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Medical Imaging 1997: Physiology and Function from Multidimensional Images
Editor(s): Eric A. Hoffman

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Volume Number: 3033
Date Published: 9 May 1997

Table of Contents
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Referential use of American English speech by an African Grey parrot (Psittacus erithacus): phonological output reflects cognitive capacities
Author(s): Irene M. Pepperberg
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How parrots talk: insights based on CT scans, image processing, and mathematical models
Author(s): Dianne K. Patterson; Irene M. Pepperberg; Brad H. Story; Eric A. Hoffman
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Volumetric image-based comparison of male and female vocal tract shapes
Author(s): Brad H. Story; Eric A. Hoffman; Ingo R. Titze
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Application of motion analysis in the study of the effect of botulinum toxin to rat vocal folds
Author(s): Abdul K. Saadah; Nikolas P. Galatsanos; K. Inagi; D. Bless
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Kinematic MRI study of upper-airway biomechanics using electrical muscle stimulation
Author(s): Michael J. Brennick; Susan S. Margulies; John Chetly Ford; Warren B. Gefter; Allan I. Pack
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Automatic assessment of small airways disease with computed tomography
Author(s): Guang-Zhong Yang; Michael Rubens; David M. Hansell
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Intrathoracic airway measurement: ex-vivo validation
Author(s): Joseph M. Reinhardt; Stephen A. Raab; Neil D. D'Souza; Eric A. Hoffman
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Dynamic chest image analysis: model-based ventilation study with pyramid images
Author(s): Jianming Liang; Timo Jaervi; Aaro J. Kiuru; Martti Kormano M.D.; Erkki Svedstrom; Raimo Virkki
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Intrathoracic airway wall detection using graph search and scanner PSF information
Author(s): Joseph M. Reinhardt; Wonkyu Park; Eric A. Hoffman; Milan Sonka
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Measuring, mapping, and modeling brain structure and function
Author(s): Arthur W. Toga; Paul Thompson
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Mapping brain activity in gradient-echo functional MRI using principal component analysis
Author(s): Deepak Khosla; Manbir Singh; Manuel Don
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Diagnostic possibilities with multidimensional images in head and neck area using efficient registration and visualization methods
Author(s): Hans-Florian Uli Zeilhofer; Zdzislaw Krol; Robert Sader; Karl-Heinz Hoffmann; Paul Gerhardt; Markus Schweiger; Hans-Henning Horch
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Quantitative assessment of MS plaques and brain atrophy in multiple sclerosis using semiautomatic segmentation method
Author(s): Tomi Heinonen; Prasun Dastidar; Pertti Ryymin; Antti J. Lahtinen; Hannu Eskola; Jaakko Malmivuo
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Efficient sinogram smoothing for dynamic neuroreceptor PET imaging
Author(s): Xiaochuan Pan; Patrick J. La Riviere; James Ye; J. Mukherjee; Chin-Tu Chen
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Iterative Bayesian maximum entropy method for the EEG inverse problem
Author(s): Deepak Khosla; Manuel Don; Manbir Singh
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Localization, correlation, and visualization of electroencephalographic surface electrodes and brain anatomy in epilepsy studies
Author(s): Benjamin H. Brinkmann; Terence J. O'Brien; Richard A. Robb; Frank W. Sharbrough
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Frequency-domain localization of alpha rhythm in humans via a maximum entropy approach
Author(s): Pankaj Patel; Deepak Khosla; Louai Al-Dayeh; Manbir Singh
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Heterogeneity of myocardial fatty acid tracer uptake in the porcine heart wall
Author(s): Erik Leo Ritman M.D.; Patricia E. Beighley
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Coronary artery diameter variations due to pulse-flow propagation
Author(s): Cornelis H. Slump; Marco Winkelman; Remke Rutgers; Corstiaan J. Storm; Ad C. van Benthem
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Dispersion of transit times within the pulmonary vasculature from microfocal angiograms
Author(s): Anne V. Clough; Qiong Wang; Steven T. Haworth; John H. Linehan; David T. Roerig; Christopher C. Hanger; Christopher A. Dawson
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Comparative analysis of renal flow using contrast power Doppler and gray-scale ultrasound
Author(s): Chandra M. Sehgal; Peter H. Arger; Kenneth C. Bovee; Charles Pugh; Justin I. Kirchhofer
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Three-dimensional power Doppler angiography
Author(s): Zhenyu Guo; Louis-Gilles Durand; David W. Holdsworth; Aaron Fenster
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Accurate 3D reconstruction of tortuous coronary vessels using biplane angiography and intravascular ultrasound
Author(s): Guido P. M. Prause; Steven C. DeJong; Charles R. McKay M.D.; Milan Sonka
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Improved determination of vascular blood-flow shear rate using Doppler ultrasound
Author(s): James B. Farison; Garett A. Begeman; Sergio X. Salles-Cunha; Hugh G. Beebe
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Evaluation of intracranial aneurysms with CT angiography: current status and future direction
Author(s): Yutaka Sato; William Sickels; Jerome Quets; Daniel Crosby; Shereen Chang; Janice Cook-Granroth; Eric A. Hoffman
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Helical CT study of cerebral perfusion and related hemodynamic parameters
Author(s): Aleksa Cenic; Ting-Yim Lee; Rosemary A. Craen; Adrian W. Gelb
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Quantitative flow velocity measurements in vessels, aneurysms, and arteriovenous malformations (AVMs) using droplet path tracing with a biplane pulsed fluoroscopy system
Author(s): Stephen Rudin; Baruch B. Lieber; Ajay K. Wakhloo; Daniel R. Bednarek; Lee R. Guterman; L. Nelson Hopkins
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Effect of photodynamic therapy in intimal hyperplasia by phthalocyanine conjugated to the scavenger-receptor ligand, maleylated bovine serum albumin
Author(s): Shigeki Ito; Tsuneyuki Nagae; Shin Ishimaru; Sara Chau; Triet Dang; Leslie Anne Sabiniano; Mizuho Zempo; Mark C. Booth; Lih-Huei L. Liaw; Tatiana B. Krasieva; Bruce J. Tromberg; Johan E. van Lier; Michael W. Berns; Samuel E. Wilson
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Quantification and visualization of the 3D nonrigid motion of the left ventricle
Author(s): Jinah Park; Dimitri N. Metaxas; Leon Axel
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Display of cardiac activation pathways with echocardiography
Author(s): Bjoern Olstad; Lars Ake Brodin; Sevald Berg
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Left ventricle myocardial border detection in three-dimensional intracardiac ultrasound images
Author(s): Weidong Liang; Prapti Kanani; John Allan; Richard Kerber; Charles R. McKay M.D.; Milan Sonka
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Tracking and analysis of the left ventricle wall's motion
Author(s): Olivier Leteneur; Mehdi Halit; Xavier Marchandise; Jean-Paul Dubus
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Local force model for cine CT cardiac dynamics analysis
Author(s): Jose Gerardo Tamez-Pena; Chang Wen Chen
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Detection and quantification of true 3D motion components of the myocardium using 3D speckle tracking in volumetric ultrasound scans: simulations and initial experimental results
Author(s): Ahmed A. Morsy; George D. Stetten; Olaf T. von Ramm
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In-vivo spinal cord deformation in flexion
Author(s): Qing Yuan; Lawrence Dougherty; Susan S. Margulies
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New method for the kinematic analysis of joints
Author(s): Bruce Elliot Hirsch; Jayaram K. Udupa; Kieran T. Mahan; Gary R. Bauer; Howard J. Hillstrom; J. Bruce Kneeland M.D.
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Movement measurement of isolated skeletal muscle using imaging microscopy
Author(s): David Elias; Hugo Zepeda; Lorenzo S. Leija; Humberto Sossa; Jose I. de la Rosa
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Reducing breast biopsies by ultrasonographic analysis and a modified self-organizing map
Author(s): Yi Zheng; James F. Greenleaf; John J. Gisvold
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Localization of breast tumor using holographic interferometry
Author(s): HyunDae Hong; Daniel B. Sheffer; C. William Loughry
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Segmentation and quantitation of the primary human airway tree
Author(s): Rajendra Chiplunkar; Joseph M. Reinhardt; Eric A. Hoffman
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Virtual endoscopy: quicker and easier disease evaluation
Author(s): David J. Vining; Paul F. Hemler; David R. Stelts; David K. Ahn; Yaorong Ge; Gordon W. Hunt; Christopher Siege; Danny McCorquodale; David M. Honea
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Colonic polyp detection with spiral CT colonography
Author(s): Elizabeth G. McFarland; John Loh; James A. Brink; Dennis M. Balfe; Jay P. Heiken; Barry S. Brunsden; Ge Wang; Michael W. Vannier M.D.
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Automatic segmentation, tissue characterization, and rapid diagnosis enhancements to the computed tomographic colonography analysis workstation
Author(s): Judd E. Reed; C. Daniel Johnson
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Multimodality evaluation of cervical tumors
Author(s): Mark T. Madsen; Nina A. Mayr; William T. C. Yuh; James C. Ehrhardt; Vincent A. Magnotta; Laura L. B. Ponto; Michael W. Vannier M.D.; Richard D. Hichwa
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Development and validation of technique for in-vivo 3D analysis of cranial bone graft survival
Author(s): Mark P. Bernstein; Curtis B. Caldwell; Oleh M. Antonyshyn; Karen Ma; Perry W. Cooper; Lisa E. Ehrlich
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Intuitive modeling of right ventricular shape
Author(s): Peter J. Yim; Belinda Ha; Jose I. Ferreiro; G. William Henry; Craig A. Branch; Timothy A. Johnson; Carol L. Lucas
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