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Automatic Target Recognition VII
Editor(s): Firooz A. Sadjadi

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Volume Number: 3069
Date Published: 23 June 1997

Table of Contents
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Characterization of transients
Author(s): Leon Cohen
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Analysis in the joint time-frequency domain of the identifying signatures of submerged targets insonified by dolphin clicks
Author(s): Hans C. Strifors; Guillermo C. Gaunaurd; Patrick W. Moore
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Fuzzy-cluster representation of time-frequency signatures as a means for classification of targets buried underground
Author(s): Hans C. Strifors; Anders Gustafsson; Guillermo C. Gaunaurd
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Sequential digital filters for fast detection of targets in FLIR image data
Author(s): Quoc Henry Pham; Timothy Myers Brosnan; Mark J. T. Smith
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Signal-to-clutter measure for ATR performance comparison
Author(s): Margaret A. Phillips; S. Richard F. Sims
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VIGILANTE: an advanced sensing/processing testbed for ATR applications
Author(s): Suraphol Udomkesmalee; Anilkumar P. Thakoor; Curtis W. Padgett; Taher Daud; Wai-Chi Fang; Steven C. Suddarth
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High-resolution radar models for joint tracking and recognition
Author(s): Steven P. Jacobs; Joseph A. O'Sullivan
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Object recognition system based on the trilinearity theorem
Author(s): Richard Calmbach; Robert Hecht-Nielsen
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IR/Lidar automatic object recognition system
Author(s): Yi-Tong Zhou; Demetrios Sapounas
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Design and tuning of FPGA implementations of neural networks
Author(s): Peter J. C. Clare; J. W. Gulley; Duncan Hickman; Moira I. Smith
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Three-dimensional target recognition using mART neural networks
Author(s): Eun-Soo Kim; Jin-Woo Cha; Chang Myung Ryu
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Convergence of the synaptic weights for the elastic net method, and its application
Author(s): Rahman Ghamasaee; Jeffrey B. Goldberg
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Application of wavelet and neural processing to automatic target recognition
Author(s): Gene A. Tagliarini; Edward W. Page; Gregory M. Kesden; David J. Chiang; Philip J. McPartland
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Beaconless search and rescue overview: history, development, and achievements
Author(s): Ronald G. Wallace; David W. Affens; Houra Rais
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Stochastic clutter characterization in NASA/JPL AIRSAR imagery
Author(s): George W. Rogers; Rick D. Roberts; Houra Rais
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Parallel-coordinate plot analysis of polarimetric NASA/JPL AIRSAR imagery
Author(s): Jeffrey L. Solka; George W. Rogers; Wendy L. Poston; Edward J. Wegman
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Synthetic aperture radar processing system for search and rescue
Author(s): Barton D. Huxtable; Christopher R. Jackson; Arthur W. Mansfield; Houra Rais
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Low-cost airborne synthetic aperture radar
Author(s): Samuel W. McCandless; Barton D. Huxtable; Christopher R. Jackson
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Polarimetry and its use in automatic target detection with examples from search and rescue
Author(s): Christopher R. Jackson; Houra Rais; Barton D. Huxtable
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Full polarimetric display of NASA/JPL AIRSAR P-band data from Gilmore Creek, AK (1993), Half Moon Bay, CA (1994), and Bishop, CA (1995)
Author(s): Howard Fain; William L. Cameron
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SAR coherent change detection (CCD) for search and rescue
Author(s): Arthur W. Mansfield; Paul L. Poehler; Houra Rais
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P-band focus problem
Author(s): Arthur W. Mansfield; Houra Rais
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Data management approach to search and rescue synthetic aperture radar
Author(s): John E. Green; George W. Rogers
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Real-time implementation of MUSIC for wideband acoustic detection and tracking
Author(s): Thai Pham; Manfai Fong
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Representations of shape for structural inference in infrared scenes
Author(s): Aaron D. Lanterman; Michael I. Miller; Donald L. Snyder
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Scale- and translation-invariant detection of targets varying in fine details
Author(s): S. L. Diab; Mohammad A. Karim; Khan M. Iftekharuddin
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3D-model localization using high-resolution reconstruction of monocular image sequences
Author(s): Bruno Serra
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Theater targets plume edge extraction and hardbody aimpoint selection using morphological image processing
Author(s): Clifford A. Paiva
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Using hardware-assisted geometric hashing for high-speed target acquisition and guidance
Author(s): Arnold N. Pears; Edwige E. Pissaloux
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Extraction of features for classification of impulse radar measurements
Author(s): Hakan O. Brunzell
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Aided versus automatic target recognition
Author(s): Mark A. O'Hair; Bradley D. Purvis; Jeff Brown
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Terrain-aided localization using electro-optical sensing (TALEOS)
Author(s): Peter R. C. Collins; Arthur S. Stephens; Phil Greenway; Rob H. Deaves; M. D. J. Priestley; Mark Bullen
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Very fast dynamic programming-based parallel algorithm for aerial image matching
Author(s): Edwige E. Pissaloux; Francois Le Coat; Patrick J. Bonnin; Gilles Bezencenet; Francois Durbin; Andre Tissot
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Using genetic algorithms to search for optimal projections
Author(s): Bradley C. Wallet; David J. Marchette; Jeffrey L. Solka
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New experiments in the use of radar polarimetry for improving target recognition performance
Author(s): Firooz A. Sadjadi
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Automated military unit identification in battlefield simulation
Author(s): Phillip D. Stroud; Ray C. Gordon
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Missile-tracking algorithm using target-adapted spatiotemporal wavelets
Author(s): Fernando Mujica; Jean-Pierre Leduc; Mark J. T. Smith; Romain Murenzi
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Survey of neural networks as applied to target tracking
Author(s): Rahman Ghamasaee; Farid Amoozegar; Ho-Yuen Pang; Yee Chin Wong; Samuel S. Blackman
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Improvement of object classification in image sequences
Author(s): D. Ernst; H. Gross; D. Stricker; Ulrich Thoennessen
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Wave-packet decomposition for acoustic target recognition
Author(s): Nai Chyuan Yen; Louis R. Dragonette
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Shallow-water passive acoustic detection using normal modal components in fluctuation-based processing
Author(s): Jacob George
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Detection and identification of underwater targets by resonance or resonant scattering
Author(s): Gee-In Goo
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Recognition of high-resolution ground targets
Author(s): Yiding Wang; Xingguo Li; Yunhong Wang
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Doppler-modulated feature modeling and radar target recognition
Author(s): Hong Luo; Peikang Huang; Xiaojian Xu; Jinghong Mao
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Equalizing the training set for neural network recognizer
Author(s): Yunhong Wang; Guo-Sui Liu; Yiding Wang
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Detection of small moving objects in image sequences
Author(s): Jicheng Li; Zhenkang Shen; Biao Li
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Automatic HRR target recognition based on matrix pencil method and multiresolution neural network
Author(s): Xun Zhang; Zhaowen Zhuang; Guirong Guo
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New target tracking method for optical/IR image sequences
Author(s): Haixin Chen; Zhenkang Shen; Zhiyong Li
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Automatic target detection and tracking system using infrared imagery
Author(s): Biao Li; Zhenkang Shen; Jicheng Li
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Analysis of target property by laser-polarization propagation
Author(s): Zhihui Gao; Siji Guo; Yaoming Liu
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Development of gazing algorithms for tracking-oriented recognition
Author(s): Sharon X. Wang; Gary Chen; Demetrios Sapounas; Hongchi Shi; Richard Peer
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Classification of radar clutter using features extracted from the time-frequency domain
Author(s): Ismail I. Jouny; C. M. Wu
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Direction-of-arrival estimation using wavelet-based beam-space processing
Author(s): Ismail I. Jouny; Moeness G. Amin
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