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Targets and Backgrounds: Characterization and Representation III

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Volume Number: 3062
Date Published: 20 June 1997

Table of Contents
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Robust estimation of texture parameters for small target detection in clutter
Author(s): Roger A. Samy; Jean-Francois Bonnet
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Numerical method for IR background and clutter simulation
Author(s): Carlo Quaranta; Gina Daniele; Giorgio Balzarotti
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IR signature prediction errors for skin-heated aerial targets
Author(s): John D. McGlynn; Steven P. Auerbach
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Statistical characterization of nonhomogeneous and nonstationary backgrounds
Author(s): Andrew D. Keckler; Dennis L. Stadelman; Donald D. Weiner; Mohamed-Adel Slamani
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Characterization of clutter in SAR imagery using extended self-similar (ESS) processes
Author(s): Lance M. Kaplan; Romain Murenzi
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Integrated framework for developing search and discrimination metrics
Author(s): Anthony C. Copeland; Mohan M. Trivedi
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Target discrimination using a polarization-sensitive thermal imaging sensor
Author(s): Cornell S. L. Chun; David L. Fleming; W. A. Harvey; E. J. Torok
Application of side-scan radar for cataloging different kinds of Earth covers in millimeter wave band
Author(s): Yuri F. Vasilyev; Boris D. Zamaraev; Vera L. Kostina; Alexander N. Roenko
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Relative transmission measurements using a long-range broadband FTIR source and synchronized receiver
Author(s): Raymond Gerard Deep; Ronald G. Driggers; Joel Glen Vinson; Luc Rochette; Michel McNicoll; Alain Bordeleau
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Part task investigation of multispectral image fusion using gray scale and synthetic color night vision sensor imagery for helicopter pilotage
Author(s): Paul M. Steele; Philip Perconti
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Enhanced perception of terrain hazards in off-road path choice: stereoscopic 3D versus 2D displays
Author(s): John O. Merritt; V. Grayson CuQlock-Knopp; Kimberly Myles
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Bidirectional reflectance measurements for high-resolution signature modeling
Author(s): David J. Thomas; James C. Jafolla; Peter J. Sarman
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Design-to-cost for MMW/IR dual sensors
Author(s): G. Keith Huddleston
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Target and background measurements over land and sea with a polarimetric 35/94-GHz synthetic aperture radar
Author(s): Stephan Boehmsdorff; Helmut Essen
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Data requirements for multimode sensor signal processing algorithm development
Author(s): William A. Holm
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Characterization of passive millimetric-wave scenarios: backgrounds and targets at 140 and 220 GHz
Author(s): Michael Y. Engel; Ami Ben-Shalom; Yoni Noiman; Yoav Oreg
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Irma multisensor predictive signature model
Author(s): John S. Watson; Michael R. Wellfare; David B. Chenault; Sunjay E. Talele; Bradley T. Blume; Mike Richards; Lee Prestwood
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Sensors for military special operations and law enforcement applications
Author(s): David D. Ferris Jr.; Robert W. McMillan; Nicholas C. Currie; Michael C. Wicks; Mohamed-Adel Slamani
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Dual-band Fresnel zone plate antennas
Author(s): James C. Wiltse
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Characterizing the effects of natural clouds on scene simulations
Author(s): David H. Tofsted; Sean G. O'Brien
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Resolution verification targets for airborne and spaceborne imaging systems at the Stennis Space Ctr.
Author(s): Rodney McKellip; Ding Yuan; William Graham; Donald E. Holland; David Stone; William Ed Walser; Chengye Mao
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Scene projection through sensor optics using laser-based direct write methods
Author(s): Heard S. Lowry; Celia A. Doub; Lanny L. Holt; Sidney L. Steely
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Background characterization and visualization based on visual neurophysiology
Author(s): Gary Witus; Paul G. Gottschalk; Mitchell A. Cohen; Grant R. Gerhart; Robert E. Karlsen; Thomas J. Meitzler; Richard C. Goetz; Eui Jung Sohn; Darryl Bryk
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Biologically based vision simulation for target-background discrimination and camouflage/LO design
Author(s): Theodore J. Doll; Shane W. McWhorter; David E. Schmieder; Morris C. Hetzler; John M. Stewart; Anthony A. Wasilewski; William R. Owens; Albert D. Sheffer Jr.; Gregory L. Galloway; Simeon D. Harbert
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Measurement and processing of signatures in the visible range using a calibrated video camera and the CAMDET software package
Author(s): Dan Sheffer
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Diurnal ambient luminance near dawn and dusk
Author(s): Grant R. Gerhart; Roy M. Matchko
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Multiresolution-based motion estimation
Author(s): David J. Gorsich; Robert E. Karlsen; Grant R. Gerhart
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Sensor and detection algorithm-based clutter metrics
Author(s): John W. Hilgers; William P. Vockel; William R. Reynolds; J. Warren Pickard
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Target and background measurements of highly dynamic targets
Author(s): Charles R. Cundiff; Barry Fowler; Michael D. Revnell
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Approach to target detection based on scale changing fractal signature
Author(s): Guoyou Wang; Jie Li; Fenghua Dong; Tianxu Zhang
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Enhanced depth perception using hyperstereo vision
Author(s): Wendell R. Watkins
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Validation plan for the German CAMAELEON model
Author(s): James R. McManamey
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Background properties in arid climates: measurements and analysis
Author(s): Yossi Bushlin; Ami Ben-Shalom; Dan Sheffer; Alex Steinman; Alwin Dimmeler; Dieter Clement; R. Strobel
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Radiometric sensor performance model including atmospheric and IR clutter effects
Author(s): Rudolf Richter; Joel S. Davis; Michael J. Duggin
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Multispectral modeling of a 2S-3 for HWIL simulations
Author(s): Trina S. Peters; Chris C. Hazelrig; Larry T. Lowe; Douglas P. Barr; Jeffrey S. Sanders
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Statistical evaluation of the camouflage effectiveness of low-emissive coatings
Author(s): Dieter Clement; Bernd K. Bartos
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Computer-augmented detection of targets in cluttered and low-contrast backgrounds
Author(s): Axel Korn; Markus Mueller; C.-K. Sung
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