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Optical Methods for Tumor Treatment and Detection: Mechanisms and Techniques in Photodynamic Therapy VI
Editor(s): Thomas J. Dougherty

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Volume Number: 2972
Date Published: 8 May 1997

Table of Contents
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PDT of the endometrium using ALA
Author(s): Michael J. Gannon; David I. Vernon; J. Andrew Holroyd; Mark R. Stringer; Nick Johnson; Stanley B. Brown
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Photodynamic therapy of supratentorial gliomas
Author(s): Paul J. Muller M.D.; Brian C. Wilson
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Photodynamic therapy of dysplasia in Barrett's esophagus: an update
Author(s): Masoud Panjehpour; Bergein F. Overholt M.D.
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Feasibility of repeated sequential treatments of RIF-1 tumors with photodynamic therapy (PDT) using lutetium texaphyrin (PCI-0123)
Author(s): Dale R. Miles; Lynn M. Parker; Patricia A. Thiemann; Kathryn W. Woodburn; Stuart W. Young M.D.
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Light-emitting diode versus laser irradiation phototherapy with lutetium texaphyrin (PCI-0123)
Author(s): Kathryn W. Woodburn; Stuart W. Young M.D.; Fan Qing; Dale R. Miles; Patricia A. Thiemann
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Photodynamic-therapy-induced alterations of the blood-brain barrier transfer constant of a tracer molecule in normal brain
Author(s): Ivan Yeung; Lothar D. Lilge; Brian C. Wilson; Ting-Yim Lee; Laura Stevens; Aleksa Cenic
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Preclinical studies of photodynamic therapy of intracranial tissues
Author(s): Lothar D. Lilge; Marja Sepers; Jane Park; Cindy O'Carroll; Poupak Pournazari; Joe Prosper; Brian C. Wilson
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PDT with ALA/PPIX enhanced by prolonged light exposure putatively by targeting mitochondria
Author(s): Steven L. Jacques; Sergio Kaneo Furuzawa; Tom Rodriguez
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Oxygen effect of photodynamic therapy
Author(s): Qun Chen; Hua Chen; Juli B. Murphy; Howard Shapiro; Fred W. Hetzel
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Enhancement of photodynamic therapy due to hyperbaric hyperoxia: an experimental study of Walker 256 tumors in rats
Author(s): Jorge Humberto Nicola; Valdir Carlos Colussi; Ester Maria Danielli Nicola; Konradin Metze
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Effects of fluence rate on cytoxicity during photodynamic therapy
Author(s): Theresa M. Sitnik; Barbara W. Henderson
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Modes of cytotoxicity associated with photodynamic therapy
Author(s): David Kessel; Yu Luo; Chi Kwong Chang; Barbara W. Henderson; Kathryn W. Woodburn
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Influence of benzoporphyrin-derivative monoacid ring A (BPD-MA, verteporfin) on murine dendritic cells
Author(s): David W. C. Hunt; Diane E. King; Julia G. Levy
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Increase in reactive oxygen species production and phagocytic activity of polymorphonuclear neutrophils stimulated by preirradiated hematoporphyrin-derivative solution
Author(s): Vladislava Melnikova; Lina N. Bezdetnaya; Irina Belitchenko; Alla A. Kyagova; Pascal Colosetti; Alexander Ya. Potapenko; Francois H. Guillemin
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Feasibility study of PDT light sources based on lasing action in strongly scattering media
Author(s): Lothar D. Lilge; Gendi Pang; James Jonkman; Brian C. Wilson
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Noninvasive in-vivo measurements of photosensitizer uptake using diffuse reflectance spectroscopy
Author(s): Robert A. Weersink; Joseph E. Hayward; Kevin R. Diamond; Michael S. Patterson
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Tumor detection in HpD-sensitized mice with fluorescence lifetime imaging
Author(s): Rinaldo Cubeddu; Gianfranco L. Canti; Antonio Pifferi; Paola Taroni; Gianluca Valentini
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Measurement of the light dosimetry parameters in PDT: definition of a dedicated instrumentation
Author(s): F. Jaffry; V. Louis; Yves Granjon; Francois H. Guillemin; Edouard Yvroud
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Next-generation light delivery system for multitreatment extended-duration photodynamic therapy (MED-PDT)
Author(s): James C. Chen M.D.
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Measurement of the triplet-state yield of photosensitizers in scattering media
Author(s): Brian W. Pogue; Lothar D. Lilge; Kai Zhang; Brian C. Wilson; Robert W. Redmond; Tayyaba Hasan
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Hypericin-induced fluorescence in stomach cancer detection
Author(s): Sergiy M. Dets; Alexander Y. Joffe; Alexander N. Buryi; Nikolay A. Denisov; Ivan S. Melnik; Andrew H. Ravicz
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Nonlinear decomposition and two-photon fluorescence of molecules in sensitized tissues
Author(s): Vladimir A. Hovanessian; Asatur A. Lalayan
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