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Nonlinear Optical Properties of Organic Materials X
Editor(s): Mark G. Kuzyk

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Volume Number: 3147
Date Published: 13 October 1997

Table of Contents
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Growth method, optical properties, and application of organic nonlinear optical crystal 2-adamantylamino-5-nitropyridine
Author(s): Atsushi Yokoo; Itaru Yokohama; Hidehiko Takara; Toshikuni Kaino
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Problems in the interpretation of solution state NLO measurements of molecular figures of merit
Author(s): Philip R. Thomas; Graham Hugh Cross
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Quadrupoled materials for second-order nonlinear optics
Author(s): Steven F. Hubbard; Rolfe G. Petschek; Kenneth D. Singer; N. D'Sidocky; C. Hudson; Liang-Chy Chien; Craig C. Henderson; Paul A. Cahill
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Bimetallic sandwichlike complexes as novel NLO chromophores
Author(s): Juergen Heck; Hugo C. Brussard; Sven Dabek; Timo Meyer-Friedrichsen; Hans Wong
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Periarylated acenes: from one-dimensional to novel multidimensional NLO phores
Author(s): Walter Grahn; A. Bahl; Stephan Link; Stefan Stadler; Roland Dietrich; Klaus Meerholz; Christoph R. Braeuchle
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Recent advances in photorefractive polymer materials
Author(s): William E. Moerner; Anders Grunnet-Jepsen; C. L. Thompson; Matthew S. Bratcher; Robert J. Twieg
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Determination of the Pockels tensor component ratio by Mach-Zehnder interferometry in a poled polymer thin film
Author(s): Jeong Weon Wu; H. R. Cho; M. J. Shin; Song-Hee Han
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Photoconductive and electro-optic responses in multifunctional carbazole polymers
Author(s): Tetsuya Aoyama; Tatsuo Wada; Yadong Zhang; Hiroyuki Sasabe; Keisuke Sasaki
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Optical limiting properties of organic nonlinear crystals
Author(s): Patrice L. Baldeck; Yannick Morel; M. Plazanet; Patrick Feneyrou; Chantal Andraud; T. Brotin; C. Nguefack; Andre Collet; J. F. Nicoud; Alain Ibanez
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Loss and correlation measurements in squaraine-doped nonlinear polymer optical fibers
Author(s): Robert J. Kruhlak; Jeremy E. Young; Mark G. Kuzyk
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Refractive index profiles of polymer optical fiber preforms
Author(s): Brian K. Canfield; Joshua A. Clearman; Mark G. Kuzyk; Christopher S. Kwiatkowski
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All-optical poling in polymers: dynamic aspects and perspectives
Author(s): Jean-Michel Nunzi; Celine Fiorini-Debuisschert; Anne-Catherine Etile
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Mapping of the lateral polar orientational distribution in second-order nonlinear thin films by scanning second-harmonic microscopy (SSHM)
Author(s): Markus Adameck; Jan Vydra; Robert Blum; T. Stollhof; G. Karrasch; Manfred Eich
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Novel poling and electro-optic measurement methods of cladded nonlinear-optical polymer films
Author(s): Huajun Tang; Jeffery J. Maki; John Martin Taboada; Guohua Cao; DeGui Sun; Ray T. Chen
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Linear and nonlinear optical properties of poly(p-phenylenevinylene)-poly(N-vinylpyrrolidone) (PPV-PVP) composites
Author(s): Anna Samoc; Marek Samoc; Barry Luther-Davies
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Third-order nonlinear optical properties of stacked bacteriochlorophylls in bacterial photosynthetic light-harvesting proteins
Author(s): Lin X.Q. Chen; Philip D. Laible; Frank C. Spano; Eric S. Manas
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Third-order nonlinear optical properties of metal phthalocyanines with butoxy and decyloxy substituents
Author(s): Mohan Sanghadasa; Bin Wu; Ronald D. Clark; Huaisong Guo; Benjamin G. Penn
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Third-order nonlinearity in organometallic polyalkynes
Author(s): Timothy C. Corcoran; Mohammad S. Khan; Muna R. A. Al-Mandhary
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Liquid crystals dispersed in thermosetting polymer matrices: molecular, morphological, and thermo-optical analysis
Author(s): Mario Abbate; Pasquale Mormile; Pellegrino Musto; Lucia Petti; Giuseppe Ragosta; P. Villano
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Role of electron-electron interactions in the nonresonant nonlinear optical response of conjugated polymers
Author(s): Eric E. Moore; David Yaron
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Polymer optical interconnects: meeting the requirements for datacom and telecom applications
Author(s): Lawrence W. Shacklette; Robert A. Norwood; Louay A. Eldada; Cathy Glass; Duc Nguyen; Constantina Poga; Baopei Xu; Shing Yin; James T. Yardley
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High-bandwidth polymer in-line fiber modulator
Author(s): Andre Knoesen; Scott A. Hamilton; Diego R. Yankelevich; Robert T. Weverka; Richard A. Hill; Gary C. Bjorklund
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Dual-core single-mode polymer fiber coupler
Author(s): Steven R. Vigil; Zhigang Zhou; Brian K. Canfield; Jeff A. Tostenrude; Mark G. Kuzyk
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Nonlinear propagation of an optical beam in dye-doped polymeric waveguide with photobleaching
Author(s): Sergey S. Sarkisov; Aaron Wilkosz; Andre Taylor; Putcha Venkateswarlu
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High optical power throughput electro-optic polymer modulator fabrication using double-end crosslinked polymer
Author(s): Yongqiang Shi; Wenshen Wang; David J. Olson; Weiping Lin; James H. Bechtel
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Fast trimming of electro-optic polymer waveguide Y-branches by post-photobleaching for tuning the power splitting ratio
Author(s): Antao Chen; Vadim Chuyanov; Felix Ignacio Marti-Carrera; Sean M. Garner; William H. Steier; Shane S. H. Mao; Younsoo Ra; Larry Raymond Dalton
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Role of chiral symmetry in second-order nonlinear optical materials
Author(s): Sven Van Elshocht; Thierry Verbiest; Martti Kauranen; R. J. M. Nolte; E. W. Meijer; Andre P. Persoons
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Discovery of new electro-optic effects in chiral systems
Author(s): Rui-Fang Shi; S. Yamada; O. Zamani-Khamiri; Anthony F. Garito
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Second-order nonlinear optical thin films fabricated from ionically self-assembled monolayers
Author(s): James Randy Heflin; Yanjing Liu; Charles Figura; Daniela Marciu; Richard O. Claus
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