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Scattering and Surface Roughness

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Volume Number: 3141
Date Published: 26 September 1997

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In-situ measurement of roughness spectra using diffuse scattering
Author(s): Karen L. Kavanagh
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Application of circular and spherical statistics for the interpretation of BRDF measurements
Author(s): Hendrik Rothe; Dorothee Hueser
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Scattering of electromagnetic waves from a one-dimensional random metal surface with a localized defect
Author(s): Andrei V. Shchegrov; Alexei A. Maradudin
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Sensitivity of far-field speckle pattern to the small local changes of the rough surface geometry
Author(s): Michel A. Josse; Zong Qi Lin; Zu-Han Gu
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Scanning laser method for measuring surface morphology
Author(s): Sidney Weiser
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Surface roughness in sputtered tin oxide films studied by light scattering and atomic force microscopy
Author(s): Tomas Lindstroem; Jan Isidorsson; Gunnar A. Niklasson
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Quality assessment of supersmooth to rough surfaces by multiple-wavelength light scattering measurement
Author(s): Angela Duparre; Stefan Gliech
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Scattering from sinusoidal gratings
Author(s): Byong Chon Park; Theodore V. Vorburger; Thomas A. Germer; Egon Marx
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Development of a smooth-surface microroughness standard
Author(s): Bradley W. Scheer; John C. Stover
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Dressed Rayleigh expansion for rough surface scattering
Author(s): Phuc G. Tran
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Analysis of near-field optical image of a deterministic surface structure using an exact Rayleigh approach
Author(s): Shu Wang
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Scatter-probe near-field optical microscopy of metallic surfaces
Author(s): Eugenio R. Mendez; Pedro Negrete-Regagnon; Saul Alonso Zavala Ortiz; Criseida Gonzalez-Rodriguez
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Transfer function characterization of scattering surfaces revisited
Author(s): James E. Harvey; Cynthia L. Vernold
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Comparison of Harvey-Shack scatter theory with experimental measurements
Author(s): Cynthia L. Vernold; James E. Harvey
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Enhanced backscattering of light from a randomly rough interface between a dipole-active medium and a dielectric
Author(s): Tamara A. Leskova; Alexei A. Maradudin; Andrei V. Shchegrov
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Transverse correlation length for randomly rough surfaces: two-dimensional roughness
Author(s): Simeon Simeonov; Arthur R. McGurn; Alexei A. Maradudin
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Scattering by randomly rough two-dimensional dielectric surfaces
Author(s): Elena I. Chaikina; Rafael Hernandez-Walls; Eugenio R. Mendez
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Stokes matrix in conical scattering from a one-dimensional randomly rough metal surface
Author(s): Igor V. Novikov; Alexei A. Maradudin
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Surface plasmon polaritons in light scattering from free-standing randomly rough thin metal films
Author(s): Jun Q. Lu; Alexei A. Maradudin
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Design review of an in-situ bidirectional reflectometer
Author(s): Michael T. Beecroft; Phillip R. Mattison
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Final design, assembly, and testing of a space-based total integrated scatter instrument
Author(s): James B. Hadaway; Anees Ahmad; Jean M. Bennett
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Goniometric optical scatter instrument for bidirectional reflectance distribution function measurements with out-of-plane and polarimetry capabilities
Author(s): Thomas A. Germer; Clara C. Asmail
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Memory effect in the double passage of waves through a one-dimensional random phase screen
Author(s): Zong Qi Lin; Zu-Han Gu
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Speckle correlations in the light scattered and transmitted by dielectric and metal films with rough surfaces
Author(s): Arthur R. McGurn; Alexei A. Maradudin
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Memory effect from a one-dimensional rough dielectric film on a glass substrate
Author(s): Zu-Han Gu; Jun Q. Lu
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Phenomenological BRDF modeling for engineering applications
Author(s): James C. Jafolla; Jeffrey A. Stokes; Robert J. Sullivan
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Green function for fluorescence from spherical particles located on a substrate
Author(s): Gorden W. Videen; Steven C. Hill; J. David Pendleton
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Scanning scattering microscope for surface and buried interface roughness and defect imaging
Author(s): Jan Lorincik; Joseph Fine; Greg Gillen
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Scattering from planar surfaces with magnetic and thermal fluctuations
Author(s): Mario Marcelo Lehman
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Toward a model accounting for the impact of surface treatment on the performances of scintillation counters
Author(s): Christian Moisan; Anthony Levin; H. Laman
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Calibration of optical components for the DS-1 space probe
Author(s): Richard R. Zito
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