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Developments in X-Ray Tomography
Editor(s): Ulrich Bonse

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Volume Number: 3149
Date Published: 24 October 1997

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Microtomography in medicine and related fields
Author(s): James C. Elliott; Paul Anderson; Graham R. Davis; Ferranti S. L. Wong; Stephanie E. P. Dowker; Natasha Kozul; Alan Boyde
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Synchrotron-based micro-CT of in-situ biological basic functional units and their integration
Author(s): Erik Leo Ritman M.D.; Steven Mark Jorgensen; Patricia E. Beighley; Paul J. Thomas; John H. Dunsmuir; J. Carlos Romero; Russell T. Turner; Mark E. Bolander
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CT with monochromatic synchrotron x rays and its potential in clinical research
Author(s): F. Avraham Dilmanian; Xiaoye Wu; Baorui Ren; Terry M. Button; L. Dean Chapman; John M. Dobbs; Xiaoling Huang; Edward L. Nickoloff; Edward C. Parsons Jr.; Michael J. Petersen; William C. Thomlinson; Zhong Zhong
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Bone structure as revealed by microtomography
Author(s): Tor Hildebrand; Andres Laib; Dieter Ulrich; Adrian Kohlbrenner; Peter Ruegsegger
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3D imaging of fetus vertebra by synchrotron radiation microtomography
Author(s): Francoise Peyrin; Murielle Pateyron-Salome; Frederic Denis; Pierre Braillon; Anne-Marie Laval-Jeantet; Peter Cloetens
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Three-dimensional analysis of trabecular bone structure: the need for spongiosa standard models
Author(s): Klaus Engelke; Georg Umgiessler; Sven Prevrhal; Willi A. Kalender
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Applications of synchrotron microtomography in osteoporosis research
Author(s): John H. Kinney; D. L. Haupt; A. J. C. Ladd
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Biomechanical competence of microstructural bone in the progress of adaptive bone remodeling
Author(s): Ralph Mueller; Wilson C. Hayes
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Synchrotron microtomography: system design and application to fluids in small channels
Author(s): John H. Dunsmuir; Minyao Zhou; Brian P. Flannery; Michael Amabile; Anne-Marie Lanzillotto; Tzong-Shyng Leu; Ravi Samtaney; Richard P. Wildes
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CCD developments in x-ray imaging from synchrotron radiation sources
Author(s): Christian M. Castelli; John E.U. Ashton; Peter J. Pool
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Correction techniques for detector systems in 3D-CT
Author(s): Bernhard Illerhaus; Juergen Goebbels; Heinrich Riesemeier; Hendrik Staiger
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Phase-contrast x-ray tomography using synchrotron radiation
Author(s): Ulrich Bonse; Felix Beckmann; Markus Bartscher; Theodor Biermann; Frank Busch; Olaf Guennewig
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Phase-contrast x-ray computed tomography for biological imaging
Author(s): Atsushi Momose; Tohoru Takeda; Yuji Itai
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Comprehensive phase-amplitude contrast imaging of the internal structure of matter using high-energy radiation
Author(s): Andrei Yurievich Nikulin
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X-Ray tomography with micrometer spatial resolution
Author(s): Carsten Raven; Anatoly A. Snigirev; Andreas Koch; Irina Snigireva; Victor Kohn
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Hard x-ray phase tomographic investigation of materials using Fresnel diffraction of synchrotron radiation
Author(s): Gilles Peix; Peter Cloetens; Murielle Pateyron-Salome; Jean-Yves Buffiere; Jose Baruchel; Francoise Peyrin; Michel Schlenker
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Fluorescent x-ray computed tomography to visualize specific material distribution
Author(s): Tohoru Takeda; Tetsuya Yuasa; Atsunori Hoshino; Masahiro Akiba; Akira Uchida; Masahiro Kazama; Kazuyuki Hyodo; F. Avraham Dilmanian; Takao Akatsuka; Yuji Itai
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Novel approach to the Rayleigh-to-Compton method: wavelength dispersive tomography
Author(s): Ulf Kleuker; Clemens Schulze-Briese
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Spiral CT: medical use and potential industrial applications
Author(s): Willi A. Kalender; Klaus Engelke; Stefan Schaller
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Spiral CT: current status and future directions
Author(s): Ge Wang; Ping Chin Cheng; Michael W. Vannier M.D.
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Image quality in x-ray microtomography
Author(s): Graham R. Davis
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Developments in limited data image reconstruction techniques for ultrahigh-resolution x-ray tomographic imaging of microchips
Author(s): Waleed S. Haddad; James E. Trebes
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Gamma-ray tomography in forest and tree sciences
Author(s): Adolf Habermehl; Hans-Werner Ridder
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X-ray diffraction computed tomography: a survey and description
Author(s): Ulf Kleuker
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X-ray microtomography as a fast three-dimensional imaging technology using a CCD camera coupled with a CdWO4 single-crystal scintillator
Author(s): Heung-Rae Lee; Barry P. Lai; Wenbing Yun; Derrick C. Mancini; Zhonghou Cai
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High-resolution large-area high-energy x-ray tomography
Author(s): James E. Trebes; Kenneth W. Dolan; Waleed S. Haddad; Jerry J. Haskins; Richard A. Lerche; Clinton M. Logan; Dwight E. Perkins; Daniel J. Schneberk; Derrill Rikard
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