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Propagation and Imaging through the Atmosphere

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Volume Number: 3125
Date Published: 23 September 1997

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Nature of surf-generated aerosol and its effect on electro-optical systems
Author(s): Stuart G. Gathman; Michael H. Smith
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Aerosol production in the surf zone and effects on IR extinction
Author(s): Gerrit de Leeuw; Filip P. Neele; Alexander M. J. van Eijk; Elizabetta Vignati; Martin K. Hill; Michael H. Smith
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Variations in submicron aerosol composition during the EOPACE program
Author(s): Michael H. Smith; Martin K. Hill
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Comparison of a marine aerosol model predictions with extinction and size distribution measurements
Author(s): Daniel L. Hutt; Denis Dion; Jean Gilbert
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Air mass characterization for optical propagation modeling in the coastal marine atmosphere
Author(s): Terry E. Battalino
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Determination of an air mass using nephelometer measurements and the Naval aerosol model
Author(s): Kathleen M. Littfin; Andreas K. Goroch
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EOPACE air mass characterization experiment
Author(s): Pepijn Veefkind; Gerrit de Leeuw; Kenneth L. Davidson; Mary S. Jordan; Chuck H. Wash; Philip H. Durkee; Martin K. Hill; Michael H. Smith
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Removing attenuation effects in reflectivity images at 33 and 95 GHz
Author(s): Stephen P. Lohmeier; Stephen M. Sekelsky; John M. Firda
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Battlespace weather and EM/EO conditions for joint strike support
Author(s): Jay Rosenthal; Roger A. Helvey; Matt McGovern; Paul Greiman; Bernie Cohenour; Dennis Ruth
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EOPACE (electro-optical propagation assessment in coastal environments) overview and initial accomplishments
Author(s): Douglas R. Jensen; Carl R. Zeisse; Kathleen M. Littfin; Stuart G. Gathman
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Low-elevation transmission measurements at EOPACE I. Molecular and aerosol effects
Author(s): Carl R. Zeisse; Stuart G. Gathman; Douglas R. Jensen; Kathleen M. Littfin; William K. Moision; Kenneth L. Davidson; Paul A. Frederickson; Arie N. de Jong; Peter J. Fritz; Gerrit de Leeuw; J. Luc Forand; Denis Dion
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Atmospheric effects on low-elevation transmission measurements at EOPACE
Author(s): J. Luc Forand; Mike Duffy; Carl R. Zeisse; Stuart G. Gathman; Arie N. de Jong; Denis Dion
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Low-elevation transmission measurements at EOPACE III. Scintillation effects
Author(s): Arie N. de Jong; Gerrit de Leeuw
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Improving the EOTDA ocean background model
Author(s): Charles P. McGrath; Gregory D. Badzik
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Accounting for vertical variation of turbulence and aerosol extinction in the marine surface layer
Author(s): Denis Dion; Daniel L. Hutt; Lionel Gardenal; Jean Gilbert
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Point target extinction and scintillation as function of range at LAPTEX, Crete
Author(s): Arie N. de Jong; Hans Winkel
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Horizontal nonhomogeneous effects in the marine boundary layer
Author(s): J. Luc Forand
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Deconvolution from wavefront sensing with optimal wavefront estimation techniques
Author(s): Scott R. Maethner; Michael C. Roggemann; Byron M. Welsh
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Aerosol modulation transfer function: an overview
Author(s): Norman S. Kopeika
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Estimation of satellite orientation from space surveillance imagery measured with an adaptive optics telescope
Author(s): Gregory E. Wood; Michael C. Roggemann; Byron M. Welsh
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Results from turbulence profiling using SCIDAR at several observing sites
Author(s): Vince A. Klueckers; Nicholas J. Wooder; Miles A. Adcock; Thomas W. Nicholls; Christopher Dainty
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Comparison of three methods of measuring the atmospheric coherence length
Author(s): Ann C. Slavin; Ann Laurie Wells; Robert Q. Fugate; David L. Fried; James J. Drexler
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Short-exposure imaging and short-term laser beam spread in a turbulent atmosphere
Author(s): Mikhail I. Charnotskii
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Scintillation characterization under diverse conditions
Author(s): Patrick T. Ryan; Dustin C. Johnston; Robert Q. Fugate
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Nonlinear scattering processes in aerosol optics
Author(s): Alexander A. Zemlyanov; Yuri E. Geints
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Green's function of the radiative transfer equation in snowfalls
Author(s): Anatoli G. Borovoi; Boris A. Kargin; Sergei M. Prigarin
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Damping of intensity fluctuations for laser beams propagating in snowfalls
Author(s): Anatoli G. Borovoi; Boris A. Kargin; Sergei M. Prigarin; Nikolai A. Vostretsov; Anatoly F. Zhukov
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Performance analysis of a Hartmann wavefront sensor used for sensing atmospheric turbulence statistics
Author(s): Byron M. Welsh; Toby D. Reeves; Michael C. Roggemann
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Filtered fractional Brownian motion as a model for atmospherically induced wavefront distortions
Author(s): George J. M. Aitken; Delphine Rossille; Donald R. McGaughey
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Analysis of the photon statistics in partially corrected wavefronts
Author(s): Manuel Perez Cagigal; Vidal F. Canales
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Fourier-series-based atmospheric phase screen generator for simulating anisoplanatic geometries and temporal evolution
Author(s): Byron M. Welsh
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Coherent optical processor for image-quality metric measurement
Author(s): Rensheng Dou; Dimitri V. Pruidze; Jennifer C. Ricklin; Victor P. Sivokon; Mikhail A. Vorontsov
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Wavefront sensing of atmospheric phase distortions at the Palomar 200" telescope and implications for adaptive optics
Author(s): Eric E. Bloemhof; James A. Westphal; S. P. Ewald
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Automated seeing monitoring for queue-scheduled astronomical observations
Author(s): Marc S. Sarazin
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Scintillation data comparison between a star and laser returns from a high-altitude balloon payload
Author(s): Imelda A. De La Rue; Patrick T. Ryan; Dustin C. Johnston; Robert Q. Fugate
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Threshold effect in laser propagation with stimulated Brillouin scattering
Author(s): Xiaojun Du; Yuezhu Wang; Youlun Ju; Zuguang Ma
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Midinfrared atmospheric transmittance measurements by using the second and third harmonics of tunable TEA-CO2 lasers
Author(s): Akiko Harasaki; Jun Sakuma; Toshie Itoh; Takao Chonan; Yoshiyuki Fukuyama; Ryuichi Horie; Masakatsu Sugii
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Relative infrared transmission measurements of EOPACE
Author(s): Brett D. Nener
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Effect diffraction on a viewed object has on improvement of object optical image quality in a turbulent medium
Author(s): Viktor A. Banakh; Valentina M. Sazanovich; Ruvim Sh. Tsvik
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Image content for imaging after double passage through a turbulent medium
Author(s): Yixin Zhang; Tuo Zhu; Xiaowu Ni; Linghua Chen
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Performance evaluation of optical systems in the territories of world spacedromes
Author(s): Yurii D. Kopytin; Anna I. Isakova; Evgenii B. Belyaev; Victor V. Nosov
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Set-theoretic deconvolution (STD) for multichromatic ground/air/space-based imagery
Author(s): Aleksandr N. Safronov
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Horizontal line of sight turbulence over near-ground paths and implications for adaptive optics corrections in laser communications
Author(s): Bruce Martin Levine; Elizabeth A. Martinsen; Allan Wirth; Andrew J. Jankevics; Manuel Toledo-Quinones; Franklin M. Landers; Theresa L. Bruno
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Thermal infrared propagation across the surf-influenced marine atmospheric boundary layer
Author(s): Rowena M. Carlson; David B. Law; Christina J. Csanadi; Gerald D. Edwards; Ronald M. Tong
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Schack-Hartmann wavefront sensing measurements of near-ground propagated laser beams
Author(s): Pierre R. Barbier; Penelope Polak-Dingels; David W. Rush; Geoffrey L. Burdge; Bruce Martin Levine; Elizabeth A. Martinsen; Allan Wirth; Andrew J. Jankevics
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