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Smart Structures and Materials 1997: Smart Electronics and MEMS
Editor(s): Vijay K. Varadan; Paul J. McWhorter

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Volume Number: 3046
Date Published: 19 June 1997

Table of Contents
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Micromachined pressure sensors: review and recent developments
Author(s): William P. Eaton; James H. Smith
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Microfabricated ice-detection sensor
Author(s): Russell G. DeAnna; Mehran Mehregany; Shuvo Roy
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High-G MEMS integrated accelerometer
Author(s): Brady R. Davies; Carole Craig Barron; Stephen Montague; James H. Smith; James R. Murray; Todd R. Christenson; Vesta I. Bateman
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Microactuator fabricated by powder particle assemblage using microprobe technology
Author(s): Takeshi Konno; Mitsuru Egashira; Norio Shinya
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Fabrication of IC-compatible capacitive sensors by polymer processing
Author(s): Michael Pedersen; Wouter Olthuis; Piet Bergveld
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Microstrip antennas for wireless communication in smart structures and active damping
Author(s): Farshad Khorrami; Nirod K. Das; Said Nourbakhsh
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Design and development of smart skin conformal antenna with MEMS structural sensors and actuators
Author(s): Vijay K. Varadan; Vasundara V. Varadan
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Design and testing of an active polyvinylidene fluoride aperture antenna
Author(s): Gregory N. Washington
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High-performance low-cost electronics for switched-capacitance devices
Author(s): Alessandro Gandelli; Roberto Ottoboni
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Clock multiplier with a range up to 370 MHz for video/display signal processing
Author(s): Rida Hamza
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Gray-scale deformable grating spatial light modulator for high-speed optical processing
Author(s): Miles L. Scott; Lawrence A. Bieber; Thottam S. Kalkur
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Forging solid state microactuators through the merging of smart material and microelectromechanical systems
Author(s): Brett J. Pokines; Ephrahim Garcia
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Application of a plastic diaphragm for a silicon micropump
Author(s): In-Byeong Kang; Mun-Tak Son; Malcolm R. Haskard; Noel D. Samaan; Byeong-Kwon Ju
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Application of PZT thin films in microelectromechanical systems
Author(s): Dennis L. Polla
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Structural finite-element modeling strategies for conformal load-bearing antenna structure (CLAS) (Air Force contract F33615-C-93-3200)
Author(s): Allen J. Lockyer; Kevin H. Alt; Jayanth N. Kudva; Robert W. Kinslow; Allan C. Goetz
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Prototype testing and evaluation of a structurally integrated conformal antenna installation in the vertical tail of a military aircraft
Author(s): Allen J. Lockyer; Jayanth N. Kudva; Daniel P. Coughlin; Kevin H. Alt; Christopher A. Martin; Michael D. Durham; Allan C. Goetz
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Conformal load-bearing antenna structures (CLAS): initiative for multiple military and commercial applications
Author(s): Allen J. Lockyer; Kevin H. Alt; Jayanth N. Kudva; Robert W. Kinslow; Allan C. Goetz
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Surface acoustic wave microsensors and applications
Author(s): David W. Galipeau; Patrick R. Story; Kevin A. Vetelino; R. D. Mileham
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IDT, SAW, and MEMS sensors for measuring deflection, acceleration, and ice detection of aircraft
Author(s): Vijay K. Varadan; Vasundara V. Varadan; Xiao-Qi Bao
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Wireless remotely readable microaccelerometer
Author(s): Hareesh Subramanian; Vasundara V. Varadan; Vijay K. Varadan
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Integration of LIGA structures with CMOS circuitary
Author(s): Stefan Stadler; Pratul K. Ajmera
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Critical issues for the application of integrated MEMS/CMOS technologies to inertial measurement units
Author(s): James H. Smith; Stephen Montague; James J. Allen; J. R. Ellis; Scott M. Burgett
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Integrated force array: interface to external systems
Author(s): Stephen M. Bobbio; Stephen W. Smith; Scott H. Goodwin-Johansson; Richard B. Fair; Thomas D. DuBois; Farid M. Tranjan; John A. Hudak; R. Gupta; Hussein Makki
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ASIC chips and their integration to smart devices
Author(s): Neranjen Ramalingam; Vijay K. Varadan; Vasundara V. Varadan
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Overview of micromachined platforms for thermal sensing and gas detection
Author(s): Ronald P. Manginell; James H. Smith; Antonio J. Ricco
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Low-cost MCM-D fabrication and assembly from MIDAS: the multichip module interconnect designer's access service
Author(s): Jennifer Peltier; Wes Hansford
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Compact lossless synthetic network drive/controllers for active devices technologies
Author(s): John J. Murray; Gareth J. Knowles; Bruce L. Bower; Brent L. Spangler
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Design and implementation of digital controllers for smart structures using field-programmable gate arrays
Author(s): Jamie S. Kelly; Hiroshi Clifford Bowman; Vittal S. Rao; Hardy Joseph Pottinger
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Measurement and calibration of dynamic performance of piezoelectric micromotor
Author(s): Zhoumo Zeng; Ming Yang; Xueyou Yang; Jiazi Sun
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Resonant frequencies of an elliptical microstrip antenna
Author(s): P. Mythili; Annapurna Das
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Direct bonding between spacer and field emitter array using an electron-beam-evaporated interlayer
Author(s): Heung-Woo Park; Byeong-Kwon Ju; Yun-Hi Lee; In-Byeong Kang; Noel D. Samaan; Malcolm R. Haskard; Jung-Ho Park; Myung-Hwan Oh
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Anodic bonding technique for silicon-to-ITO coated glass bonding
Author(s): Woo-Beom Choi; Byeong-Kwon Ju; Yun-Hi Lee; Myung-Hwan Oh; Man-Young Sung
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Modified low-temperture direct bonding method for vacuum microelectronics application
Author(s): Byeong-Kwon Ju; Duck-Jung Lee; Woo-Beom Choi; Yun-Hi Lee; Jin Jang; Kwang-Bae Lee; Myung-Hwan Oh
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TiNi shape-memory alloy actuated micropump with fluid isolation
Author(s): William L. Benard; Harold Kahn; Michael A. Huff
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Low-cost patterning and etching systems for production of microelectronic modules
Author(s): Kanti Jain; Thomas J. Dunn
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Smarter Vehicles
Author(s): Christopher E. Borroni-Bird
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