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Instruments, Methods, and Missions for the Investigation of Extraterrestrial Microorganisms
Editor(s): Richard B. Hoover

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Volume Number: 3111
Date Published: 11 July 1997

Table of Contents
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Identification of possible source craters for Martian meteorite ALH84001
Author(s): Nadine G. Barlow
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Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in Antarctic Martian meteorites, carbonaceous chondrites, and polar ice
Author(s): Luann Becker; Daniel P. Glavin; Jeffrey L. Bada
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Search for evidence of ancient life on Mars
Author(s): John F. Kerridge
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Formation of magnetite and iron-rich carbonates by thermophilic iron-reducing bacteria
Author(s): Chuanlun Zhang; Hojatollah Vali; Shi Liu; Yul Roh; Dave Cole; Joseph L. Kirschvink; Tullis C. Onstott; David S. McKay; Tommy James Phelps
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Mars as the parent body of the CI carbonaceous chondrites and implications for Mars biological and climatic history
Author(s): John E. Brandenburg
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Stable isotope analysis of amino acid enantiomers in the Murchison meteorite at natural abundance levels
Author(s): Michael H. Engel; Stephen A. Macko
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Analysis of fossil organic nanostructures: terrestrial and extraterrestrial
Author(s): Hans D. Pflug; Bettina Heinz
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The challenge of remote exploration for extraterrestrial fossil life
Author(s): Paul H. Benoit; Anne E. Taunton
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For which compounds do we search in extraterrestrial samples for evidence of abiotic and/or biotic chemistry?
Author(s): Jeffrey L. Bada; Luann Becker; Gene D. McDonald
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Meteorites, microfossils, and exobiology
Author(s): Richard B. Hoover
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Significance of microstructure for the recognition of biologically mediated mineralization
Author(s): Hojatollah Vali; Jeanne Paquette; S. Kelly Sears; Mounir Temmam; Anthony E. Williams-Jones; Everett J. Gibson Jr.; Kathy L. Thomas-Keprta; Christopher S. Romanek; David S. McKay
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The Viking Labeled Release experiment and life on Mars
Author(s): Gilbert V. Levin
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Early Mars and early Earth: paleoenvironments for the emergence of life
Author(s): S. J. Mojzsis; Gustaf Arrhenius
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Simple techniques for detection of Martian microorganisms
Author(s): Mark R. Sims; Richard E. Cole; W. D. Grant; A. A. Mills; K. Powell; R. W. Ruffles
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Where to search for martian biota?
Author(s): Paul Tasch
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Implementing a strategy for Mars exopaleontology
Author(s): Jack D. Farmer
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Evidence for possible past life in a Martian meteorite: a current assessment
Author(s): David S. McKay; Everett J. Gibson Jr.; Kathy L. Thomas-Keprta; Christopher S. Romanek
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Reasons for expecting subsurface life on many planetary bodies
Author(s): Thomas Gold
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The place of humanity in the cosmic community of intelligent beings
Author(s): Robert Jastrow
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Influx of small comets into Earth's atmosphere
Author(s): Louis A. Frank; John B. Sigwarth
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The Europa Ocean Discovery mission
Author(s): Bradley C. Edwards; Christopher F. Chyba; James B. Abshire; Joseph A. Burns; Paul Geissler; Alex S. Konopliv; Michael C. Malin; Steven J. Ostro; Charley Rhodes; Chuck Rudiger; Xuan-Min Shao; David E. Smith; Steven W. Squyres; Peter C. Thomas; Chauncey W. Uphoff; Gerald D. Walberg; Charles L. Werner; Charles F. Yoder; Maria T. Zuber
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Testing for evolutionary trends of Europan biota
Author(s): Julian Chela-Flores
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Spectroscopic evidence for panspermia
Author(s): Nalin Chandra Wickramasinghe; Fred Hoyle; Daryl H. Wallis
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Radio searches for large-scale extraterrestrial organisms
Author(s): C. Stuart Bowyer
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Detection of large interstellar molecules with radio interferometers
Author(s): Lewis E. Snyder
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A lunar-based analytical laboratory and contamination problems in analysis of Moon and Mars samples
Author(s): Charles W. Gehrke
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Understanding life on this planet in the age of genomics
Author(s): Hans-Peter Klenk; Lixin Zhou; J. Craig Venter
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Potential for preservation of halobacteria and their macromolecular constituents in brine inclusions from bedded salt deposits
Author(s): James K. Fredrickson; Darrell P. Chandler; Tullis C. Onstott
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Thermophilic fermentative bacteria from a deep borehole in granitic rock in Sweden
Author(s): Ulrich Szewzyk; Regine Szewzyk; Thor-Axel Stenstroem
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Hydrological processes in microbial preservation
Author(s): Nancy W. Hinman
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Deep gold mines of South Africa: windows into the subsurface biosphere
Author(s): Tullis C. Onstott; K. Tobin; H. Dong; M. F. DeFlaun; James K. Fredrickson; T. Bailey; Fred J. Brockman; Thomas L. Kieft; Amy Peacock; David C. White; David Balkwill; Tommy James Phelps; D. R. Boone
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Subsurface lithoautotrophic microbial ecosystems (SLMEs) in igneous rocks: prospects for detection
Author(s): Todd O. Stevens
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Laboratory and field evidence for long-term starvation survival of microorganisms in subsurface terrestrial environments
Author(s): Thomas L. Kieft; Ellyn M. Murphy; P. S. Amy; D. L. Haldeman; David B. Ringelberg; David C. White
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Ability of bacteria to promote the formation of fine-grained minerals on their surfaces
Author(s): Terry J. Beveridge
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Microbial life in the unsaturated subsurface under conditions of extremely low recharge: an extreme environment
Author(s): Fred J. Brockman; Christopher J. Murray; Ellyn M. Murphy; Bruce Bjornstad; David Balkwill; David B. Ringelberg; Susan Pfiffner; Robert Griffiths
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Changes in the stable isotope composition of gases and minerals as a result of microbial activity
Author(s): Michael V. Ivanov; Alla Yu. Lein
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Nanobacteria are alive on Earth as well as Mars
Author(s): Robert L. Folk; F. Leo Lynch
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Nanobacteria from blood: the smallest culturable autonomously replicating agent on Earth
Author(s): E. Olavi Kajander; Ilpo Kuronen; Kari Kullervo Akerman; Alpo Pelttari; Neva Ciftcioglu
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Extraordinary growth phases of nanobacteria isolated from mammalian blood
Author(s): Neva Ciftcioglu; Alpo Pelttari; E. Olavi Kajander
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Radiolabeling and in vivo distribution of nanobacteria in rabbits
Author(s): Kari Kullervo Akerman; Jyrki T. Kuikka; Neva Ciftcioglu; Jyrki Parkkinen; Kim A. Bergstroem; Ilpo Kuronen; E. Olavi Kajander
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Isolation, characterization, and diversity of microorganisms from amber
Author(s): Raul J. Cano
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Extraterrestrial life and life potential of terrestrial organisms of great geological age: an historical and philosophical view
Author(s): Sam L. VanLandingham
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Carbon isotopes and the oldest record of life: potential and limits
Author(s): Manfred Schidlowski
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Permafrost as a microbial habitat: extreme for the Earth, favorable in space
Author(s): David A. Gilichinsky
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Characteristics of ice-active substances released by sea ice diatoms
Author(s): James A. Raymond
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Searching for ice and ocean biogenic activity on Europa and Earth
Author(s): Joan C. Horvath; Frank D. Carsey; James A. Cutts; Jack A. Jones; Elizabeth D. Johnson; Bridget M. Landry; Arthur L. Lane; Gindi Lynch; Kenneth C. Jezek; Julian Chela-Flores; Tzyy-Wen Jeng; Albert Bradley
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Activities of microorganisms and enzymes in water-restricted environments: biological activities in aqueous compartments at micron scale
Author(s): Michael Hoppert; Klaus Mlejnek; Beatrix Seiffert; Frank Mayer
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Active ultramicrobacterial alteration of iron in granite
Author(s): D. Ann Brown; Barbara L. Sherriff
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Novel Archaea and Bacteria in a hydrologically isolated deep subsurface environment
Author(s): Darrell P. Chandler; Fred J. Brockman; James K. Fredrickson
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Prebiotic chiral molecules created in interstellar dust and preserved in comets, comet dust, and meteorites: an exogenous source of life's origins
Author(s): J. Mayo Greenberg
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Distinguishing the chiral signature of life in the solar system and beyond
Author(s): Alexandra J. MacDermott
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