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Micro-optical Technologies for Measurement, Sensors, and Microsystems II and Optical Fiber Sensor Technologies and Applications

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Volume Number: 3099
Date Published: 24 September 1997

Table of Contents
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Linear and angular velocity and displacement sensors for industrial use based on planar optical technology
Author(s): Steen Gruner Hanson; Lars Lading
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Image sensing with maximum sensitivity using industrial CMOS technology
Author(s): Peter Seitz
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Large-field, high-resolution photolithography
Author(s): Francis S. M. Clube; Simon Gray; Denis Struchen; Stephane Malfoy; Yves Darbellay; Nicolas Magnon; Bertrand Le Gratiet; Jean-Claude Tisserand
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Cost-effective machining of brittle materials (glasses and ceramics) eliminating/minimizing the polishing process
Author(s): Keith Carlisle; M. A. Stocker
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Single- and zero- order binary phase gratings for visible and UV light
Author(s): Tilman Glaser; Siegmund Schroeter; Ruediger Poehlmann; Hartmut Bartelt; Hans-Joerg Fuchs
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Replication techniques for micro-optics
Author(s): Thomas G. Harvey
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Replication of optical components using a silicone rubber intermediate replica
Author(s): Daniel J. Daly; R. A. Ferguson; Michael C. Hutley
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Contactless embossing of microlenses: a new technology for manufacturing refractive microlenses
Author(s): Jens Schulze; Wolfgang Ehrfeld; Holger Loewe; Andreas Michel; Antoni Picard
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Novel method for fabricating microlens arrays
Author(s): Lurong Guo; Bo Chen; Lin Pang; Chunlei Du; Zhongbi Zhou
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Method for improving performance of IR focal plane array using microlens array
Author(s): Chunlei Du; Lurong Guo; Y. R. Wang; Lishu Zhou; G. L. Sun; Jin Zhang; X. D. Lin; Z. Li; Zhongbi Zhou
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Polymerized PMMA replication of micro-optics elements
Author(s): Lin Pang; Lurong Guo; Bo Chen; Hongjun Zeng; Jin Zhang
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Integrated optical sources for microsystems
Author(s): Joerg Mueller
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Low-cost Nd:YAG microchip laser device becomes mature for industrial applications
Author(s): Florence Leplingard; Philippe Pierrard; Jean-Pierre Herriau; Gerard Bocqueho
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Hybrid coupling of laser light sources to silicon (oxy) nitride-based waveguides
Author(s): A. J. T. de Krijger; Herman H. P. Th. Bekman
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Short amplifying planar waveguides by new glass processing technology
Author(s): Juergen Graf; H. Sautter; Roland Mueller-Fiedler
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Miniaturized fiber optic switches for optical metrology and optical communication
Author(s): Rolf Goering; Steffen Gloeckner; Bernt Goetz; Andreas Rose
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Performance of interferometric rotation encoders using diffraction gratings
Author(s): Guy Voirin; Ulrich Benner; Francis S. M. Clube; Yves Darbellay; Olivier M. Parriaux; S. M.O.L. Schneider; Pierre Sixt
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Optical receiver module for very high bit rates
Author(s): Lars Erdmann; Roland Mueller-Fiedler
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Electrically tunable NIR spectrometer
Author(s): Kimmo Keraenen; Pentti Karioja; Outi Rusanen; Jussi Tenhunen; Martti Blomberg; Heikki Lehto
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High-resolution self-diffractive adaptive element for remote displacement sensing
Author(s): George Eugene Dovgalenko; William T. Springer
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Design, fabrication, and testing of micro-optical components for sensors and microsystems
Author(s): Reinhard Voelkel; Philippe Nussbaum; Jean-Christophe Roulet; Peter Blattner; Kenneth J. Weible; Hans Peter Herzig
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Diffraction-analysis-based characterization of very fine gratings
Author(s): Joerg Bischoff; Horst Truckenbrodt; Joachim J. Bauer
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Novel method for analyzing signal errors caused by polygonal approximations in the fabrication of diffractive elements
Author(s): Ilkka J.P. Kallioniemi; Jyrki Saarinen; Kasimir Blomstedt; Jari Pekka Turunen
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Characterization of chirped phase masks for UV applications by writing and investigation of fiber Bragg gratings
Author(s): Manfred Rothhardt; Volker Hagemann; Ruediger Poehlmann; Siegmund Schroeter; Hans-Joerg Fuchs
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Simple and reusable fiber-to-chip interconnect with adjustable coupling efficiency
Author(s): Rene G. Heideman; Paul V. Lambeck
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Micromachined aperture probe tip for multifunctional scanning probe microscopy
Author(s): Michael Abraham; Wolfgang Ehrfeld; Manfred Lacher; Othmar Marti; Karsten Mayr; Wilfried Noell; Peter Guethner; Joachim Barenz
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Optimization of LPCVD silicon oxynitride growth to large refractive index homogeneity and layer thickness uniformity
Author(s): Kerstin Woerhoff; Paul V. Lambeck; H. Albers; Oscar Noordman; Niko F. van Hulst; Th. J. A. Popma
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Unidirectional waveguide grating coupling by means of parallelogrammic grooves
Author(s): Alexandre V. Tishchenko; Nikolay M. Lyndin; S. M. Loktev; Vladimir A. Sychugov; Boris A. Usievich; Olivier M. Parriaux
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Diffractive optical elements with polarization multiplexing
Author(s): Uwe D. Zeitner; Bernd Schnabel; Ernst-Bernhard Kley; Frank Wyrowski
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Use of diffracting optics in metrology and sensing
Author(s): Michael C. Hutley; Richard F. Stevens
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Fiber-optic security monitoring sensor
Author(s): Marja Englund; Ari Ipatti; Pentti Karioja
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Smart structures for sea, land, and space
Author(s): Kjetil Johannessen
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Electric and magnetic field sensing for high-voltage applications
Author(s): Thomas Bosselmann
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Reliability and durability of fiber grating sensors in structural monitoring applications
Author(s): Urs J. Sennhauser; Rolf Broennimann; Pascal Mauron; Philipp M. Nellen
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Fiber optic pore-water-pressure sensing system for structural monitoring of a large dam at L'Eau D'Heure in Belgium
Author(s): Marc R. H. Voet; B. Verwilghen
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Fiber Bragg grating sensors
Author(s): Mark Volanthen; Harald Geiger; Keith J. Trundle; John P. Dakin
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Frequency multiplexing of in-fiber Bragg grating sensors using tunable laser
Author(s): Mikhail G. Shlyagin; Serguei V. Miridonov; Diana Tentori
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Stabilization in an optical fiber interferometer using a semiconductor laser
Author(s): Horacio Lamela; J. A. Garcia; Manuel Leones; Jose I. Santos; C. Vazquez
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Simultaneous recovery of temperature and strain: an artificial neural network approach
Author(s): Chi Chiu Chan; Wei Jin; A. Besharati Rad; M. Suleyman Demokan
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Reabsorption effects on calibration of fluorescence-lifetime-based sensors
Author(s): Andrea Kobe; Ales Babnik; Janez Ivan Mozina
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Multichip transmitter/receiver module for fiber optical sensors
Author(s): Peter Waegli; Philippe Morel
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Fiber optic Sagnac interferometer as polarimetric sensor using a nonpolarized and a broadband source
Author(s): Mohamed-Baha Alsous; Serge J. Huard
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Low-cost optical temperature and strain sensing networks using in-line fiber gratings
Author(s): Wolfgang Ecke; Hartmut Bartelt; Guenter Schwotzer; Kerstin Usbeck; Reinhardt Willsch; Siegfried Birkle; Thomas Bosselmann; Peter Kraemmer
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Multicomponent directional laser Doppler velocimeter based on heterodyning by means of Nd:YAG laser frequency modulation and short fiber delay lengths
Author(s): Juergen W. Czarske; O. Doelle; Ingo Freitag; Herbert Welling; Harald Mueller
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UV-laser machining offers new horizon in diffractive optical elements small-series manufacturing
Author(s): Jerome Prieur; Francoise Cau; Johannes Wais; Andreas Ostendorf
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