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Lidar Atmospheric Monitoring
Editor(s): Jean-Pierre Wolf

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Volume Number: 3104
Date Published: 26 May 1997

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Depolarization-backscatter lidar for stratospheric studies
Author(s): Renaud Matthey; Valentin Mitev; Benoit Lazzarotto; Bertrand Calpini; Marco Morandi; Francesco Castagnoli; Pietro Agostini; Adriano Antonelli; Bernhard Stein; Carsten Wedekind
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Characteristics and performance of Vaisala's new CT75K lidar ceilometer
Author(s): Anna-Maija Karkkainen; Antti K. Piironen; Tero Kaehkoenen; Jan Loennqvist
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Measuring slant visual range on airports using an eye-safe lidar
Author(s): Christoph Muenkel
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Retrieval of multimodal aerosol size distribution by inversion of multiwavelength data
Author(s): Christine Boeckmann; J. Biele; R. Neuber; Jenny Niebsch
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Micropulse lidar for aerosol and cloud measurement
Author(s): In Heon Hwang; Sandor Lokos; Jin Kim
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Lidar observations of tropical high-altitude cirrus clouds: results from dual-wavelength Raman lidar measurements during the ALBATROSS campaign 1996
Author(s): Georg Beyerle; H. J. Schaefer; Otto Schrems; R. Neuber; P. Rairoux; I. Stuart McDermid
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Analysis of data set of 11 years of stratospheric and upper-tropospheric aerosol measurements by lidar sounding over Obninsk
Author(s): Sergey S. Khmelevtsov; Yu. G. Kaufman; A. S. Khmelevtsov
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Urban and industrial aerosol data analysis and lidar measurements
Author(s): Anri Ya. Perelman; Alexander D. Yegorov; T. B. Kaziakhmedov
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Multipositional lidar monitoring of inhomogeneous air aerosol pollution
Author(s): Alexander D. Yegorov; Ilia Z. Kopp
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Aerosol concentrations and their gradients near urban areas determined by lidar method
Author(s): Tymon Zielinski; Andrzej Zielinski
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Backscattering lidar can be used in measurements of dust concentration profiles in the atmosphere: a simple procedure
Author(s): Jozef Grabowski; Aleksander Skibinski
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Combination of lidar and plume-velocity measurements for remote monitoring of industrial emissions
Author(s): Petter K. A. Weibring; Mats Andersson; Hans Edner; Sune Svanberg
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Measurement of atmospheric emissions from process units using differential absorption lidar
Author(s): Harold Lees Walmsley; Simon J. O Connor
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Integration of backscattering lidar and ground-based meteorological and pollution data in Florence (Italy)
Author(s): Massimo Del Guasta; S. Balestri; Francesco Castagnoli; Leopoldo Stefanutti; A. Barbaro
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Simultaneous measurements of atmospheric pollutants and wind field for environmental monitoring
Author(s): Xavier Favreau; Pierre H. Flamant; P. Delville; Jacques R. Pelon; Philippe Adam
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Lidar system for air-pollution monitoring over urban areas
Author(s): Irina Viktorovna Moskalenko; Djolinard Andreevich Shecheglov; Nikolai A. Molodtsov
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Injection-seeded optical parametric oscillator for airborne DIAL
Author(s): Andreas Fix; Volker Weiss; Gerhard Ehret
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Conceptual designs for advanced space-based lidar source
Author(s): James J. Ewing; James C. Barnes
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Airborne wind measurements with the cw Doppler lidar ADOLAR
Author(s): Stephan Rahm
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Airborne water vapor DIAL estimation of humidity fluxes and atmospheric boundary-layer parameters
Author(s): Christoph Kiemle; Gerhard Ehret; K. J. Davis; Donald H. Lenschow
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Retrieval of microphysical parameters from return signals of airborne and space-based lidars
Author(s): Ulrich G. Oppel; Heike Krasting
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Perspective of a hydrographic lidar in space: specifications and results of a simulation
Author(s): Rainer Reuter; Oliver Zielinski
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Improvement of Calabria University CO2 laser DIAL system
Author(s): P. Aversa; Carlo Bellecci; G. Benedetti-Michelangeli; G. E. Caputi; F. De Donato; Pasqualino Gaudio; Marco Valentini; R. Zoccali
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Multiparametric tunable lidar system based on IR OPO laser sources
Author(s): Gelsomina Pappalardo; Paolo F. Ambrico; Aldo Amodeo; Vincenzo Berardi; Antonella Boselli; Roberta Capobianco; Paolo Di Girolamo; Nicola Spinelli; Raffaele Velotta
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New double-wavelength CO2 laser source for DIAL measurements
Author(s): Roberto Barbini; Francesco Colao; Giuliano d'Auria; Antonio Palucci; Sergio Ribezzo
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Diode-pumped 2-um solid state lidar transmitter for wind measurements
Author(s): Upendra N. Singh; Julie A. Williams-Byrd; Norman P. Barnes; Jirong Yu; Mulugeta Petros; George E. Lockard; Edward A. Modlin
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Solid state coherent laser radar wind-field measurement systems
Author(s): Robert Milton Huffaker; Paul A. Reveley
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Broadly tunable KNbO3 OPOs pumped by Ti:sapphire lasers
Author(s): Brigitte Vezin; Patrick Rambaldi; M. Douard; Daniel Rytz; Jean-Pierre Wolf
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Atmospheric NOx distribution monitoring in urban areas using a tunable solid state lidar
Author(s): Ryoichi Toriumi; Yonghai Zhou; Hideo Tai; Hiroaki Kuze; Nobuo Takeuchi
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Optical properties of aerosols obtained from airborne lidar and several in-situ instruments during RACE
Author(s): Kevin B. Strawbridge; Shao-Meng Li
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Vortex dynamics behind cruising aircraft studied by a ground-based scanning lidar and airborne in-situ measurements
Author(s): Ralf Sussmann; Horst Jaeger
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Improvement of spatial selectivity and stability against background radiation as preferred means of VIS and NIR biaxial lidar efficiency increase
Author(s): Ravil R. Agishev
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Development of a compact lidar system using OPO
Author(s): Yasuhiro Okada; Masafumi Yorozu; Akira Endo
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Shipborne measurements with a modular multipurpose mobile lidar system for tropospheric and stratospheric aerosol observations
Author(s): Juergen Shaefer; Otto Schrems; Georg Beyerle; Bernd Hofer; Wolfgang Mildner; Felix A Theopold
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Remote velocity measurements of clouds by image data processing
Author(s): Vladimir Alexandrov Mitev
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Monitoring of urban aerosols using a combined lidar/SEM method
Author(s): Jerome Kasparian; Patrick Rambaldi; E. Frejafon; Marta Pantani; Jin Yu; Brigitte Vezin; P. Ritter; P. Viscardi; Dirk Weidauer; Jean-Pierre Wolf
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LabVIEW software for lidar simulation
Author(s): Juergen Streicher; Ines Leike
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Low clouds and fog observations by polarization lidar
Author(s): Ivan N. Kolev; Boyan I. Tatarov; Vassily Nikolaevit Naboko; Atanas I. Blagov
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Rotational Raman lidar for stratospheric ozone measurements
Author(s): Giorgio De Nunzio; Clementina Panzera; Maria Rita Perrone
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