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Photosensitive Optical Materials and Devices
Editor(s): Mark P. Andrews

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Volume Number: 2998
Date Published: 23 January 1997

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Material considerations for Bragg fiber gratings
Author(s): Laurence Reekie; Liang Dong
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Phenomenological model of UV-induced Bragg grating growth in germanosilicate fibers
Author(s): Joerg Huebner; Mikael Svalgaard; Lars Gruener-Nielsen; Martin Kristensen
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Fabrication of high-rejection low-loss filters by the concatenation of broadly chirped fiber Bragg gratings
Author(s): Kate Sugden; Lin Zhang; Lorna A. Everall; Ian Bennion
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Single and multi-passband broadband moire filters from dual exposure of uniform-period and chirped phase masks
Author(s): Kate Sugden; Lorna A. Everall; John A. R. Williams; Ian Bennion
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Stress-dependent kinetics of UV-induced refractive index change in germanosilicate fibers
Author(s): Bertrand Poumellec; Pierre Niay; Thierry Taunay
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Experimental and theoretical study of stable negative index gratings formed at 193 nm
Author(s): Liang Dong; W. F. Liu; Laurence Reekie
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Photosensitivity of fluoride glass planar waveguides doped with rare earth ions (Ce3+, Eu2+, Er3+)
Author(s): Marc Douay; Wenxiang Xie; Pascal Bernage; Pierre Niay; Brigitte Boulard; Youping Gao; Charles Jacoboni; H. Poignant
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Photodegradation of fluoride glass blue fiber laser
Author(s): Alain Chandonnet; Pierre Laperle; Sophie LaRochelle; Real Vallee
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Annealing of gratings photowritten in tin-codoped germanosilicate preform plates and fibers
Author(s): Marc Douay; Wenxiang Xie; Pascal Bernage; David Pureur; Pierre Niay; Bertrand Poumellec; Liang Dong
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Investigation of defects in highly photosensitive germanosilicate thin films
Author(s): Kelly Simmons-Potter; Barrett G. Potter Jr.; W. L. Warren
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Strong Bragg gratings in nonsensitized low-loss planar waveguides as building blocks for WDM network components
Author(s): Joerg Huebner; Jean-Marc Jouanns; Jens Engholm Pedersen; Rasmus Kromann; Thomas Feuchter; Martin Kristensen
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Hydrogen enhancement of near-UV photosensitivity of germanosilicate glass
Author(s): Dmitry S. Starodubov; Eugeni M. Dianov; Sergei A. Vasiliev; Artem A. Frolov; Oleg I. Medvedkov; Alexey O. Rybaltovski; V. A. Titova
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Modification of the properties of silica glasses by ion implantation
Author(s): John L. Brebner; Louis B. Allard; Marc Verhaegen; Mourad Essid; Jacques Albert; Peter Simpson; Andrew P. Knights
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Novel type of highly photosensitive germanium-doped silica glass: codoping with nitrogen
Author(s): Christian V. Poulsen; Torben Storgaard-Larsen; Joerg Huebner; Otto Leistiko
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Ultrastrong UV-written gratings in PECVD-grown germanosilicate waveguides
Author(s): David J. Moss; John Canning; Marcy Faith; S. Madden; P. Kemeny; Leon Poladian; Francois J. Ladouceur; John D. Love; Christian V. Poulsen; Otto Leistiko
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Structural defect control and photosensitivity in reactively sputtered germanosilicate glass films
Author(s): Barrett G. Potter Jr.; Kelly Simmons-Potter; W. L. Warren; Judith A. Ruffner; Dorothy C. Meister
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Near-UV photosensitivity of Ge-doped silica fibers
Author(s): Eugeni M. Dianov; Dmitry S. Starodubov; Sergei A. Vasiliev; Artem A. Frolov; Oleg I. Medvedkov
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Photosensitive organized organic films in the light of bound electromagnetic waves
Author(s): Zouheir Sekkat; Wolfgang Knoll
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Dipolar cooperative motion in amorphous azo copolymers: a molecular addressing possibility
Author(s): Almeria Natansohn; Paul L. Rochon; Michel Pezolet; Thierry Buffeteau; Xian Sheng Meng
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Photofabrication of surface relief gratings on azobenzene polymer films
Author(s): Dong Yu Kim; Taek-Seung Lee; Xianyan Wang; Xinli Jiang; Lian Li; Jayant Kumar; Sukant K. Tripathy
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Photoassisted poling vs thermal poling in copolymides for second-order nonlinear optics
Author(s): Jerome Chauvin; Keitaro Nakatani; Jacques A. Delaire; C. Marestin; Regis Mercier; Bernard Sillion
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Anistrophy of the photo-induced translation diffusion of azobenzene dyes
Author(s): Philippe Lefin; Celine Fiorini; Jean-Michel Nunzi
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Optically inscribed surface gratings in azo polymers used in resonant structures
Author(s): Paul L. Rochon; Almeria Natansohn
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Self-developing photopolymer for the fabrication of relief micro-optical elements
Author(s): Celine Croutxe-Barghorn; Sergio Calixto; Daniel-Joseph Lougnot
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Charge transfer phenomenon in holographic recording material: dichromated polyacrylic acid
Author(s): Gurusamy Manivannan; Roger A. Lessard; Christine Pizzocaro; Michel Bolte
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Nonlinear refractive indices of polydiacetylene microcrystals
Author(s): Hiro Matsuda; Shinji Yamada; Edward R. Van Keuren; Hideyuki Katagi; Hitoshi Kasai; Shuji Okada; Hidetoshi Oikawa; Hachiro Nakanishi; Euan C. Smith; Ajoy Kumar Kar; Brian S. Wherrett
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UV-cured organic polymer gain medium and its application possibility
Author(s): Shoji Miyoshi; Seiichiro Hayakawa; Iwao Seo; Heihachi Sato
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Optical switching through photoisomerization: basics of the mechanism in rhodopsin and stilbene
Author(s): Valentin D. Vachev; Kathleen Nojima; John H. Frederick
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All-optical patterning of 3D microstructures in azo polymers: toward a full control of the molecular order
Author(s): Celine Fiorini; Jean-Michel Nunzi; Fabrice Charra; Paul Raimond
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Characterization of photochromic and photorefractive chromophores
Author(s): Christopher R. Moylan; I. Heng McComb; Robert J. Twieg; Ruediger W. Wortmann
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Layer-by-layer reading of information in bacteriorhodopsin-based 3D optical memory
Author(s): Elena A. Nikanorova; Vladimir B. Kotov
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High-efficiency laser coupling in BaTiO3 mutually pumped phase-conjugate mirror using novel configurations
Author(s): Chi Ching Chang; David R. Selviah
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Photoconductivity of multicomponent films of poly-N-epoxypropylcarbazole/fullerene (C60/C70) condensate
Author(s): Alexey Koval; Yury Savin; Alexander Tolmachev; Roman Kuz'min
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Excited-state optical storage study in a dye-doped film using four-wave mixing spectroscopy
Author(s): Xinxian Bao; Chunfei Li; Hongjing Kan; Lu Dai; William M. Tong
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Photoelectroluminescent electric field intensity sensor
Author(s): Tadeusz Pustelny
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Photosensitive optical materials: the photochemistry of some selected systems
Author(s): Jean-Pierre Fouassier
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