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Optoelectronic Interconnects and Packaging IV

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Volume Number: 3005
Date Published: 4 April 1997

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Optoelectronic backplane interconnect technology development (POINT)
Author(s): Yung-Sheng Liu; W. B. Hennessy; R. J. Wojnarowski; Julian P. G. Bristow; Yue Liu; John R. Rowlette Sr.; Jared D. Stack; James T. Yardley; Louay A. Eldada; Richard M. Osgood Jr.; Robert Scarmozzino; Shin H. Lee; Susant K. Patra
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Low-cost integrated-optic fiber couplers
Author(s): Sang K. Sheem; Feng Zhang; Jong-Ho Choi; Yong-Woo Lee; Sarah Low; Shih-Yau Lu
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Use of polymer waveguides for optical interconnection in high-speed communication and signal processing systems
Author(s): Lucie Robitaille; Claire L. Callender; Julian P. Noad; Francois L. Gouin; Carlos Almeida
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Thermal management of free space optical interconnects
Author(s): Nickolaos E. Strifas; Aristos Christou
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Alignment-tolerant lasers and silicon waferboard integration
Author(s): Mario Dagenais; Vijayanand Vusirikala; Scott A. Merritt; Simarjeet S. Saini; Robert E. Bartolo; Dennis Stone
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Optical submount development for high-reliability/performance applications
Author(s): Chad Noddings; Scott Rattan; Al Russo
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Reliability of commercial optical interconnect systems
Author(s): Nickolaos E. Strifas; Chandrasekhar Pusarla; Aristos Christou
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Automated method for fabrication of parallel multifiber cable assemblies with integral connector components
Author(s): Nicholas A. Lee; Scott A. Igl; Barbara A. DeBaun; Gordon D. Henson; Terry L. Smith
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Integrated polymer waveguide mode size transformer with a vertical taper for improved fiber coupling
Author(s): Antao Chen; Vadim Chuyanov; Felix Ignacio Marti-Carrera; Sean M. Garner; William H. Steier; Jinghong Chen; Sam-Shajing Sun; Larry Raymond Dalton
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Effects of interface electronics on the performance of VCSEL-based optical interconnect systems
Author(s): R. K. Kostuck; Andreas C. Cangellaris; Robert R. Boye
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Optimization of diffractive optical interconnect elements for highperformance optoelectronic computing modules
Author(s): David S. McCallum; Peter S. Guilfoyle; Richard V. Stone; John M. Hessenbruch; Christopher L. Coleman; Arthur F. Gmitro; Paul D. Maker; Daniel W. Wilson; Richard E. Muller
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Low-power multichip module and board-level links for data transfer
Author(s): Richard Franklin Carson; Terry L. Hardin; Mial E. Warren; Kevin L. Lear; Michael L. Lovejoy; Pamela K. Seigal; David C. Craft; Paul J. Enquist
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Recent progress in short-distance optical interconnects
Author(s): Julian P. G. Bristow; John A. Lehman; Yue Liu; Mary K. Hibbs-Brenner; Lynn M. Galarneau; Robert A. Morgan
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New processing approach for grafting optoelectronic devices and applications to multichip modules
Author(s): Charles B. Morrison; Ronald L. Strijek; James H. Bechtel
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Polymer waveguide-based high-speed clock signal distribution system
Author(s): Ting Li; Suning Tang; Randy W. Wickman; Linghui Wu; Feiming Li; Michael Dubinovsky; Ray T. Chen
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Unidirectional surface-normal waveguide grating couplers for wafer-scale MCM interconnect
Author(s): Feiming Li; Linghui Wu; Ting Li; Michael Dubinovsky; Suning Tang; Ray T. Chen
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Dispersion-enhanced wavelength division multiplexing
Author(s): Chuang Zhou; Zhenhai Fu; Michael Dubinovsky; Joseph I; Ray T. Chen; Paul Dempewolf
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Ultra-low-loss polymeric waveguides for optical interconnection
Author(s): James T. Yardley; Louay A. Eldada; Kelly M. T. Stengel; Lawrence W. Shacklette; Robert A. Norwood; Chengzeng Xu; Chengjiu Wu
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Characterization of poly(phenylsilsequioxane) for planar integrated optical waveguide applications
Author(s): Kolin S. Brown; B. J. Taylor; Lawrence Anthony Hornak; T. W. Weidman
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Design of an electro-optic directional coupler with four sections poled in four perpendicular directions
Author(s): ZuZhou Yue; Guohua Cao; John Martin Taboada; Jeffery J. Maki; Suning Tang; Ray T. Chen
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Solid state polymerization reactions for passive and active guided-wave components
Author(s): Mohamad Al-Sheikhly; William L. McLaughlin; A. Kovacs; L. Wojnarovits; Christos A. Christou; Aristos Christou; David F. Lewis
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Parallel-optical interconnect development at HP Laboratories
Author(s): Kirk S. Giboney
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Compression-molded three-dimensional tapered optical polymeric waveguides for optoelectronic packaging
Author(s): Suning Tang; Linghui Wu; Feiming Li; Ting Li; Ray T. Chen
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Intraplane to interplane optical interconnects using LiNbO3-based electro-optically modulated switch array for high-density holographic memory
Author(s): DeGui Sun; Chunhe Zhao; Ray T. Chen
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Equal fan-out optical interconnects using DuPont photopolymer films
Author(s): Jian Liu; Chunhe Zhao; Ray T. Chen
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Polyguide polymeric technology for optical interconnect circuits and components
Author(s): Bruce L. Booth; Joseph E. Marchegiano; Catherine T. Chang; Robert J. Furmanak; Douglas M. Graham; Richard G. Wagner
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Experimental performance of an ATM-based buffered hyperplane CMOS-SEED smart pixel array
Author(s): Stefan K. Griebel; M. Richardson; K. E. Devenport; Harvard Scott Hinton
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Design and fabrication of passive optical polymer waveguide components for multimode parallel optical links
Author(s): Robert Scarmozzino; Richard M. Osgood Jr.; Louay A. Eldada; James T. Yardley; Yue Liu; Julian P. G. Bristow; Jared D. Stack; John R. Rowlette Sr.; Yung-Sheng Liu
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Demonstration of a massively parallel bidirectional crosspoint switch with optical control
Author(s): Haijun J. Zhou; John A. Neff; Ye Chen; Val N. Morozov; Adam S. Fedor; Yung-Cheng Lee; C. C. Mao; Wesley Clare Berseth; Timothy S. McLaren; E. Tang
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Oxide-defined VCSEL-based smart pixels for the optical database filter
Author(s): Rui Pu; Eric M. Hayes; Randy Jurrat; Patrick James Stanko; Carl W. Wilmsen; Kent D. Choquette; Kent M. Geib; Hong Q. Hou
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High-speed optical transceiver and routing switch using VCSEL-based integrated optoelectronics
Author(s): Julian Cheng; Yin-Chen Lu; Bo Lu; Gerry G. Ortiz; Andrew C. Alduino; Christopher P. Hains; Hong Q. Hou; Michael J. Hafich; G. Allen Vawter; John C. Zolper
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Versatile processor arrays based on segmented optical buses
Author(s): Yueming Li; Si Qing Zheng; Xiangyang Yang
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Processor arrays with asynchronous TDM optical buses
Author(s): Y. Li; S. Q. Zheng
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Optoelectronic design of the simultaneous optical multiprocessor exchange bus (SOME-Bus)
Author(s): Robert G. Lindquist; Jeffrey H. Kulick; Will E. Cohen; Rhonda K. Gaede; B. Earl Wells; Mustafa A. G. Abushagur; Dashen Shen; Constantine Katsinis; Stephen T. Kowel
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850 nm proton-implanted 8 x 8 VCSEL array design and performance measurements
Author(s): Peter S. Guilfoyle; John M. Hessenbruch; Jack L. Jewell; Henryk Temkin
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High-speed CMOS laser drivers
Author(s): Rohini Sharma; John E. Childers; Fouad E. Kiamilev; Michael R. Feldman
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64-Gbit/s GaAs integrated DANE receiver/laser driver
Author(s): Wei-Heng Chang; Jinghui Mu; Mitchell D. Heins; Milton Feng; Jongwoo Kim; David S. McCallum; Richard V. Stone; Peter S. Guilfoyle
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Wideband four-channel optical transmitter package using vertical cavity surface emitting laser arrays
Author(s): Dino J. Corazza; N. Rajkumar; Barrie P. Keyworth; James N. McMullin; R. Ian MacDonald
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Shrinkage correction of volume phase holograms for optical interconnects
Author(s): Chunhe Zhao; Jian Liu; Zhenhai Fu; Ray T. Chen
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