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Smart Structures and Materials 1997: Industrial and Commercial Applications of Smart Structures Technologies
Editor(s): Janet M. Sater

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Volume Number: 3044
Date Published: 23 May 1997

Table of Contents
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Overview of recent progress on the DARPA/USAF Wright Laboratory Smart Materials and Structures Development--Smart Wing program
Author(s): Jayanth N. Kudva; Kari Appa; A. Peter Jardine; Christopher A. Martin; Bernie F. Carpenter
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Comparison of smart wing concepts for transonic cruise drag reduction
Author(s): Fred Austin; Michael J. Siclari; William C. Van Nostrand; G. Nicholas Weisensel; Vishnu Kottamasu; Giuseppe Volpe
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Smart wing wind tunnel model design
Author(s): Christopher A. Martin; Larry Jasmin; John S. Flanagan; Kari Appa; Jayanth N. Kudva
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Smart wing shape memory alloy actuator design and performance
Author(s): A. Peter Jardine; John S. Flanagan; Christopher A. Martin; Bernie F. Carpenter
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Smart wing wind tunnel test results
Author(s): Lewis B. Scherer; Christopher A. Martin; Kari Appa; Jayanth N. Kudva; Mark N. West
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Foam-PVDF smart skin for aircraft interior sound control
Author(s): Cathy Guigou; Chris R. Fuller
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Vertical-tail-buffeting alleviation using piezoelectric actuators: some results of the actively controlled response of buffet-affected tails (ACROBAT) program
Author(s): Robert W. Moses
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Application of smart materials to helicopter rotor active control
Author(s): Friedrich K. Straub; Mark A. Ealey; Lawrence McDonald Schetky
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Potential hypersonic-vehicle maneuvering concepts using smart structures
Author(s): James A. August; Shiv P. Joshi
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Implementation of vortex wake control using SMA-actuated devices
Author(s): Todd R. Quackenbush; Alan J. Bilanin; P. F. Batcho; Robert M. McKillip Jr.; Bernie F. Carpenter
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Piezoelectric actuators for fluid-flow control
Author(s): Louis N. Cattafesta III; Sanjay Garg; Anthony E. Washburn
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Developing 1-3 piezocomposites for large-area smart skin applications
Author(s): Robert Y. Ting; Thomas R. Howarth
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Qualification of smart composites for use in aerospace applications
Author(s): Ursula Herold-Schmidt; Erik Floeth; Baernd Last; Wolfgang Schaefer; Helmut W. Zaglauer
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Structural and performance predictions for an active composite panel
Author(s): Virginia G. DeGiorgi; S. H. McDermott
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Sensor and actuator placement in structures with confined vibrations
Author(s): Daryoush Allaei; Simon Yin-Tsan Shih; David J. Tarnowski
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Active damage interrogation system for structural health monitoring
Author(s): Peter F. Lichtenwalner; James P. Dunne; Ronald S. Becker; Erwin W. Baumann
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DC-XA structural health-monitoring system
Author(s): Erwin W. Baumann; Ronald S. Becker; Phillip J. Ellerbrock; Steven W. Jacobs
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Remotely queried wireless embedded microsensors in composites
Author(s): Donald G. Krantz; John H. Belk
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Development of passive smart structural attachment fixtures
Author(s): Larry D. Thompson; Bruce D. Westermo; Will Law; Robert Trombi; Raymond Waldbusser
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Embedded and surface-mounted fiber optic sensors for civil structural monitoring
Author(s): Daniele Inaudi; Nicoletta Casanova; Pascal Kronenberg; Silvio Marazzi; Samuel Vurpillot
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Multifunctional fiber optic sensor for manufacturing of thermoset matrix composite materials
Author(s): Russell G. May; Kevin A. Shinpaugh; Paul Grems Duncan; Alfred C. Loos; Richard O. Claus
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Application of large-scale active microvibration control system using piezoelectric actuators to semiconductor manufacturing equipment
Author(s): Kouichi Kajiwara; Masaki Hayatu; Sizuo Imaoka; Takafumi Fujita
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Active chatter control system for long-overhang boring bars
Author(s): Douglas R. Browning; Igor Golioto; Norman B. Thompson
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Active chatter control in a milling machine
Author(s): Jeffrey L. Dohner; Terry D. Hinnerichs; James P. Lauffer; Chi-Man Kwan; Mark E. Regelbrugge; Natarajan Shankar
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Development of an active boring bar for increased chatter immunity
Author(s): James M. Redmond; Pat Barney; David Smith
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Real-time machine tool chatter identification and control system
Author(s): Shilong Zhang
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Active control of vibrations of a metal panel by means of piezoelectric actuators and sensors
Author(s): Giorgio Diana; Federico Cheli; Matteo Coppola; Daniel Carroll Conrad
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Design and development of an optical path difference scan mechanism for Fourier transform spectrometers using high-displacement RAINBOW actuators
Author(s): Stephanie A. Wise; Robin C. Hardy; David Edward Dausch
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Fiber optic strain and pressure sensors
Author(s): Kent A. Murphy; Stephen H. Poland
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Method for recoating fiber Bragg gratings with polyimide
Author(s): Martin A. Putnam; Charles G. Askins; G. Smith; E. Joseph Friebele
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Magnetostrictive elastic wave-type linear motion with Terfenol-D
Author(s): Vishnu Kottamasu
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Modeling, optimization, and control of magnetostrictive high force-to-mass ratio reaction mass actuators
Author(s): David M. Dozor; Bob B. Engel; Jerome E. Kiley
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High-authority smart material integrated electric actuator
Author(s): G. Nicholas Weisensel; Thomas D. Pierce; Gary Zunkel
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Integrated smart actuator containing a monolithic coformed accelerometer
Author(s): Robert D. Corsaro; Brian H. Houston; Joseph D. Klunder
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Production of continuous piezoelectric ceramic fibers for smart materials and active control devices
Author(s): Jonathan D. French; Gregory E. Weitz; John E. Luke; Richard B. Cass; Bahram Jadidian; Parag Bhargava; Ahmad Safari
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Properties and performance of RAINBOW piezoelectric actuator stacks
Author(s): Matthew W. Hooker
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Nonlinear electronic control of an electrostrictive actuator
Author(s): Gregory A. Zvonar; Douglas K. Lindner
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Drive electronics for large piezoactuators
Author(s): Dan J. Clingman
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Comparison of vibration control by confinement to conventional active vibration control methods
Author(s): William W. Clark; Fangning Sun; David J. Tarnowski
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Evaluation of actuation schemes used for acoustic attenuation of vibrating surfaces
Author(s): Peter M. Tappert; Mathieu Mercadal; Andreas H. von Flotow
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Smart structures for rotorcraft control (SSRC)
Author(s): A. Dean Jacot
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1-3 piezocomposite SmartPanels
Author(s): Daniel Fiore; Richard L. Gentilman; Hong Pham-Nguyen; William J. Serwatka; Patrick Timothy McGuire; Craig D. Near; Leslie J. Bowen
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DC-XA structural health-monitoring fiber optic-based strain measurement system
Author(s): Phillip J. Ellerbrock
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New fiber optical sensor for manufacturing processes
Author(s): Hangjun Yuan; Bangzhong Zhu
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Micropositioning device using solid state actuators for diamond turning machines: a preliminary experiment
Author(s): Juan Carlos Campos Rubio; Jaime Gilberto Duduch; Arthur Viera Porto
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Measurement and wireless transmission of embedded capacitive microsensor's output using SigmaDelta conversion and radio frequency identification (RFID) technology
Author(s): Pavel Neuzil; Oskar Krenek; F. Michael Serry; G. Jordan Maclay
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Smarter vehicles
Author(s): Christopher E. Borroni-Bird
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