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Enabling Technology for Simulation Science
Editor(s): Alex F. Sisti

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Volume Number: 3083
Date Published: 20 June 1997

Table of Contents
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Analyzing models for abstraction
Author(s): Frederick K. Frantz
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Dynamic focusing approach to mixed-level simulation
Author(s): Thomas C. Fall
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Semiautomated method for dynamic model abstraction
Author(s): Kangsun Lee; Paul A. Fishwick
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Abstraction of continuous system to discrete event system using neural network
Author(s): Sung Hoon Jung; Tag Gon Kim
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Abstraction methodology based on parameter morphism
Author(s): Yoonkeon Moon; Bernard P. Zeigler
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Method for resolving the consistency problem between rule-based and quantitative models using fuzzy simulation
Author(s): Gyooseok Kim; Paul A. Fishwick
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MOOSE: architecture of an object-oriented multimodeling simulation system
Author(s): Robert M. Cubert; Tolga Goktekin; Paul A. Fishwick
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Integration of object-oriented and functional modeling and design methods
Author(s): Donald Caughlin
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Object-oriented DEVS
Author(s): Bernard P. Zeigler; Hessam S. Sarjoughian; Vincent Au
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SHIFT: a new programming language for simulation
Author(s): Aleks Goellue
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New approach to object-oriented simulation of concurrent systems
Author(s): Arnold N. Pears; Samar Singh; Tharam S. Dillon
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New directions toward real-time simulation
Author(s): Christos G. Cassandras; Weibo Gong
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How can simulations be speeded up by orders of magnitude?
Author(s): Yu Chi Ho
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Concurrent/parallel simulation of discrete event systems via event synchronization
Author(s): Jian Qiang Hu
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Parallel/distributed simulation via event-reservation approach for parametric study of discrete event systems
Author(s): Ghulam M. Bhatti; Pirooz Vakili
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Concurrent simulation for ordinal comparison
Author(s): Liyi Dai
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Design, implementation, and use of a real-time distributed simulation testbed for mobile communication networks
Author(s): Dennis J. Baker
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Requirement for intelligent simulation librarians
Author(s): Tom Longshaw
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Interoperability portcullises and technology battering rams for distributed simulation
Author(s): Kirk A. Dunkelberger
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Framework for bringing realistic virtual natural environments to distributed simulations
Author(s): David A. Whitney; Robert A. Reynolds; Stephen H. Olson; Dana Z. Sherer; Mavis L. Driscoll; K. L. Watman
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Communication-modeling approach for advanced distributed simulation
Author(s): William R. Smith; Karl B. Washburn; Henry C. Ng
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Orders-of-magnitude speedup with DEVS representation and high-performance simulation
Author(s): Doohwan H. Kim; Bernard P. Zeigler
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Reusability measure of DEVS simulation models in DEVSim++ environment
Author(s): Yoonil Choi; Tag Gon Kim
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Group-enabled DEVS model construction methodology for distributed organizations
Author(s): Hessam S. Sarjoughian; Sankait Vahie; James D. Lee
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Dynamic-structure discrete event systems: a comparison of methodologies and environments
Author(s): Fernando J. Barros
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Metric integration architecture for product development
Author(s): David B. Sieger
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WWW-based collaborative simulation
Author(s): Stephen R. Johns
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Planning and scheduling virtual training for U.S. military units in a resource-constrained environment
Author(s): Michael L. McGinnis; Robert G. Phelan Jr.
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Development of a government-owned DIS visualization tool
Author(s): Paul Castiglione
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Spacecraft Simulation Toolkit (SST): an advanced distributed simulation framework for supporting the space warfighter
Author(s): Richard K. de Jonckheere; Terri L. Franklin; David D. Wilson
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DEVS-based simulation architecture for analysis of multivehicle interactions
Author(s): Steven B. Hall
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Summary of model abstraction techniques
Author(s): Donald Caughlin; Alex F. Sisti
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Concurrent document construction within a virtual integration environment
Author(s): Gregg W. Liming; Alex F. Sisti
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