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Modeling and Simulation of Higher-Power Laser Systems IV

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Volume Number: 2989
Date Published: 2 May 1997

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Numerical designs of 100-kW-class solid-media lasers
Author(s): Santanu Basu; James Depsky; Rashmi S. Shah; Tom Endo
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Modeling high-brightness kW solid state lasers
Author(s): Gerald W. Holleman; George M. Harpole; Hagop Injeyan; Richard H. Moyer; Marcy M. Valley; Jason P. Machan; Randall J. St. Pierre; Jacqueline Gish Berg; Leonard J. Marabella
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Simulations of the lasing properties of a thin-disk laser combining high-output powers with good beam quality
Author(s): Karsten Contag; Uwe Brauch; Steffen Erhard; Adolf Giesen; Ingo Johannsen; Martin Karszewski; Christian Stewen; Andreas Voss
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Analytical model for output optimization of fiber-coupled laser-diode end-pumped lasers
Author(s): Yung Fu Chen; S. C. Wang; Ting-Ming Huang; C. F. Kao; Chi Luen Wang
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Estimating stress and strain in end-pumped laser crystals: the case of Cr:LiCAF rod
Author(s): Usamah O. Farrukh
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Modeling of efficient mode-matching and thermal-lensing effect on a laser-beam coupling into a mode-cleaner cavity
Author(s): Noboru Uehara; Eric K. Gustafson; Martin M. Fejer; Robert L. Byer
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Theoretical modeling of diode-laser-pumped 3-um Er3+ crystal lasers
Author(s): Mark Tikerpae; Stuart D. Jackson; Terence A. King
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Numerically calculated Q-switched laser output characteristics of high-power diode-laser-pumped Nd:YAG laser
Author(s): Prasanta Kundu; Arvind D. Shaligram; V. N. Saxena
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Two-dimensional source flow gain model for the chemical oxygen-iodine laser
Author(s): Drew A. Copeland; Tientsai T. Yang
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New interpolation method to eliminate intensity spiking artifacts when modeling laser optical extraction
Author(s): Drew A. Copeland; Arthur H. Bauer
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Analytical evaluation of kinetics in oxygen-iodine laser nozzle flows
Author(s): Victor Quan
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Modeling of chemical oxygen-iodine lasers
Author(s): Tientsai T. Yang; Ralph A. Cover; Victor Quan; D. M. Smith; Arthur H. Bauer; William E. McDermott; Drew A. Copeland
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Low-threshold VUV amplification in Kr gases with a bichromatic-coupling method
Author(s): Masahiro Takeoka; Atsushi Uchida; Tsuneo Nakata; Fumihiko Kannari
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Optical modeling of the Jefferson Laboratory IR demo FEL
Author(s): George R. Neil; Stephen V. Benson; Michelle D. Shinn; Paul C. Davidson; Peter K. Kloeppel
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Modeling of a filamental discharge formation and development in ArF excimer laser
Author(s): Haruaki Akashi; Yosuke Sakai; Hiroaki Tagashira; Nobuaki Takahashi; Tai Sasaki
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Theoretical analysis of the energy-transfer process of a 2-kW XeCl laser with a spiker-sustainer circuit
Author(s): Yoshio M. Saitoh; Yukio Sato; Shuichi Fujikawa; Mitsuo Inoue; Kenyu Haruta
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Test stand for gas-discharge chamber of TEA CO2 lasers with pulse-periodical energy supply
Author(s): Vladimyr Pavlovytch Shorin; N. D. Bystrov; O. A. Zhuravlyov; V. V. Nekrasov
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Numerical modeling of thermal effects in nonlinear crystals for high-average-power second harmonic generation
Author(s): Stefan Seidel; Guido Mann
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Dual-wavelength-pumped cascaded fiber-Raman converters for wide-range wavelength conversion
Author(s): Atsushi Uchida; Masahiro Takeoka; Fumihiko Kannari
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Computer simulation of generation and propagation of ultrashort high-power laser pulses in optical systems
Author(s): Alexander A. Andreev; Vera D. Vinokurova; Alexander N. Sutyagin; Anatoly N. Shatsev
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Modeling of high-power cw Nd:YAG laser welding
Author(s): Evelyne Dumord; Jean-Marie Jouvard; Dominique F. Grevey
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Numerical modeling on pulse discharge for a high-power fast-axial-flow CO2 laser
Author(s): Xiaoyuan Peng; Shimin Li; Lei Xu
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High-power laser interaction with liquid aerosols
Author(s): Yuri E. Geints; Vitalii A. Pogodaev; Alexander A. Zemlyanov
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Influence of wavefront dislocations on phase conjugation instability with thermal blooming compensation
Author(s): Vladimir P. Lukin; Boris V. Fortes
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