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Spectroscopic Atmospheric Monitoring Techniques
Editor(s): Klaus Schaefer

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Volume Number: 3106
Date Published: 22 May 1997

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Methodological questions in application of spectroscopic techniques
Author(s): George M. Russwurm
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Monitoring cloud parameters using a ground-based FTIR system
Author(s): Jean-Marc Theriault; Luc R. Bissonnette; Gilles Roy
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Measurements of stratospheric OH at 308 nm with the sun as light source using a Fourier transform spectrometer
Author(s): Justus Notholt; H. Schuett; A. Keens
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Open-path UV Fourier transform gas monitor with no moving parts
Author(s): James P. Lenney; W. J.S. Hirst; Miles J. Padgett; Brett A. Patterson; N. K. Hedges; D. Strachan; Wilson Sibbett
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Nonlinear FTIR open-path data reduction algorithm
Author(s): William Phillips; Danny Brown; George M. Russwurm; Jeffrey W. Childers; Edgar L. Thompson; Lori Tussey
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Superresolution and other mathematical techniques for quantitative analysis of infrared absorption and emission spectra of gases
Author(s): Nicholas M. Davies; Alan H. Lettington; Moira Hilton
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FTIS remote sensing of flare emissions
Author(s): Rainer Haus; Joerg Heland
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Calibration and quality assurance of a high-resolution FTIR spectrometer for pollutant and greenhouse atmospheric trace gases
Author(s): Georg Depta; Sabine C. Becher; Andreas Gronauer; Herbert W. Mosebach
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Ground-based FTIR emission spectroscopy of the polar atmosphere during the wintertime
Author(s): Edo Becker; Justus Notholt
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Ground-based FTIR remote sensing of ozone
Author(s): Susana Briz; Antonio J. de Castro; Juan Melendez; Jesus Meneses; Jose Manuel Aranda; Fernando Lopez
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Polarization and ring effect influences upon stratospheric DOAS measurements
Author(s): Ivan K. Kostadinov; Giorgio Giovanelli; Fabrizio Ravegnani; Franco Evangelisti; Paolo Bonasoni; Rolf Werner; U. Bonafe
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SCIAMACHY: a new generation of hyperspectral remote sensing instrument
Author(s): Rolf Mager; Wolfgang Fricke; John P. Burrows; Johannes Frerick; Heinrich Bovensmann
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Diode laser-diode laser-difference frequency spectrometer for the midinfrared spectral region
Author(s): Thomas Kelz; Martin Naegele; Bernd Sumpf; Heinz Detlef Kronfeldt
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Roadside automobile emission monitoring with Peltier-cooled diode laser spectrometer
Author(s): Joachim F. Kastner; Karsten Sassenscheid; B. Halford; Armin Lambrecht; Maurus Tacke
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Laser-based thermographic visualization and identification of gases
Author(s): Heinz Haferkamp; Dirk Seebaum; Ulrich Schroeder; Oliver Thuerk
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Performance of a diode-array spectrometer in DOAS applications
Author(s): Giorgio Giovanelli; Fabrizio Ravegnani; R. Becca; Franco Evangelisti; Paolo Bonasoni; Ivan K. Kostadinov
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Measurements of atmospheric pollutants by a DOAS spectrometer in urban areas
Author(s): Fabrizio Ravegnani; Franco Evangelisti; A. Baroncelli; Paolo Bonasoni; Giorgio Giovanelli; Ivan K. Kostadinov
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Numerical dispersion models for emission monitoring by spectroscopic remote sensing methods
Author(s): Stefan M. Emeis
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DOAS and scintillation anemometry for the determination of trace gas fluxes and budgets
Author(s): Werner K. Graber; Markus Furger; Lionel Poggio
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Measuring the emissions of trace compounds from a livestock building
Author(s): Klaus Schaefer; Ralf Sussmann; Thomas Trickl; Oliver Reitebuch; Karsten Hoechstetter; Stefan M. Emeis; Ina Steinecke; Georg Depta; Andreas Gronauer; Stefan Neser; Sabine C. Becher; Jens Seedorf; Joerg Hartung
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Distinction between different slurry application technics by their ammonia emission with FTIR open-path measurements and dispersion modeling
Author(s): Georg Depta; Stefan Neser; Sabine C. Becher; Andreas Gronauer; Ina Steinecke; Achim Sedlmaier; Klaus Schaefer
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GOME data processor: the first operational DOAS-based algorithm applied to data from a spaceborne sensor
Author(s): Ernst Hegels; Bernd Aberle; Wolfgang Balzer; K. Kretschel; Diego Loyola; Eberhard Mikusch; H. Muehle; Thomas Ruppert; Cornelia Schmid; Sander Slijkhuis; Robert J. D. Spurr; Werner Thomas; T. Wieland; Meinhard Wolfmueller
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Methods for background correction in open-path Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy: the shifting method as a new tool
Author(s): S. Giese-Bogdan; S. P. Levine; K. Molt
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