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Atom Optics
Editor(s): Mara Goff Prentiss; William D. Phillips

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Volume Number: 2995
Date Published: 1 May 1997

Table of Contents
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Atom optics: from basic science to applications
Author(s): Alain Aspect
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Bright metastable helium atomic beam for lithography and atom optics
Author(s): Kenneth G. H. Baldwin; W. Lu; D. Milic; R. M. S. Knops; M. D. Hoogerland; S. J. Buckman
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Interferometry with atoms and molecules: a tutorial
Author(s): David E. Pritchard; Michael S. Chapman; Christopher R. Ekstrom; Troy D. Hammond; David A. Kokorowski; Alan Lenef; Richard A. Rubenstein; Joerg Schmiedmayer; Edward T. Smith
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Atom interferometry using Bragg scattering of atoms from standing light waves
Author(s): Siu Au Lee; David M. Giltner
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Quantum harmonic oscillator state synthesis and analysis
Author(s): Wayne M. Itano; Christopher R. Monroe; D. M. Meekhof; D. Leibfried; B. E. King; David J. Wineland
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Atom waves in crystals made of light
Author(s): Roland Abfalterer; Stefan Bernet; Claudia Keller; Markus K. Oberthaler; Joerg Schmiedmayer; Anton Zeilinger
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An atomic funnel for atom interferometry
Author(s): David H. McIntyre; S. K. Mayer; N.J. Silva
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Nanometer-scale lithography with chromium and helium atoms
Author(s): Thomas Schulze; Ulrich Drodofsky; B. Brezger; J. Stuhler; S. Nowak; Tilman Pfau; Juergen Mlynek
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Nanofabrication via atom optics with chromium
Author(s): Jabez J. McClelland; W. R. Anderson; Robert J. Celotta
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Using neutral metastable argon atoms and contamination lithography to form nanostructures in silicon, silicon dioxide, and gold
Author(s): Kent S. Johnson; Karl K. Berggren; Andrew J. Black; Charles T. Black; Arthur P. Chu; Nynke H. Dekker; D. C. Ralph; Joseph H. Thywissen; Rebecca J. Younkin; Mara Goff Prentiss; Michael Tinkham; George M. Whitesides
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Demonstration of a nanolithographic system using a self-assembled monolayer resist for neutral atomic cesium
Author(s): Rebecca J. Younkin; Karl K. Berggren; Eunice L. Cheung; Kent S. Johnson; Mara Goff Prentiss; Andrew J. Black; George M. Whitesides; D. C. Ralph; Charles T. Black; Michael Tinkham
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Hollow-fiber evanescent light-wave atom-bottle trap
Author(s): Jonathan P. Dowling
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Atom guidance using evanescent waves in small hollow optical fibers and its applications
Author(s): Haruhiko Ito; Keiji Sakaki; Wonho Jhe; Motoichi Ohtsu
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Dynamic atom optics to produce ultraslow, ultracold helium atoms: design study and possible applications
Author(s): R. Bruce Doak; K. Kevern; Andrew Chizmeshya; Rudolf David; George Comsa
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Stimulated light forces using picosecond laser pulses
Author(s): Immanuel Bloch; A. Goepfert; D. Haubrich; F. Lison; R. Schuetze; Robert Wynands; Dieter Meschede
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Cooling atoms in a far-detuned optical lattice
Author(s): David S. Weiss; S. Lukman Winoto; Mark T. DePue
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Atom-trapping in the Lamb-Dicke regime in a far-off-resonance optical lattice
Author(s): David L. Haycock; Steven E. Hamann; Gerd Klose; Poul S. Jessen
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Atom optics and interferometry with atomic mirrors
Author(s): Markus Arndt; P. Desbiolles; D. Guery-Odelin; A. Steane; P. Szriftgiser; Jean Dalibard
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Cold atom reflection from curved magnetic mirrors
Author(s): Ifan G. Hughes; P. A. Barton; M. G. Boshier; Edward A. Hinds
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Atom optics with permanent magnetic components
Author(s): Dieter Meschede; Immanuel Bloch; A. Goepfert; D. Haubrich; M. Kreis; F. Lison; R. Schuetze; Robert Wynands
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Transient atom optics: reflection and transmission of atoms by a time-dependent laser field
Author(s): Xia Miao Zeng; Weiping Zhang
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Prospects of matter wave amplification by optical pumping
Author(s): Martin Wilkens; Ulf Janicke
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Bose-Einstein condensation of lithium
Author(s): Randy G. Hulet; Curtis C. Bradley; C. A. Sackett
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Quantum dynamics of an atomic Bose-Einstein condensate
Author(s): Gerard J. Milburn; Joel F. Corney; D. Harris; E. M. Wright; D. F. Walls
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Detection of macroscopic quantum coherence of a Bose-Einstein condensate by electronic spin echo
Author(s): Weiping Zhang; Guo-Qiang Liu
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Theoretical study of atom optics experiments with a cylindrical hollow fiber and a solid fiber
Author(s): Hyun Cheol Nha; Wonho Jhe
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Atomic self-trapping and self-focusing in a light medium
Author(s): Weiping Zhang; Barry C. Sanders; Weihan Tan
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Modulated Rabi oscillation of a weakly interacting Bose gas in electronic spin resonance
Author(s): Weiping Zhang; Guo-Qiang Liu
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Simple atom trap in a hollow mirror and its application to atom optics
Author(s): Kwanil I. Lee; Jongan I. Kim; Heung-Ruoul Noh; Wonho Jhe
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Atomic beam propagation effects: index of refraction and longitudinal tomography
Author(s): David A. Kokorowski; Troy D. Hammond; Edward T. Smith; Richard A. Rubenstein; Al-Amin Dhirani; Joerg Schmiedmayer; David E. Pritchard
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Nanoscale pattern generation with cesium atomic beams and light forces
Author(s): Dieter Meschede; F. Lison; M. Kreis; H.-J. Adams; S. Nowak; D. Haubrich
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