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X-Ray Investigations of Polymer Structures
Editor(s): Andrzej Wlochowicz; Jaroslaw Janicki; Czeslaw Slusarczyk

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Volume Number: 3095
Date Published: 18 February 1997

Table of Contents
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Is progress introducing new polymeric architectures and systems followed by research and development of scattering techniques?
Author(s): Marian Kryszewski
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Small-angle x-ray scattering under extreme conditions of temperature, pressure, and time
Author(s): Peter Laggner; Manfred Kriechbaum
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Morphology of physical polymer gels as observed by SAXS and SANS
Author(s): N. Mischenko; K. Reynders; H. Reynaers
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Fractal structure of polymer particles
Author(s): Andrzej Wlochowicz; Czeslaw Slusarczyk
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Structure development during preparation, crystallization, and melting of polymer mixtures
Author(s): Josef Baldrian
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Plastic deformation of the amorphous component in semicrystalline polymers
Author(s): Z. Bartczak; Andrzej Galeski; A. S. Argon; R. E. Cohen
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Structure investigations of PP-PA blends
Author(s): Jaroslaw Janicki; Andrzej Wlochowicz; Czeslaw Slusarczyk
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Radial distribution function in polymers
Author(s): Wladyslaw Przygocki
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Relationship between structure and enzymatic degradation of poly(3-hydroxybutyrate)
Author(s): Maurizio Canetti; Patrizia Sadocco
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Refinement of molecular and crystal structure of poly-(p-phenylene sulphide ether)
Author(s): Jozef Garbarczyk; Grzegorz Kamyszek
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Natural fibers/polypropylene composite: processing and preliminary structural investigations
Author(s): Dominik Paukszta; Jozef Garbarczyk
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Determination of the crystallinity of polymer blends
Author(s): Stanislaw Rabiej; Ryszard Kwiatkowski; Andrzej Wlochowicz
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Structural investigations of selected conducting polymers using x-ray diffraction and synchrotron radiation scattering
Author(s): Wojciech Luzny
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Errors in x-ray intensity measurements by means of 2D position-sensitive detector
Author(s): Andrzej Wasiak; Pawel Sajkiewicz
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Database of organic polymers (polybase)
Author(s): J. Hasek; D. Janeba
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Software package for small-angle scattering data treatment
Author(s): Ryszard Diduszko; Lucjan Pajak
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Behavior of small-angle scattering intensity tails
Author(s): S. Ciccariello
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Determination of volume fraction and size distribution by use of a stochastical model from small-angle scattering
Author(s): Wilfried Gille
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Small-angle x-ray scattering investigations of extrudates
Author(s): Stanislaw Pikus; Jerzy Jamroz
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Particle growth, aggregation, and gelation of silicas
Author(s): P. H. Bolt; W. H. Dokter; Theo P. M. Beelen; R. A. Van Santen
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Small-angle x-ray scattering studies of base-catalyzed aerogels
Author(s): Lucjan Pajak
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Texture characterization of SiO2-ZrO2 aerogels by SAXS, image analysis of TEM, and N2 adsorption-desorption
Author(s): S. Blacher; P. Tihon; R. Pirard; J. P. Pirard; B. Diez; Roger Sobry; G. Van den Bosshe; F. Brouers; Bendida Sahouli
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