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Smart Structures and Materials 1997: Smart Sensing, Processing, and Instrumentation
Editor(s): Richard O. Claus

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Volume Number: 3042
Date Published: 6 June 1997

Table of Contents
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SIRE technology-based biosensors: will they do the job?
Author(s): Dario Kriz
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Pattern-recognition improvement of an ultrasonic sensor system using multiple steps of transmitter voltages
Author(s): Seung You Na; Min-Sang Park
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Ionic self-assembled monolayer multilayer thin films
Author(s): Yanjing Liu; Anbo Wang; Richard O. Claus
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Selective modal sensing of vibrating beams using piezoelectric films
Author(s): S. Olutunde Oyadiji; M. Solook
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Electrical time domain reflectometry sensing cables as distributed stress/strain sensors in smart material systems
Author(s): Mark W. Lin; Ayo O. Abatan; Musa B. Danjaji
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New sterilization technologies alternative to ethylene oxide
Author(s): Maryam Tabrizian; Sophie Lerouge; Anne Debrie; L'Hocine Yahia
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Ion-exchange-metal composite sensor films
Author(s): Mehran Mojarrad; Mohsen Shahinpoor
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Current loop: a measurement circuit topology alternative to the Wheatstone bridge
Author(s): Karl F. Anderson
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Simultaneous strain and temperature sensing using long-period gratings
Author(s): Vikram Bhatia; David K. Campbell; Daniel Sherr; Richard O. Claus
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Detection and location of point perturbations over a two-dimensional area using two spatially weighted distributed fiber optic sensors
Author(s): William B. Spillman Jr.; Dryver R. Huston
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Ultrahigh-sensitivity strain sensing using fiber cavity etalons
Author(s): E. Joseph Friebele; Martin A. Putnam; Alan D. Kersey; A. S. Greenblatt; Gregory P. Ruthven; Michael H. Krim; Kenneth S. Gottschalck
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Self-sensing E-glass-fiber-reinforced composites
Author(s): David Brooks; Simon A. Hayes; N. A. Khan; K. Zolfaghar; Gerard Franklyn Fernando
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Smart thermal processing of layered material structures for rapid prototyping applications
Author(s): Charalabos C. Doumanidis
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Comparative study of optical fiber cure-monitoring methods
Author(s): Peter A. Crosby; Graham R. Powell; Gerard Franklyn Fernando; David N. Waters; Chris M. France; Ronald C. Spooncer
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Determination of process-induced residual stress in composite materials using embedded fiber optic sensors
Author(s): Craig M. Lawrence; Drew V. Nelson; Thomas E. Bennett; Jay R. Spingarn
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Theodolite-based flexible 3D coordinate system and application in machine vision inspection system
Author(s): Mai Wu; Xuejun Wang; Shenghua Ye; Chunhe Wang; Jilin Duan
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Distributed control system in a car-body inspection station
Author(s): Xueyou Yang; Dahai Ren; Shenghua Ye; Hongbo Lu; Jilin Duan
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Experimental investigation and numerical modeling of flow behavior in resin transfer molding
Author(s): Hossein Golestanian; A. Sherif El-Gizawy; James E. Kurz; John Griffith
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Temperature-insensitive long-period gratings for strain and refractive index sensing
Author(s): Vikram Bhatia; Tiffanie D'Alberto; Noel Zabaronick; Richard O. Claus
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Simultaneous strain and temperature measurements in composites using a multiplexed fiber Bragg grating sensor and an extrinsic Fabry-Perot sensor
Author(s): Tonguy Liu; Gerard Franklyn Fernando; Yun-Jiang Rao; David A. Jackson; Lin Zhang; Ian Bennion
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Second-order sensitivity effects on optical fiber sensors for simultaneous measurement of strain and temperature
Author(s): Jianjun Ma; Weizhong Tang; Wen Zhou
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Measurement of transverse strains with fiber Bragg gratings
Author(s): Craig M. Lawrence; Drew V. Nelson; Eric Udd
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Development of a three-axis strain and temperature fiber optic grating sensor
Author(s): Eric Udd; Craig M. Lawrence; Drew V. Nelson
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Simple method to measure temperature and axial strain simultaneously using one in-fiber Bragg grating sensor
Author(s): Yu-Lung Lo; James S. Sirkis
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Aluminum alloy clad fiber optic corrosion sensor
Author(s): Paul S. Rutherford; Roy Ikegami; John E. Shrader; David Sherrer; Noel Zabaronick; Jason S. Zeakes; Kent A. Murphy; Richard O. Claus
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Grating-based optical fiber corrosion sensors
Author(s): Jonathan A. Greene; Mark E. Jones; Paul Grems Duncan; Carrie L. Kozikowski; Timothy A. Bailey; Russell G. May; Kent A. Murphy; Richard O. Claus
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Crack detection on a full-scale aircraft fatigue test
Author(s): Ian R. Searle; Steve M. Ziola; Bernhard Seidel
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Smart fastener for KC-135 structural integrity monitoring
Author(s): Jeffrey N. Schoess; Greg Seifert
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Optical fiber crack sensor for concrete structures
Author(s): Christopher K.Y. Leung; Niell Elvin; Noah Gale Olson; Theodore F. Morse; Yi-Fei He
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Multiplexed extrinsic Fabry-Perot sensor system for in-situ strain and impact damage detection in composites
Author(s): Tonguy Liu; M. Q. Wu; Gerard Franklyn Fernando; Yun-Jiang Rao; David A. Jackson
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X-ray and fiber optic detection of cracks in concrete using adhesive released from hollow glass fibers
Author(s): Carolyn M. Dry
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Condition monitoring of engineering structures with an optical fiber vibration sensor system
Author(s): Crispin T. M. Doyle; Gerard Franklyn Fernando
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Optical fiber pressure sensors for adaptive wings
Author(s): Paul Grems Duncan; Mark E. Jones; Kevin A. Shinpaugh; Stephen H. Poland; Kent A. Murphy; Richard O. Claus
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Net-based reasoning informatics for civil infrastructure monitoring
Author(s): Stuart S. Chen; Michael F. Lamanna
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Self-diagnosis and self-calibration strategies for distributed intelligent sensor systems
Author(s): Salam Maria Srie Rezeki; Yong Ping Xu; Malcolm R. Haskard; David E. Davey
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Sensor grating demodulation using a passively mode locked fiber laser
Author(s): Martin A. Putnam; Michael L. Dennis; Jin Ung Kang; Tsung-Ein Tsai; Irl N. Duling III; E. Joseph Friebele
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Comparison of the methods of injury evaluation by using optical fiber orthogonal network and neural network
Author(s): Huiwen Wang; Jan Wu; Naiji Li; Di Dai; Fuyuan Xie
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Localized long-gauge-length fiber optic sensor demodulated with wavelength tuning technique
Author(s): Ning Yao Fan; Shang Yuan Huang; Raymond M. Measures
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Distributed grating sensors: an alternative to multiplexed grating arrays?
Author(s): Mark Volanthen; Harald Geiger; John P. Dakin
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Polymer and metal-matrix composite-embedded optical fibers for avionics communication links
Author(s): Scott A. Meller; Jonathan A. Greene; Carrie L. Kozikowski; Kent A. Murphy; Richard O. Claus
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Grating-based optical fiber sensors for structual analysis
Author(s): Vikram Bhatia; David K. Campbell; Marten J. de Vries; Daniel Sherr; Tiffanie D'Alberto; Vivek Arya; Richard O. Claus; Christopher Peter Nemarich
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Pultrusion of smart FRP composites
Author(s): Alexander L. Kalamkarov; Douglas O. MacDonald; Paul A. D. Westhaver
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Multisensor monitoring of drilling of advanced fiber-reinforced composites
Author(s): Anthony Chukwujekwu Okafor; A. Sherif El-Gizawy; E. Ugo. Enemuoh
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Transient load monitoring on a composite hull ship using distributed fiber optic Bragg grating sensors
Author(s): Alan D. Kersey; Michael A. Davis; Timothy A. Berkoff; Anthony D. Dandridge; R. T. Jones; Tsung-Ein Tsai; Gary B. Cogdell; Gunnar Wang; G. B. Havsgaard; Karianne Pran; Sverre Knudsen
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Optical fiber sensor for simultaneous measurement of strain and temperature
Author(s): Xiaodan Jin; James S. Sirkis; Jae-Kang Chung
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