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Holographic and Diffractive Techniques

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Volume Number: 2951
Date Published: 20 December 1996

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Relaxation of holographic record in the system with annihilating centers
Author(s): Michael G. Kucherenko
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Sensitivity enhancement in panchromatic photopolymers for holography using a mixture of visible-light photoinitiators
Author(s): Antonio Fimia; Felipe Mateos; Augusto Belendez; Roberto Sastre; Francisco Amat-Guerri
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Real-time transmittance function in photopolymers of acrylamide composition: noise gratings
Author(s): Luis Carretero-Lopez; Salvador Blaya-Escarre; Antonio Fimia; Augusto Belendez; Roque F. Madrigal
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Cross talk and diffraction efficiency in angular multiplexed memories using improved polypeptide
Author(s): Harry K. Ramenah; Paul Bertrand; E. H. Soubari; Patrick Meyrueis
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Influence of Mylar film on the performance of holograms made with DuPont photopolymer film
Author(s): Jung-Young Son; Vadim V. Smirnov; Hyuk-Soo Lee; Hyung-Wook Jeon; Igor I. Afanasyev
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Nonlinear holographic recording in thermoplastic materials
Author(s): Istvan Banyasz
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Simplest holographic technique: unsurpassed features very friendly to practical applications
Author(s): Valery Petrov
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Evaluation of deformation vectors in holographic interferometric microscopy with conjugated reconstruction
Author(s): Guenther K.G. Wernicke; Oliver Kruschke; Torsten Huth; Nazif Demoli; Hartmut Gruber
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Fabrication of high-efficiency reflection holograms for use as a holographic concentrator in the blue spectral domain around 420 nm
Author(s): Philipp Froening; Jochen Schulat; Christo G. Stojanoff
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New method for recording large-size holograms of the reflective type with adjustable spectral characteristics in DCG
Author(s): Ernst Ulrich Wagemann; Philipp Froening; Christo G. Stojanoff
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Phase diffractive optical elements for the Hadamard expansion
Author(s): Svetlana N. Khonina; Victor V. Kotlyar; Victor A. Soifer
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Illumination light pipe using micro-optics as diffuser
Author(s): Juan Manuel Teijido; Hans Peter Herzig; Rene Daendliker; Joachim Grupp
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Methods and techniques optimized to characterize cuneiform inscription signs
Author(s): Nazif Demoli; Guenther K.G. Wernicke; Hartmut Gruber; Uwe Dahms
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Complex transmittance of the Sanyo liquid crystal television: experimental and theoretical investigations
Author(s): Uwe Dahms; Guenther K.G. Wernicke; Nazif Demoli; Hartmut Gruber
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Use of evanescent waves in diffractive optics
Author(s): Ralf Braeuer
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Achromatized-transmission-type holographic screen for stereo imaging and the multiview projection
Author(s): Jung-Young Son; Vladimir I. Bobrinev; Serguei A. Shestak; Hyung-Wook Jeon; Seong-Keun Lee; Kyung-tae Kim
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Anticounterfeiting features of artistic screening
Author(s): Victor Ostromoukhov; Nicolas Rudaz; Isaac Amidror; Patrick Emmel; Roger David Hersch
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Comparison of measurements of ultrashort pulses with autocorrelator, light-in-flight recording by holography and nonscanning white light interferometry
Author(s): Torgny E. Carlsson; Jonny Gustafsson; Bengt J.L. Nilsson
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Real-time speckle photography: a breakthrough
Author(s): Valery Petrov
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Interferometric examination of the vibration modes on stretchable plastic membrane imaging mirrors
Author(s): Peter Waddell; Mathew Stickland; Steven Mason; Stuart McKay; Leslie S. Mair
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In-line phase-shifter calibration and drift measurement and compensation for digital speckle pattern interferometry (DSPI)
Author(s): Christophe De Veuster; Pierre R. Slangen; Yvon L. M. Renotte; Leon Berwart; Yves F. Lion
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