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Integrated Optics Devices: Potential for Commercialization
Editor(s): S. Iraj Najafi; Mario Nicola Armenise

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Volume Number: 2997
Date Published: 23 January 1997

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Strained multiple-quantum-well lasers grown on GaSb emitting between 2 and 2.4 um
Author(s): Alexei N. Baranov; Y. Cuminal; N. Bertru; Claude L. Alibert; Andre Francis Joullie
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High-power InAsSb/InAsSbP laser diodes emitting at 3- to 5-um range
Author(s): Manijeh Razeghi; Jacqueline E. Diaz; Hyuk Jong Yi; D. Wu; B. Lane; Adam Rybaltowski; Y. H. Xiao; Harry Jeon
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Transient temperature behavior of GaAlAs/GaAs high-power laser arrays on different heat sinks
Author(s): Roland Puchert; M. Voss; Ch. Lier; A. Baerwolff
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Optical control of millimeter-wave performance of photosensitive heterojunction DDRs in MITATT mode
Author(s): Shankar P. Pati; S. Satpathy; G. N. Dash; A. K. Panda
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Overview of sol-gel guest-host materials chemistry for optical devices
Author(s): Mark P. Andrews
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Silicon-on-insulator photonic integrated circuit (SOI-PIC) technology
Author(s): Bahram Jalali
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Novel sol-gel fabrication of integrated optical waveguides
Author(s): M. Amir Fardad; Mark P. Andrews; S. Iraj Najafi
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Organoaluminophosphate sol-gel silica glass thin films for integrated optics
Author(s): Tahar Touam; Galina Milova; Z. Saddiki; M. Amir Fardad; Mark P. Andrews; Salim K. Juma; Jacek Chrostowski; S. Iraj Najafi
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Optimized design and fabrication of integrated optic 1x32 and 2x32 multifunnel power splitters in polymer
Author(s): Winfried Bernhard; Christoph A. Waechter; Lars Friedrich; Andreas H. Braeuer; Wolfgang Karthe
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Erbium in photosensitive hybrid organoaluminosilicate sol-gel glasses
Author(s): Galina Milova; S. Iraj Najafi; Andrei G. Skirtach; David J. Simkin; Mark P. Andrews
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Sol-gel thin films for integrated light sources in the visible range
Author(s): Laurent Buisson; Daniele Blanc; Youcef Ouerdane; Aziz Boukenter
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Polymer integrated modulators for photonic data link applications
Author(s): Wenshen Wang; Yongqiang Shi; David J. Olson; Weiping Lin; James H. Bechtel
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Polymeric digital optical switch with a linear branch and an optimized coupling region
Author(s): Sang-Shin Lee; Sang-Yung Shin
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Yes, small firms can commercialize photonics
Author(s): Carl W. Nelson
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Commercialization issues and funding opportunities for high-performance optoelectronic computing modules
Author(s): John M. Hessenbruch; Peter S. Guilfoyle
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Integration of optical devices on planar substrates
Author(s): Christian Lerminaux; Richard O. Maschmeyer
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Electro-optic modulator with quasi-velocity matching
Author(s): Fengzhen Guo; Changtai Yu
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Self-contained decoating method utilizing a high-peak-power flashlamp
Author(s): James B. Bender
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Some innovative optoelectronics applications valuable for space
Author(s): Rudolfo Mura; Vittorio M. N. Passaro; Anna Maria Matteo
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Phase diagram of HxLi1-xNbO3 optical waveguides
Author(s): Yuri N. Korkishko; Vyacheslav A. Fedorov; Vladimir V. Nosikov; Sergey M. Kostritskii; Marc P. De Micheli
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Software tools for integrated optics design
Author(s): Ari Tervonen
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Integrated optical directional couplers: how effective are design and modeling for device production?
Author(s): Giancarlo C. Righini; Giancarlo Conti; Michele A. Forastiere
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Applications of standard BPM algorithms
Author(s): Christoph A. Waechter; Martin Palme; Peter Schreiber
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Numerical simulation of a/uc-Si:H p-i-n photodiode under nonuniform illumination: a 2D transport problem
Author(s): Alessandro Fantoni; Manuela Vieira; J. Cruz; Rodrigo Martins
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Analysis of the optical noise behavior of a LiNbO3 electro-optic modulator
Author(s): Philippe Signoret; Bernard Pierre Orsal; Jean-Marie Peransin; Robert M. Alabedra
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MOLCAR: a very efficient and accurate design tool for the hybrid analysis of multilayered waveguide structures
Author(s): Dennis Kremer; Reinhold Pregla
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Recent development on silica waveguide technology for integrated optics
Author(s): Soichi Kobayashi
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Potential for fabrication of sol-gel-derived integrated optical amplifiers
Author(s): Xavier Orignac; Denis Barbier
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Impact of phase mask technique in guided-wave device production
Author(s): Salim K. Juma; Peter Kung; Chad Clark
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Photon manipulation by means of passive integrated optic circuits
Author(s): Hamid Hatami-Hanza; S. Iraj Najafi
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Integrated optics Er:Yb amplifier with potassium ion-exchanged glass waveguides
Author(s): P. Meshkinfam; Philippe Fournier; M. Amir Fardad; Mark P. Andrews; S. Iraj Najafi
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Silicon thermo-optic micromodulators for low-cost low-performance fiber-in-the-loop applications
Author(s): Ivo Rendina; Giuseppe Cocorullo; Francesco G. Della Corte; Pasqualina M. Sarro
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1x8 single-mode fused optical fiber couplers
Author(s): Damien Stryckman; Suzanne Lacroix; Xavier Daxhelet; Denis Ricard; Jacques Bures; Francois Gonthier
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High-isolation 1480- to 1550-nm WDM in single-mode fused fibers
Author(s): Lilian Martineau; Suzanne Lacroix; Xavier Daxhelet; Denis Ricard; Jacques Bures; Francois Gonthier
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Diode laser array to optical fiber multiplexing via glass waveguide
Author(s): M. Mashayekhi; Tahar Touam; Weijian Wang; Ezio Berolo; S. Iraj Najafi
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Integrated optics for instrumentation applications
Author(s): Pentti Karioja; Jouko Lammasniemi; Ari Tervonen; Seppo Honkanen
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In-situ measurement of the optical constant of ultrathin films using optical fiber sensor
Author(s): Naganori Takezawa; Isamu Kato
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