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Photodetectors: Materials and Devices II

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Volume Number: 2999
Date Published: 15 April 1997

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State of infrared photodetectors and materials
Author(s): Thomas N. Casselman
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Radiative lifetime in semiconductors: influence of photon recycling
Author(s): Christoph H. Grein; Henry Ehrenreich; E. Runge
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GaInAsSb and InAsSbP photodetectors for mid-infrared wavelengths
Author(s): Zane A. Shellenbarger; Michael G. Mauk; Mark Gottfried; Joseph D. Lesko; Louis C. DiNetta
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Isothermal vapor phase epitaxy as a versatile technology for infrared photodetectors
Author(s): Krzysztof Adamiec; Miroslaw Grudzien; Zenon Nowak; Jaroslaw Pawluczyk; Jozef Piotrowski; Jarek Antoszewski; John M. Dell; Charles A. Musca; Lorenzo Faraone
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Sb-based infrared materials and photodetectors for the near-room-temperature applications
Author(s): Jedon D. Kim; Erick J. Michel; H. Mohseini; Joseph S. Wojkowski; J. J. Lee; Manijeh Razeghi
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Improvement of avalanche photodetectors through integration of InGaAs and Si
Author(s): Aaron R. Hawkins; Weishu Wu; John Edward Bowers
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Techniques for the design and simulation of interdigitated MSM photodetectors
Author(s): Laurence W. Cahill
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Equivalent circuit modeling of metal-semiconductor-metal photodiodes with transparent conductor electrodes
Author(s): Sean L. Rommel; David N. Erby; Wei Gao; Paul Raymond Berger; George J. Zydzik; W. W. Rhodes; H. M. O'Bryan; Deborah L. Sivco; Alfred Y. Cho
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MSM-photodetectors with corrugated metal-semiconductor-interface based on III-V semiconductors
Author(s): Nikolas L. Dmitruk; Olga Yu. Borkovskaya; Olga I. Mayeva; Sergey V. Mamikin; Oxana B. Yastrubchak
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Comparative study of surface-plasma enhanced-grating coupled detectors
Author(s): Kannan Krishnaswami; Robert J. Tremblay II; William T. Goodhue; Aram S. Karakashian
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Monolithically integrated resonant-cavity photodetectors for measurement and feedback control of spontaneous and stimulated emission
Author(s): James A. Lott
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High-performance guard ring p-i-n photodetectors for digital fiber optic communications
Author(s): Babatunde Odubanjo; Chen-Show Wang; Wen I. Wang
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Time dependence of the magnetization in Ba2Sr2CaCu2Ox single crystal under zero field cooled condition
Author(s): Jin T. Wang; Wayne K. Dawson; Manford Chinkhota; C. L. Lin; M. Xu; Ted Chen
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Normal-incidence infrared modulators based on InAs/GaSb/AlSb quantum wells grown by molecular beam epitaxy
Author(s): Jody Alperin; Qinghong Du; Wen I. Wang
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Improved performance III-V quantum well IR photodetectors: review of current and potential focal plane technology
Author(s): Lewis T. Claiborne
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Optical coupling mechanisms in quantum well infrared photodetectors
Author(s): Sumith V. Bandara; Sarath D. Gunapala; John K. Liu; Winn Hong; Jin Suk Park
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Simplified quantum well infrared photodetectors
Author(s): Meimei Z. Tidrow
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Dry etching processes for fabrication of QWIPs and other detector structures
Author(s): Stephen J. Pearton
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Effect of compressive strain on the performance of p-type quantum well infrared photodetectors
Author(s): Sheng S. Li; Jerome T. Chu
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Very long wavelength GaAs/GaInP quantum well infrared photodetectors
Author(s): Christopher Louis Jelen; Steven Slivken; Gail J. Brown; Manijeh Razeghi
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Pixelless infrared-imaging device concept
Author(s): Hui Chun Liu
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Can coupling with remote conduction bands cause a sufficient normal-incidence absorption in n-type direct-gap semiconductor quantum wells?
Author(s): Rui Q. Yang
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High-efficiency high-speed (60-GHz) InGaAsP multimode waveguide photodetectors
Author(s): Jean Charles Renaud; Francois A. Deborgies; Y. Combemale; Robert R. Blondeau; Jean-Pascal Duchemin; Jean-Pierre Vilcot; Joseph Harari; Didier J. Decoster
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InP photodetectors for millimeter wave applications based on edge-coupled heterojunction phototransistors
Author(s): Jerome Van de Casteele; Vincent Magnin; Jean-Philippe Gouy; Jean-Pierre Vilcot; Joseph Harari; Sophie Maricot; Didier J. Decoster
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Wide-spectral response photodetectors based on microcrystalline hydrogenated silicon thin films
Author(s): Manuela Vieira; Alessandro Fantoni; Svetoslav Koynov; Reinhard Schwarz
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Noise analysis of the detection unit pixel a-Si:H
Author(s): Peter Balco; Jean-Marie Peransin; Bernard Pierre Orsal
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High-quantum-efficiency 2.2-um InGaAs MOCVD photodiodes
Author(s): Steven Wojtczuk; Peter C. Colter; Murzy D. Jhabvala
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Monolithic InGaAs-on-silicon shortwave infrared detector arrays
Author(s): Abhay M. Joshi; Rene Brown; Eugene A. Fitzgerald; Xinde Wang; Steve M. Ting; Mayank T. Bulsara
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Monolithic active pixel InGaAs focal plane arrays for near-infrared imaging
Author(s): Jiten Sarathy; George A. Gasparian; Michael J. Lange; Marshall J. Cohen; Gregory H. Olsen; Dong-Su Kim; Pavel Studenkov; Stephen R. Forrest
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Photodetectors of slit and sandwich types based on CdS and CdS1-xSex films obtained using MOCVD method from dithiocarbamates
Author(s): Ludmila V. Zavyalova; Sergey V. Svechnikov; Vladimir G. Tchoni
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Requirements and design considerations of UV and x-ray detectors for astronomical purposes
Author(s): Melville P. Ulmer
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AlGaN ultraviolet detectors
Author(s): Manijeh Razeghi; Antoni Rogalski
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Advances in astronomical UV image sensors and associated technologies
Author(s): Charles L. Joseph
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Growth models of GaN thin films based on crystal chemistry: hexagonal and cubic GaN on Si substrates
Author(s): Hitoshi Ohsato; Manijeh Razeghi
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Intrinsic AlxGa1-xN photodetectors for the entire compositional range
Author(s): Danielle Walker; Xiaolong Zhang; Adam W. Saxler; Patrick Kung; Jianren Xu; Manijeh Razeghi
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High-sensitivity photodetectors made with charge-transfer polymer blends
Author(s): Gang Yu; Jun Gao; Cuiying Yang; Alan J. Heeger
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Highly sensitive and wideband optical detector in patterned YBa2Cu3O7-d thin film
Author(s): Ken'ichi Tanaka; Yuichi Harada; Martin Danerud; Matsuo Sekine; Motoichi Ohtsu
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Wavelength-selective photodetectors based on dye-superconductor assemblies
Author(s): Sara J. Eames; David C. Jurbergs; Steven M. Savoy; Jianai Zhao; John Thomas McDevitt
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Case for superconductivity associated primarily with charge-reservoirs rather than cuprate planes
Author(s): John D. Dow
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Room-temperature operation of a YBaCuO microbolometer
Author(s): Zeynep Celik-Butler; Donald P. Butler; Agha Jahanzeb; John E. Gray; C.M. Travers
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Terahertz radiation from high-Tc superconducting films excited by femtosecond optical pulses
Author(s): Masanori Hangyo
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Spectral-component monitoring and control of pulsed laser deposition of YBCO films
Author(s): Rand R. Biggers; Paul T. Murray; David B. Mast; I. Maartense; T. L. Peterson; D. Dempsey; C. Varanasi; S. Murray; D. P. Lubbers; S. Laube; B. Lovett; Eric K. Moser; J. L. Brown; D. C. Liptak; John D. Busbee
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Growth of III-nitrides for photodetector applications
Author(s): Ian T. Ferguson; Chuong A. Tran; Robert F. Karlicek Jr.; Zhe Chuan Feng; Richard A. Stall; Shaohua Liang; W. Cai; Yuxin Li; Y. Liu; Y. Lu
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Nonlinear photoresponse of quantum well infrared photodetectors at high-excitation power
Author(s): Maxim Ershov; Hui Chun Liu; Margaret Buchanan; Zbigniew R. Wasilewski
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Design issues relating to low-temperature dark current in quantum well infrared photodetectors
Author(s): Anjali Singh; David A. Cardimona
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