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Micromachining and Imaging
Editor(s): Terry A. Michalske; Mark A. Wendman

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Volume Number: 3009
Date Published: 15 April 1997

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Resistance of Ni nanowires fabricated by STM-CVD
Author(s): Xiang-Dong Wang; Scott E. Rubel; Ulrich Purbach; Alejandro L. de Lozanne
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Fabrication of large-area gratings with submicron pitch using mold micromachining
Author(s): James G. Fleming; Carole Craig Barron; Brian R. Stallard; Sumanth Kaushik
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Mass-producible microtags for security applications: Tolerance analysis by rigorous coupled-wave analysis
Author(s): Michael R. Descour; William C. Sweatt; Avijit K. Ray-Chaudhuri; Kevin D. Krenz; Daniel A. Tichenor; Richard H. Stulen
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Wafer level thin-film solder bonding of a hybrid sensor for interfacial force microscopy
Author(s): Carolyn M. Matzke; Jack E. Houston
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Micromachined aperture probe tip for multifunctional scanning probe microscopy
Author(s): Michael Abraham; Wolfgang Ehrfeld; Manfred Lacher; Karsten Mayr; Wilfried Noell; Peter Guethner; Joachim Barenz
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Atomic force microscopy using small cantilevers
Author(s): Deron A. Walters; Mario Viani; George T. Paloczi; Tilman E. Schaeffer; Jason P. Cleveland; Mark A. Wendman; Gus Gurley; Virgil B. Elings; Paul K. Hansma
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Atomic force microscope for small cantilevers
Author(s): Tilman E. Schaeffer; Mario Viani; Deron A. Walters; Barney Drake; Erik K. Runge; Jason P. Cleveland; Mark A. Wendman; Paul K. Hansma
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Characterization of application-specific probes for SPMs
Author(s): Marco Tortonese; Michael Kirk
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Fabrication of monolithic diamond probes for scanning probe microscopy applications
Author(s): Wenzel Scholz; D. Albert; A. Malave; Stephfan Werner; Christopher Mihalcea; Wilhelm Kulisch; Egbert Oesterschulze
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Microelectromechanical force probe array
Author(s): Scott A. Miller; Kimberly L. Turner; Noel C. MacDonald
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Tapping mode scanning capacitance microscopy: feasibility of quantitative capacitance measurement
Author(s): Kazuya Goto; Kazuhiro Hane
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Micromachined probes for high-frequency scanning force microscopy and scanning thermal microscopy
Author(s): Michael Stopka; Stefan Muenster; T. Leinhos; Christopher Mihalcea; Wenzel Scholz; A. Leyk; W. Mertin; Egbert Oesterschulze
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Focusing properties of a micromachined electron lens
Author(s): David A. Crewe; Marvin M. Ruffin; Alan D. Feinerman
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Near-field optical microscopy nanoarray
Author(s): David J. Semin; W. Patrick Ambrose; Peter M. Goodwin; Joel R. Wendt; Richard A. Keller
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Bent-fiber near-field scanning optical microscopy probes for use with commercial atomic force microscopes
Author(s): Roderick S. Taylor; Kurt E. Leopold; Mark A. Wendman; Gus Gurley; Virgil B. Elings
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Application and characterization of combined SNOM/SFM cantilever probes
Author(s): Stephfan Werner; Stefan Muenster; Sven Heisig; Christopher Mihalcea; Wenzel Scholz; Egbert Oesterschulze
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Microfabricated biaxial electrostatic torsional scanning mirror
Author(s): David L. Dickensheets; Gordon S. Kino
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