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Fullerenes and Photonics IV
Editor(s): Zakya H. Kafafi

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Volume Number: 3142
Date Published: 1 November 1997

Table of Contents
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Raman studies on single-walled carbon nanotubes
Author(s): Serge Lefrant; M. Lamy de la Chapelle; C. Journet; W. K. Maser; Patrick Bernier; Alexandre Loiseau
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Magnetic properties and valence states of fullerene complexes
Author(s): Anton Bartl; Lothar Dunsch; Juergen Froehner; Gotthard Seifert; Dieter Eckert; Manfred Wolf; Karl-Hartmut Mueller
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Fullerene plasma deposition: its potential for optical carbon coatings
Author(s): Ulf G. Brauneck; S. Dieckhoff; Alfons Zoeller; Hans Gerd G. Busmann
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Two-photon spectra of C60 and C70 films between 0.74 and 1.7 um
Author(s): Friedrich P. Strohkendl; Theresa J. Axenson; R. J. Larsen; Larry Raymond Dalton; Robert W. Hellwarth; Zakya H. Kafafi
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Kinetics and spectra of fullerene triplet states
Author(s): R. Bruce Weisman; Kevin D. Ausman; Angelo F. Benedetto; David A. Samuels
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Anomolous white photoluminescence from C60-based composite films: emission characteristics and structural properties
Author(s): Ching-ju Wen; Satomi Ohnishi; Nobutsugu Minami
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Electric-current-induced light emission from C60
Author(s): Thomas T. M. Palstra; Robert C. Haddon; K. B. Lyons
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Ultrafast and nonlinear optical characterization of optical limiting processes in fullerenes
Author(s): Randolph S. Kohlman; Victor I. Klimov; M. Grigorova; X. Shi; Benjamin R. Mattes; Duncan W. McBranch; H. Wang; Fred Wudl; Jean-Luc R. Nogues; William V. Moreshead
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Nonlinear absorption and optical limiting properties of fullerene materials
Author(s): Ya-Ping Sun; Jason E. Riggs
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Photoinduced electron transfer in fullerenes containing donor-bridge-acceptor dyads
Author(s): Dirk M. Guldi; Michele Maggini; Simonetta Mondini; Gianfranco Scorrano; Maurizio Prato
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Structure and photoelectrochemical properties of porphyrin-linked fullerenes on a gold surface using a self-assembled monolayer technique
Author(s): Hiroshi Imahori; Takayuki Azuma; Kiminori Ushida; Masao Takahashi; Tsuyoshi Akiyama; Masato Hasegawa; Tadashi Okada; Yoshiteru Sakata
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EPR studies of electron transfer processes in composites of substituted sexithiophenes with fullerene derivatives
Author(s): Anna Lisa Maniero; Luigi Pasimeni; Giovanna Barbarella; Massimo Zambianchi; Maurizio Prato
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Unoccupied density of states of commercially used organic photoreceptors doped with C60
Author(s): C. Schlebusch; J. Morenzin; Barbara M. Kessler; A. Scholl; Stefan Cramm; M. Biermann; Manfred Lutz; Wolfgang Eberhardt
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Nonlinear optical properties of charge-transfer molecular systems with C60
Author(s): Francois Kajzar; Yoshiko Okada-Shudo; Charles D. Merritt; Zakya H. Kafafi
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Photoinduced electron transfer in conjugated polymer/fullerene heterostructures
Author(s): Andreas Haugeneder; C. Kallinger; Wolfgang Spirkl; Uli Lemmer; Jochen Feldmann; Ullrich Scherf; E. Harth; Andreas Guegel; Klaus Muellen
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Electromodulated photoinduced absorption: a new spectroscopy in -conjugated polymer/C60 blends
Author(s): Martin Liess; Paul A. Lane; Zakya H. Kafafi; M. Hamaguchi; Masanori Ozaki; Katsumi Yoshino; Z. Valy Vardeny
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Ultrafast holography and transient-absorption spectroscopy in charge-transfer polymers
Author(s): Duncan W. McBranch; Eric S. Maniloff; Dan Vacar; Alan J. Heeger
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Relation between intercalated oxygen molecules and localized electronic states in C60 films with/without laser light irradiation
Author(s): Hitoe Habuchi; Shoji Nitta; Hiroki Maehara; Shuichi Nonomura
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Nanoscale C60 aggregates in solution
Author(s): Jeung Sun Ahn; Keisuke Suzuki; Yoshihiro Iwasa; Nobuo Otsuka; Tadaoki Mitani
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Stability and reversibility of the electrochromic effect in fullerene thin films
Author(s): Gregory A. Konesky
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Photoluminescence of fullerene thin films prepared at various substrate temperatures
Author(s): Keiichi Kaneto; Hideki Hasegawa
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Preparation and properties of one-dimensional C60 nanostructures confined in the zeolite FSM-16
Author(s): Akio Umehara; Shoji Nitta; Takashi Itoh; Ryo Yasuda; Shuichi Nonomura
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Influence of defects on photoluminescence in C60 crystals
Author(s): Masaru Tachibana; Kazuki Nishimura; Takeshi Komatsu; Takaaki Sunakawa; Kenichi Kojima
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Photo-illumination hardening of C60 crystals
Author(s): Masaru Tachibana; Hiroko Sakuma; Takeshi Komatsu; Kenichi Kojima
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Photoinduced changes in the complex index of refraction resulting from photoinduced charge transfer in conjugated polymer/fullerene blends
Author(s): Edward Kirk Miller; Kwanghee Lee; Kobi Hasharoni; Jan C. Hummelen; Fred Wudl; Alan J. Heeger
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