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Command, Control, Communications, and Intelligence Systems for Law Enforcement
Editor(s): Edward M. Carapezza; Donald Spector

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Volume Number: 2938
Date Published: 18 February 1997

Table of Contents
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Timeline analysis tools for law enforcement
Author(s): John Mucks
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Database integration for investigative data visualization with the Temporal Analysis System
Author(s): Stephen W. Barth
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Neural network for intelligent query of an FBI forensic database
Author(s): Lee A. Uvanni; Timothy G. Rainey; Uma Balasubramanian; Dean W. Brettle; Fred Weingard; Robert W. Sibert; Eric Birnbaum
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Automated face recognition
Author(s): Srinivas Gutta; Jeffrey R.-J. Huang; Harry Wechsler; Barnabas Takacs
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Rome Laboratory speech and audio processing technologies with applicability to law enforcement
Author(s): Sharon M. Walter; Roy J. Ratley; Edward J. Cupples
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Harnessing the power of multimedia in offender-based law enforcement information systems
Author(s): Alan P. Zimmerman
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SIMS: addressing the problem of heterogeneity in databases
Author(s): Yigal Arens
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Advanced information management tools for investigation and case management support in a networked heterogeneous computing environment
Author(s): T. E. Clifton III; Nancy Lehrer; Mark Klopfenstein; Belinda Hoshstrasser; Rachel Campbell
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Critical event management with geographic information system technology
Author(s): John F. Booth; Jeffrey M. Young
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Collaborative virtual reality for command and control
Author(s): Michael A. Wingfield; Harry Veron
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Real-time planning/replanning of ongoing operations in a crisis situation
Author(s): David A. Griffith; Gregory M. Smith
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Technology for planning and scheduling under complex constraints
Author(s): Karen M. Alguire; Carla O. Pedro Gomes
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Ultrasound sensor for remote imaging of concealed weapons
Author(s): Franklin S. Felber; Charles E. Mallon; Norbert C. Wild; Christopher M. Parry
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Passive millimeter-wave imaging for concealed article detection
Author(s): John A. Lovberg; Joseph A. Galliano Jr.; Stuart Enz Clark
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Millimeter-wave concealed weapon detection
Author(s): Yu-Wen Chang; Markku Juhola; William Grainger; Beining Wang; Brian Manahan
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Radar surveillance through solid materials
Author(s): Lawrence M. Frazier
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Through-the-wall differential radar
Author(s): David G. Falconer; Karl N. Steadman; David G. Watters
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Millimeter-wave concealed weapons detection and through-the-wall imaging systems
Author(s): G. Richard Huguenin
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Downsizing of an integrated tracking unit for multiple applications
Author(s): William J. Steinway; James E. Thomas; Michael J. Nicoloff; Mark D. Patz
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Wide-area continuous offender monitoring
Author(s): Joseph Hoshen; George Drake; Debra D. Spencer
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Unique chemical tagging and detection system using encapsulated perfluorocarbon tracers
Author(s): Jay Fraser; Norman Kaish
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Distributed surveillance network utilizes neural networks for stolen vehicle detection
Author(s): Scott S. Shyne
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Microminiature radio frequency transmitter for communication and tracking applications
Author(s): Richard I. Crutcher; Mike S. Emery; Kelly G. Falter; C. H. Nowlin; Jim M. Rochelle; Lloyd G. Clonts
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Smart repeater system for communications interoperability during multiagency law enforcement operations
Author(s): Richard I. Crutcher; R. W. Jones; Michael R. Moore; S. F. Smith; Alan L. Tolley; Robert W. Rochelle
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Advanced multipath processor
Author(s): John J. Patti; Robert M. Husnay; Joseph Pintar
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Wireless networks of opportunity in support of secure field operations
Author(s): Roy H. Stehle; Mark Lewis
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Emergency communications via airborne communications node
Author(s): Charles W. Niessen
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Software radio technology and applications to law enforcement
Author(s): Joseph Mitola III
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Miniature Transportable Communications Central (MTCC): answering law enforcement needs for worldwide access to command, control, communications, and intelligence (C3I)
Author(s): W. John Maxey
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Acoustic counter-sniper system
Author(s): Gregory L. Duckworth; Douglas C. Gilbert; James E. Barger
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SAIC SENTINEL acoustic counter-sniper system
Author(s): Roland B. Stoughton
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Battlefield Optical Surveillance System (BOSS)
Author(s): Robert J. Ireland
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Multispectral signature analysis measurements of selected sniper rifles and small arms
Author(s): David B. Law; Edward M. Carapezza; Christina J. Csanadi; Gerald D. Edwards; Todd M. Hintz; Ronald M. Tong
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DARPA counter-sniper program: Phase 1 Acoustic Systems Demonstration results
Author(s): Edward M. Carapezza; David B. Law; Christina J. Csanadi
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Location of snipers using three-dimensional infrared/laser tracking
Author(s): Mark D. Squire
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Acoustic sniper localization system
Author(s): Gervasio Prado; Hardave Dhaliwal; Philip O. Martel
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Uncooled infrared sensors for an integrated sniper location system
Author(s): Timothy J. Spera; Burton D. Figler
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