Platonov; David M. Broadway; Brian DeGroot; Boris Verman; Bonglea Kim; George Gutman; James L. Wood; James Rodriguez; Nicola Grupido
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Supermirror fabrication via electroforming
Author(s): Melville P. Ulmer; Robert I. Altkorn; Allen S. Krieger; Daniel R. Parsignault; Yip-Wah Chung; M. S. Wong; Barry P. Lai; Derrick C. Mancini; Peter Z. Takacs; Eugene L. Church
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Thermal and radiation stability of x-ray mirrors based on diamondlike films
Author(s): Pavel E. Kondrashov; Igor S. Smirnov; Elena G. Novoselova; Alexander M. Baranov
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Fabrication of a 1.4-meter flat synchrotron mirror
Author(s): Jonathan W. Bender
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Progress toward submicron hard x-ray imaging using elliptically bent mirrors
Author(s): Alastair A. MacDowell; Richard S. Celestre; Chang-Hasnain C. Chang; Keith D. Franck; Malcolm R. Howells; Scott C. Locklin; Howard A. Padmore; J. R. Patel; Reuben Sandler
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Experimental shape optimization of bent crystals
Author(s): Ulrich Lienert; Siegrid Hartlaub; Andreas K. Freund
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