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Chemical, Biochemical and Environmental Fiber Sensors IX
Editor(s): Robert A. Lieberman

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Volume Number: 3105
Date Published: 30 May 1997

Table of Contents
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Tapered multimode optical fibers for enhanced evanescent-wave absorption spectroscopy of liquids
Author(s): Riccardo Falciai; Anna Grazia Mignani; Leonardo Ciaccheri; Franco Cosi
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Optical fiber fluorescence and toxicity sensor
Author(s): David F. Merchant; Patricia J. Scully; Robert Edwards; Jozef Grabowski
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Distributed sensing of hydrocarbons using evanescent wave interactions in a silicone-clad optical fiber
Author(s): Jochen Buerck; Elke Sensfelder; Hans-Joachim Ache
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Submicron fiber optic sensors for calcium ions and pH with internal calibration
Author(s): Markus Plaschke; Michael Geyer; Johannes Reichert; Hans-Joachim Ache
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Ormosil thin films for chemical sensing platforms
Author(s): Mahmoud R. Shahriari; Michael T. Murtagh; Hyeog-Chan Kwon
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Multilayer fiber optic chemical sensors employing organically modified SiO2 and mixed TiO2/SiO2 sol gel membranes
Author(s): Delana A. Nivens; Maria V. Schiza; S. Michael Angel
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Fabrication of sol gel-based planar waveguide/grating coupler platforms for use as optical chemical sensors
Author(s): Aidan M. Doyle; Brian D. MacCraith
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Field-hardened optical waveguide hybrid integrated-circuit multisensor chemical probe and its chemistry
Author(s): Richard J. Pollina; Roger L. Himka; Devinder P. Saini; Alan McGibbon; Stanley M. Klainer
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Continuous flow fluorescence based immunosensor for the detection of explosives and environmental pollutants
Author(s): Paul T. Charles; John C. Bart; Linda L. Judd; Paul R. Gauger; Frances S. Ligler; Anne W. Kusterbeck
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Development of a microspectrophotometer system for monitoring the redox reactions of respiratory pigments
Author(s): Karen Y. Kavanagh; James Edward Walsh; J. Murphy; M. Harmey; M. A. Farrell; O. Hardimann; R. Perryman
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Steady-state and time-resolved fluorometry of fluorescent pollutants and heavy metal complexes
Author(s): Ute Resch; Knut Rurack
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Monitoring of fluorescent and nonfluorescent aromatics in waste water by rapid cyclohexane extraction and fluorometric detection: first measurements
Author(s): Klaus-Henrik Mittenzwey; Gert Sinn
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Improvement of sensitivity and stability of fiber optic oxygen sensing based on cladding fluorescence
Author(s): Gargi Vishnoi; Masayuki Morisawa; Tatsuya Mizukami; Kohji Uchiyama; Shinzo Muto
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Single-photon avalanche detectors for fluorescence imaging applications
Author(s): Alan P. Morrison; Vasileios S. Sinnis; Laura Varisco; Franco Zappa; Massimo Ghioni
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Synthesis and characterization of novel chromogenic ligands for optical sensing of ethanol
Author(s): Gerhard J. Mohr; Ursula E. Spichiger-Keller
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Fiber optic sensor to detect nitrite and nitrate in water
Author(s): Marina Fiore; Massimo Brenci; Janusz Kozlowski
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Chemical sensing using Langmuir-Blodgett waveguide overlays on single-mode optical fibers
Author(s): Damian Flannery; Stephen W. James; Ralph P. Tatam; Geoffrey J. Ashwell; David W. Allen; Xing Li
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Optical fibers for monitoring the effects of temperature on picture varnishes
Author(s): Anna Grazia Mignani; Mauro Bacci; Cosimo Trono; Andrea A. Mencaglia
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RF dosimetry using optical techniques
Author(s): Franjo Cecelja; Bala Balachandran; Michael Bordovsky
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Fiber sensors for distributed temperature and strain measurements using Brillouin scattering and frequency-domain methods
Author(s): Torsten Gogolla; Katerina Krebber
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Optical decontamination simulator (D-SIM) for radiation personnel training
Author(s): Ashutosh Sharma; Nigel S. M. Quantrill
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Ground-based optical system for control of space debris
Author(s): Konstantin N. Sviridov; Nicolay D. Belkin; Galina Yu. Sviridova
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Optical device for continuous monitoring of DDT residues
Author(s): Ashutosh Sharma; Sohail Hamid Sheikh
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Fiber optic probe for determining heavy metals in solids based on laser-induced plasmas
Author(s): Brian J. Marquardt; Brian M. Cullum; Tim J. Shaw; S. Michael Angel
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Laser-induced plasma spectroscopy (LIPS) for characterization of hydrocolloids
Author(s): Ulrich Panne; Christoph Haisch; Reinhard Niessner
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Elemental screening of heavy-metal aerosols by laser-induced plasma spectroscopy (LIPS)
Author(s): Ralph Neuhauser; Ulrich Panne; Reinhard Niessner
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Application of fiber optic sensors to wastewater management using microelectronics fabrication processes
Author(s): Dumitru Gh. Ulieru
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Optical device for the measurement of chlorocarbon vapors
Author(s): Ashutosh Sharma; Oliver William Carter
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Sensing technique of persistent organic pollutant uptake by forest trees using radio labeling
Author(s): Richard Tykva; Pavel Cudlin; Jan Triska
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Flexible fiber-optic-based underwater spectrometer for oceanographic research
Author(s): John P. Dakin; Keith J. Trundle; Jill Schwarz; Ian S. Robinson; Alison R. Weeks
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Coherent backscatter noise in fiber optic gas sensors
Author(s): Wei Jin; M. Suleyman Demokan; George Stewart; Wayne R. Philp; Brian Culshaw
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Optical-fiber-based groundwater sensor for monitoring landfill sites
Author(s): J. W. Spencer; S. R. Smith; Gordon R. Jones; Ellis M. Dean; J. C. B. Simpson
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Optimized sensitive coatings for MIR fiber optic sensors
Author(s): Michael Jakusch; Boris Mizaikoff; Robert A. Kellner; Abraham Katzir
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Near-infrared techniques for LPG quality control
Author(s): James D. Ryan; Paul C. Russell; E. Tinture; Gordon R. Jones; S. Dwars; D. Strachan
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Near-infrared tunable laser diode spectroscopy: an easy way for gas sensing
Author(s): Marc Larive; V. Henriot
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Gas sensing using IR laser diode sources
Author(s): James O'Gorman; Vincent Weldon; David McDonald; Juan J. Perez-Camacho; Brian Corbett; John Hegarty
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Optical biosensing using surface plasmon resonance spectroscopy
Author(s): Jiri Homola; Peter Pfeifer; Eduard Brynda; Jiri Skvor; Milan Houska; Guenter Schwotzer; Ines Latka; Reinhardt Willsch
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Novel surface plasmon resonance sensor based on single-mode optical fiber
Author(s): Radan Slavik; Jiri Homola; Jiri Ctyroky
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Stabilization of horseradish peroxidase (HRP) for use in immunochemical sensors
Author(s): Andreas J. Schuetz; Michael Winklmair; Michael G. Weller; Reinhard Niessner
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Affinity patterns of enzyme tracers for triazine immunoassays
Author(s): Michael G. Weller; Reinhard Niessner
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Optical sensing of taste substances using rhodamine-dye-doped LB film
Author(s): Masayuki Morisawa; Yoshitaka Yonezaki; Kazunori Maekawa; Gargi Vishnoi; Shinzo Muto
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Fiber optic probe for monitoring of drinking water
Author(s): Artur Dybko; Wojciech Wroblewski; Janusz Maciejewski; Ryszard S. Romaniuk; Zbigniew Brzozka
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TOR station for environmental monitoring
Author(s): Mikhail Yu. Arshinov; V. G. Arshinova; Boris D. Belan; Denis K. Davydov; Valentin K. Kovalevskii; Aleksandr P. Plotnikov; Evgenii V. Pokrovskii; T. M. Rasskazchikova; D. V. Simonenkov; Tatyana K. Sklyadneva; Gennadii N. Tolmachev
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Mid-IR evanescent-wave absorption spectra of thin films and coatings measured with a ~50-um-thick planar Ge waveguide sensor
Author(s): James J. Stone; Mark S. Braiman; Susan E. Plunkett
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Aerosol fluorescence spectrum analyzer for individual airborne biological particles
Author(s): Gang Chen; Ronald G. Pinnick; Steven C. Hill; Richard K. Chang; Paul Nachman; Gorden W. Videen
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Laser-based detection of trace gases released by crops under long-term storage
Author(s): Jos Oomens; S. Persijn; R. H. Veltman; A. C. R. van Schaik; Hugo S. M. de Vries; Frans J. M. Harren; David H. Parker
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