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Lens Design, Illumination, and Optomechanical Modeling

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Volume Number: 3130
Date Published: 25 September 1997

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Cooke triplet design: what's the best crown glass, and is it worth it?
Author(s): Warren J. Smith
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KiwiStar: a design system for ultrafast high-resolution broad-spectrum wide-angle catadioptric lenses
Author(s): David A. Beach
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Optical design of an orbiting low-light cloud imager lens
Author(s): James B. Hadaway
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Optical design with inhomogeneous glass: the future is here
Author(s): Robert H. Dueck; Jeffrey L. Vaughn; Boyd V. Hunter
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Advantages of GRADIUM GK glasses for polychromatic design
Author(s): Boyd V. Hunter; Kenneth E. Moore; Paul L. Ruben
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Dispersion of GRADIUM glasses from 350 to 2500 nm
Author(s): Boyd V. Hunter; James M. Palmer
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Properties, specifications, and tolerances of GRADIUM glasses
Author(s): Robert K. Wade; Boyd V. Hunter; Bill Walters; Paul Fournier
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Design of refractive-diffractive hybrid system for a multispectral camera
Author(s): Xin Zhang; Zhicheng Weng
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Hybrid singlet lens applied to visible telescope objective design
Author(s): Liping Zhao; Minxian Wu; Yingbai Yan; Guofan Jin
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Knowledge-based expert system for optomechanical design
Author(s): Anees Ahmad
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Unified thermal/elastic optical analysis of a lithographic lens
Author(s): Alson E. Hatheway
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First-order thermo-optical and optomechanical wavefront error analysis
Author(s): Nelson W. Wallace; Mark A. Kahan
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Integration of optical and mechanical design based on professional CAD software
Author(s): Karl J. Hildebrand
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Interactive software for optomechanical modeling
Author(s): Edward R. Freniere; G. Groot Gregory; Richard C. Chase
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Autotolerancing on optical systems: six sigma approach to designing optical systems
Author(s): Paul Drake
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Optical design of diffraction-limited monochromatic doublets
Author(s): Kamal K. Das; Hassan S. Ashour; John S. Loomis
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High-resolution spectrometer for TOKAMAK plasma diagnostics
Author(s): Elena A. Sokolova; Santiago D. Reyes Cortes; Nelson Mineiro
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Brief history of generalized ray tracing
Author(s): Edward R. Freniere; John Tourtellott
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Quantitative illumination and stray radiation characterization of plastic optical systems
Author(s): Stuart R. David; David M. Hasenauer
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Using computers to design nonimaging illumination systems
Author(s): David G. Jenkins; Mark S. Kaminski
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Source modeling for illumination design
Author(s): Ronald F. Rykowski; C. Benjamin Wooley
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Characterization of illumination systems using LightTools
Author(s): Michael J. Hayford; Stuart R. David
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Fully automated optical lens design for automotive lighting
Author(s): Arun Kumar; Prasad Koppolu; Dan Toth
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Model for symmetric and asymmetric vignetting in beam position measurement
Author(s): Lawrence B. Brown
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Ray tracing through arbitrary DOE based on Fermat's principle
Author(s): Liping Zhao; Minxian Wu; Guofan Jin; Weizhen Yan
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Prism fingerprint sensor that uses a modified holographic optical element
Author(s): Ramendra Deo Bahuguna; Natacha Supper
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3D stereo layout and animation in designing and modeling optical systems in WinDEMOS
Author(s): Mikhail A. Gan; Valery G. Chernenko; Evgeni Kuznezov
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Modeling of diffraction microstructure of the image in natural or pseudonatural colors
Author(s): Mikhail A. Gan; Sergey I. Ustinov; Valery G. Chernenko; Evgeni Kuznezov
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