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Gratings and Grating Monochromators for Synchrotron Radiation

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Volume Number: 3150
Date Published: 3 November 1997

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X-ray multilayer gratings with very high diffraction efficiency
Author(s): Vladimir V. Martynov; Howard A. Padmore; A. Yuakshin; Yu A. Agafonov
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Experimental determination of the diffraction efficiency and high-order suppression of gratings for synchrotron radiation
Author(s): Uwe Flechsig; F. Eggenstein; Rolf Follath; Friedmar Senf
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Multilayer-coated soft x-ray diffraction gratings for synchrotron radiation applications
Author(s): Ulf Kleineberg; Hans-Juergen Stock; D. Menke; O. Wehmeyer; Ulrich Heinzmann; Detlef Fuchs; Peter Bulicke; Marco Wedowski; Gerhard Ulm; Klaus F. Heidemann; K. Osterried
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Application of hybrid design method to VUV double-element optical systems equipped with holographic gratings recorded with aspheric wavefronts
Author(s): Masato Koike; Yoshihiro Ueno; Takeshi Namioka
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Experimental comparison of mechanically ruled and holographically recorded plane varied-line-spacing gratings
Author(s): James H. Underwood; Eric M. Gullikson; Masato Koike; Stanley Mrowka
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SM-PGM monochromator design for large spectral range
Author(s): Eric Delcamp; Bruno Lagarde; Francois A. Polack
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Performance of a varied-space plane-grating monochromator
Author(s): Masamitsu Watanabe; Akio Toyoshima; Yoshiro Azuma; Tatsuji Hayaishi; Yonglian Yan; Akira Yagishita
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Monochromator for materials science beamline at Elettra
Author(s): Radovan Vasina; Vladimir Kolarik
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System for controlling the variable-angle spherical-grating monochromators at Elettra
Author(s): Juraj Krempasky; R. Krempaska; Andrea G. Bianco; A. Abrami; R. Pugliese; F. Bille; Juha A. Karvonen; M. Coreno; M. de Simone
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Necessity of precise in-house adjustment for synchrotron radiation monochromator
Author(s): Shinan Qian; Giovanni Sostero; Cocco Daniele
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Derivation of aberration coefficients for single-element plane-symmetric reflecting systems using Mathematica
Author(s): Wayne R. McKinney; Christopher A. Palmer
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Aberration analysis calculations for synchrotron radiation beamline design
Author(s): Wayne R. McKinney; Malcolm R. Howells; Howard A. Padmore
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Laminar versus trapezoidal grating profiles: AFM measurements and efficiency simulations
Author(s): Gerd Reichardt; Franz Schaefers
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Comparison of blazed and laminar profile varied-line-spacing gratings
Author(s): Mark Bissen; Mike V. Fisher; Greg Rogers
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Design and efficiency characterization of diffraction gratings for applications in synchrotron monochromators by electromagnetic methods and its comparison with measurement
Author(s): Bernd H. Kleemann; Johannes Gatzke; Christian Jung; Bruno Nelles
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Optimization of a spectromicroscopy beamline at BESSY II
Author(s): Christian Jung; Johannes Bahrdt; Uwe Flechsig; Markus R. Weiss
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Wavefront propagation in synchrotron radiation beamlines
Author(s): Johannes Bahrdt; Uwe Flechsig
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Fabrication of a varied-line-spacing plane grating with aspheric wavefront holographic recording for a new grazing incidence monochromator at the Photon Factory
Author(s): Kenta Amemiya; Yoshinori Kitajima; Yoshiki Yonamoto; Toshiaki Ohta; Kenji Ito; Kazuo Sano; Tetsuya Nagano; Masaru Koeda; Hiroyuki Sasai; Yoshihisa Harada
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Virtual sine arm kinematic mount system
Author(s): Zhongde Xu; Kevin J. Randall
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Soft x-ray spectroscopy undulator beamline at the Advanced Photon Source
Author(s): Kevin J. Randall; Zhongde Xu; Jerry Franklin Moore; Efim S. Gluskin
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Multilayer spherical grating monochromator for 1- to 4-KeV x rays
Author(s): Ian McNulty; Yipeng Feng; Sean P. Frigo; Timothy M. Mooney
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First results from the new optical configuration for a synchrotron radiation monochromator applied to the ALOISA beamline
Author(s): Dean Cvetko; Luca Floreano; Roberto Gotter; Andrea Marco Malvezzi; Lorena Marassi; Alberto Morgante; Giampiero Naletto; Anna Santaniello; Giovanni Stefani; Fernando Tommasini; Giuseppe Tondello; Alberto Verdini
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