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Gas and Chemical Lasers and Applications II
Editor(s): Robert C. Sze; Ernest A. Dorko

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Volume Number: 2987
Date Published: 4 April 1997

Table of Contents
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Microwave-discharge-excited CO2 laser using orthogonal electric fields
Author(s): Koichi Saito; Makoto Kato; Hiroyoshi Yajima; Nobuaki Furuya; Minoru Kimura; Shigeki Yamane
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High-power 24-channel radial array slab rf-excited carbon dioxide laser
Author(s): Walter D. Bilida; James D. Strohschein; Herb J. J. Seguin
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Influence of shock waves in the discharge region of a TEA CO2 laser
Author(s): Masayoshi Hagiwara; Mitsutoshi Suzuki; Osamu Suto; Takeshi Takahashi; Shinichiroh Kosugi; Sho Hibino; Akira Suda; Hideo Tashiro
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High-beam quality and high-average-power industrial CO2 lasers
Author(s): Yushi Takenaka; Koji Yasui; Shigenori Yagi
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Single-mode frequency-agile 9-11 um CO2 laser local oscillator
Author(s): Richard S. Eng; James F. Cunningham; Yu-Lin Wang; Victor H. Hasson
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Field Ladar Demonstration (HI-CLASS) program: a review of the phase 2 testing effort
Author(s): Mark A. Kovacs; Gordon L. Dryden; Victor H. Hasson; Donald Ruffatto; Richard H. Pohle; Richard Wendt; Stanley R. Czyzak; Debora E. Mosley; Marsha J. Fox
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High-energy CO2 lasers pumped by e-beam-controlled discharge with different pulse durations
Author(s): Victor F. Tarasenko; Victor M. Orlovskii
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Mobile high-power gas-dynamic CO2 laser installation for technological applications
Author(s): Vyatcheslav T. Karpukhin; Yuri B. Konev; Anatoly Sidorenko
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Processing of amorphous silicon flat panel displays with large-area excimer lasers
Author(s): Marc X. Stehle; Bruno Godard; Jean-Louis P. Stehle
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Compact ArF excimer lasers specific to microlithography and surgery
Author(s): Hitoshi Sekita; Jun-ichi Yano; Akifumi Tada; Masashi Tamegai; Kenichi Yoshida; Tadashi Kasamatsu; Shinji Ito; Takashi Saito; Yukio Ogura
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Large-area surface-discharge UV light source for materials processing applications
Author(s): Robert C. Sze
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Theoretical and experimental investigations of the 1-kW XeCl laser with UV pre-ionization
Author(s): Vladimir M. Borisov; Oleg B. Khristoforov; Yurii B. Kirykhin; Aleksandr Yu. Vinokhodov; Andrei I. Demin; Andrei V. Dem'yanov
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Progress in high-average-power CuBr vapor lasers
Author(s): Nikola V. Sabotinov; Krasimir D. Dimitrov; Chris E. Little
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Effective metal vapor segregator for metal vapor laser
Author(s): Yuzhi Wang; Ping Wu; Ying Zhou
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Recent progress in high-power para-H2 and ortho-D2 Raman lasers
Author(s): Akira Suda; Hideo Tashiro; Takuya Takasaki; Kazumi Sato; Keigo Nagasaka
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Power-flow investigation for evaluating COIL performance
Author(s): Willy L. Bohn; Wolfgang O. Schall; Lutz H. von Entress-Fuersteneck; Juergen Handke; K. Grunewald
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High-frequency temporal structure of laser and phase-conjugated signals at intracavity degenerate four-wave mixing of CO2 and CO laser radiation in their inverted medium
Author(s): Christopher T. Beairsto; Andrei A. Ionin; Andrei A. Kotkov; R. Penny; Leonid V. Seleznev; Stephen M. Squires; Robert F. Walter
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Improved mass-spectrometric technique for gas lasers
Author(s): Yuzhi Wang; Junjian Li; Zonglin Huang
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New technique for manufacturing long-lifetime helium cadmium laser of the positive column type
Author(s): Yuzhi Wang; Ping Wu; Zuyuan Wang
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Action of electrons in rf discharge and high-power CO2 lasers
Author(s): ZhiGuo Lu; Jiang-xiao Tian; Li-wen Shen; Qing-yian Dong; Xiaoyun Hu; Yinsui Zhou
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Failure mechanism of helium cadmium lasers of the positive column type
Author(s): Yuzhi Wang; Xing-bi Ren; Dongyan Liu
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Lifetime studies for a high-repetition-rate TEA CO2 laser with high-pressure mass-spectrometric technique
Author(s): Yuzhi Wang; Biao Huang; Xiaoyan Chen
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Characteristics of CO2 laser with distributing catalyzing metal rings sited at the inner wall of the discharge capillary
Author(s): Yuzhi Wang; Xiaoyan Chen; Xiao-gan Dong; Zhen Huang
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Rational pumping system for high-power industrial CO2 laser
Author(s): Vladimir G. Niziev; Vladislav Ya. Panchenko
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Operating experience with a high-throughput jet generator
Author(s): William E. McDermott; John C. Stephens; John Vetrovec; Robert A. Dickerson
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Regeneration of basic hydrogen peroxide and chlorine for use in chemical oxygen iodine laser
Author(s): John Vetrovec
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Singlet oxygen generator for a supersonic chemical oxygen iodine laser: parametric study and recovery of chemicals
Author(s): Otomar Spalek; Jarmila Kodymova
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